New Theory of Evolution?

This is my thought.. and I'm fucked.. so keep that in mind...Um...Ok, we have active DNA and we have "Junk" DNA, but what makes certain DNA "Active"?Well, the environment of our conception relays information about what we need to survive when we emerge as a functioning entity within a unique situation (Check out Dr. Bruce Lipton's research on genetics and the Human Genome Project)So, I think a shift in our environment changed our "junk" DNA, into active DNA..Perhaps a Sun Cycle?I think that our early sun incubated the primordial soup while "our part" of the universe was still young, and after a while, the sun went into hyper cycle, and this shift caused unactive DNA to become active.. and thus the missing link..are we Really on the verge of another shift into another higher life giving vibration?A new sun?have your babies in the year 2011.. heed my brb.. bbq.. rotflocopters.. lolerskates..DD

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  • I know that vibrations is what activates the nodes on the DNA string. Dont remember anymore where I got it, but it ties very well in with Dr.Lipton's research.

    To briefly recap what vibrations in this sense means, is that low vibrations, are slower, they have a bigger sinus wave (but lower in the vertical plane)...think of a ocean with big rolling waves, y'know, far and wide between each "top" of the waves.
    On the opposite, you have higher vibrations, which is the direct opposite...hence it is oppostite, and I promise, I wont say "opposite" again heh he hehe he he

    Anyway, higher vibrations have a much faster and shorter (but higher in the vertical plane) sinus wave, where each spike is closer to eachother compared with the "low/long/slow" vibration. What is vibration but energy in motion, and this "wave-energy" is what connects the dot's in the DNA.
    So, if one close the gap between each wave, you connect more dot's...or put it this way, the higher you raise your vibrations, the more of your DNA get's reactivated.....simple...huh?

    Then the next question might be, how do one raise ones vibration?

    And this is actually possible to messure, and this is what they found you go about applying this in your own life is beyond me, but I suppose it becomes selfevident what you "should" do...if you wanted to raise your vibrations.
    This is "what is", slow or low vibrations comes from feelings known as fear, doubt, negativity, guilt, worries, anger, depressions, ...well basically everything anyone would normally ascribe as "negative", and on the contruary you find that higher vibrations are linked to what is known as "positive" feelings, like happyness, laughter, no worries, certainty...y'know, just good 'ol plain positive!

    So, there is no real good reason to be negative heh heh he he he hehehehehehehehehe

    Be Blessed...Be Happy...and Be Good
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    • How does one raise one's vibration? One can raise their vibration by the power of thought. Thoughts are energy vibration, that is they have a frequency. If one learns how to work with thought frequency, then you can raise your vibration and literally change your DNA, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual imbalances. I teach individuals from all over the world, and in classes, this very method. It is called Quantum Level Reprogramming. Visit my web site for more information or contact me.
      Learn how to master your mind and in doing so create a life that you IS possible!
      Sharon Ellis
  • Our 2 strand DNA is only 5% of the total. The other 95% has been referred to as 'junk DNA' because at the the time there was no test available to research how the rest of our DNA worked. This is NOT the case now. Scientists now know that it has something to do with the evolution of a species and it is also found in other animals and plants. Environment is not the only requirement for our survival as a species, yet it plays a very important role. I believe that the so called 'junk DNA', which is not really junk because nature would not waste energy on something that was junk, is activated and that this comes through our individual consciousness and/or collective consciousness. We are evolving on many levels and yes, we are about to take another leap very soon.
    The sun also plays a role in modifying our DNA but this can go either way - for an improvement or not.
    Sharon Ellis
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