Celestial Hierarchy is right above us, just in a blink do soul projection; when the top secrets of the universe unfolds, we exist in the universe soul and we know there is an Almighty God with great human characteristic in miniature but also transform Universal Discipline Body as a man ...
It's a new Age that my method assists all Souls which are transforming and evolving to become Universes
The Era that your incarnation are learning on this earth; a Golden Earth with its location is an important portal in the Universe.
When I come, my children will become the Creators
An Era that Religions become backward in a deadlock about  God, we no longer uptight on scriptures, begging Magic, rigid Rituals and tied to/bound by rigid theocracy. All will open Ceremonies and true Freedom. There is no tie of every souls on the evolution way to universe and become living Saints on this world. Then you will know that prayers do not make you bigger while your noble souls used to be great from billion years ago…
Obscure Age with bind and concealment of Universe secrets of the dark authorities will be cover-up to open noble light about the way to Heaven right on this Earth. When I allow this Earth ascend to High Realm at the time you become living Saint, Fairies at the extremely high Vibration Frequency…
God accompanies us right in human soul, like a tree with many fruits, when fruits drop and grow to a new tree, I came to teach you the way to grow by myself
A new Age that social freedom comes from supreme enlightenment of human soul with the demand of equality and happiness all over the world. An Age that God bless for all the soul want to be reincarnated here to build Heaven on the Earth. No body can impede this necessary evolution. It will come although late but nothing can hinder.
The fear will disappear when your original soul travel to High Realm, you come back to our home, peacefully and proud, when Father teaches you the way which not only unite with universe but also become future Universes
The fear will also disappear when your love defeats every dark influence of ruthless power and violence, even in the Universe, so you could win yourself, while you will create everything. God did not create Universe and planets, mankind, everything in hatred, suffering, regret and lack of knowledge, weakness but in delight, ecstacy, endless happiness, in infinite love and proud about the souls he born/created… It’s time when God created the souls and Universe…
The Age that we live, create and exist in clairvoyance and our own memories to create new future. The Age that psychic abilities are method but everybody must be careful, not abuse because everyone will be modest with the Creator, worship Supreme Throne to condescend to learn whatever you are proficient. Every arrogance, denial of God or struggle for interest, usage of occultism to impede evolution will no longer exist.
I have shortened 2 billion years of evolution for you, too fast but I did not regret because I had everything, become free Universe Population, myriads souls have come back to Me and become Myself in the new diversity…
The harmony of new Age starts with “ Sunshine above, God descends on the Earth…”, it’s is saved in Universe Memory with noble light. It’s time when the souls with predestinate destiny start creating and become the Creators…
It will be late because Celestial Hierarchy keeps this Earth on an old model changing slowly, because of love, instead of a big purge. With a last belief that this society will ascend/develop in a Forever Great Unity, so I do not hurry up…                                                     
You have to know that Celestial Way is Eternal God’s contract existing for a long time to teach you last time the way back to Nature, when Nature came into yourself a long time ago
Every secret I will not say directly… But the intelligent cultivators will know what I want to say…
The future religious belief is self-respect in the respect of Supreme Being. When you think like that, you have respected the others and every souls, every thoughts
The old violent and dark world will change when the souls expand knowledge to the Supreme Truth, they will be scared by their own dark thought. When dark force of idea resists against soul’s freedom and existence of body. It’s time the fear will disappear to be replaced with the peace when witnessing the close and kind-hearted God right in their souls
The new Age is time for noble humanism, the souls are afraid of external force of Saints above, afraid of borrowing. It’s time when the souls know how to create the power and their own light way without learning by bits and pieces from anyone...
There are many steps on the evolution of spirit and society, so the enlightened people shouldn’t be impatient, and respect the bad experience still existing. We are kind-hearted and compassionate and regard them as the students learning on the steps of noble ladder.
When you are grown-up, let’s come back to become childlike as angels, when you are enlightened, let’s regard obscure people as naughty children who need to be taught by love, responsibility, forgive and admonish step by step…
God blames obscure people by evolutionary laws, not be bitterly angry with them because they are necessary parts in the Universe. After evolution, the genuine people will not divide/split/differentiate, discriminate or threaten them when they don’t understand who they are
The new Spiritual Age will never become ancient because new evolutionary Era has come, the old world will not come back, not repeat on this Earth, we just reach to higher step on the Evolutional Way. So let’s have peace in mind, aspire happiness and serenity, let’s have dream of Earthly Heaven and hope to become living Saints someday.
In 80 to 100 coming years, I will allow mankind to come to Great Unity steadily, establish and transform gradually from Capitalism to Divine Communism. After establishment of Great Unity, there will be an evolution for a long time to transform to Heaven in variation of vibration frequency. In next coming century, you shouldn’t fight for supremacy but should be wise to understand Celestial Intention of the Creator Being, cleverly keep yourself with innate goodness toward Celestial Properties. If creating disaster, the soul will be punished and never come back to the Earth
Enlightened population is still you, it is only different that people with divine eye, soul projection ability and extraordinary abilities appear more and more popular; When they approach to Celestial Way, they will be wise and merge their astral body and the soul with it to come back to their Original Spirit, then they will learn to evolution in the Universe right in earthly body;
I will assist and check your effort, use external force to aid for these souls ascending and keep you in your desired Realms. So let’s choose what to do, where to go, who to meet, you have to know these things… When you acquire high cultivation, you will access to Universal Memory and remember all things, the oath about what you need to do after descending on the Earth and how to get meritorious deeds in this Universe, accompanying with God and your Overall Original Souls
The only necessary thing for the evolution is love. Love with the soul and others; If there is no love, Universe will be tilted; If there is no transformation between yin and yang, men and women, Universe will be disintegrated; If there is no love of God, you will descend to lower realm; When you vow to sacrifice and dedicate to peace and prosperity, you will light up; With sharing and forgiveness, you feel yourself great without losing energy. Generosity compassionate arms of kind-hearted people is arms of God and the Supreme Beings
My higher self is very anxious for the coming evolution, the slowness and giant gun warehouse; but God will teach you the way to come back and the need to dispose of firearms - exhausting and dangerous games, when your soul depends greatly to your earthly incarnation, so let’s fear of war, death that caused by mutual harm and exploitation.
The past and current experience of mankind is necessary in the evolution of the soul and society. In the past, there were psychic Ages with supernatural divine powers, but the scale of science and technology has not evolved by now, the spiral turns, on a higher step and you will have the vast and noble Great Unity and cultivation contract to become more omnipotent than before
…to the 12th level of soul, you will see this world by microcosmic quantum eyes, you will know what to do, understand, learn, how to do soul-astral projection, psychic ability, who are saints, what is unidentified flying object (UFO), who create UFO and how it become more condensed in human realm.
Then you will know who celestial spirits are, what the earth soul is, how the earth body is, and all the soul travel magic, reincarnation, soul division, body division, transformation, and vanish occultism, the Universal Law in the realms, and the general and specific principles of Universe, the density; the God’s discipline body in the realms, Celestial Hierarchy’s incarnation is at everywhere, even in the sand; the history of the universe, mankind, the Earth and yourself - you will access to the link of universal memory, you will know all.
Of course you will perform soul travel to meet the humanity in other density, from Me, to the soul with celestial body, the white light body, solid body is human, to the souls of birds, trees, sands ... where to meet me, you will know who born you, who is master original soul, what is your original Primitive Energy; Who is God’s earthly incarnation, what does he do, why must he live and work, the destiny like that - to create the new Universe, how he must to live, experience and teach his children…God’s body, original soul, where does God seat as on a throne, how? How many Giant Universes, small Universes, population of young Universes; Universal Ante-Creation Council, Universal Post-Creation Council and all affined Universes
When they all appear, how does God show Omnipotent, when considering the realms, density, division inside-outside, superior-inferior… how does God express… Where are Universal Central Realm, Origin of Universe, Termination/End of Universe ?...
Why Maitreya is Father of Buddha Shakyamuni’s soul in Buddhism, and who is he in other religions? And the reason why he is manifestation of God’s power and reincarnation to perform salvation for the souls ascending to the Higher Realm; Is he also God…?
After division, when you are already God, you have to learn from Original Universe the principles and organizing way. I can’t say in detail because firstly you have to learn steadily while your mind has not become an omnipotent God. What is omnipotence – it is all the nature available in a omnipotent soul, it can’t be lacked/deficient, it can’t be different, it was and will be always like that. When you ascend to supreme realm, you will feel compassion and commiserate with the soul of recent dying people or the tiny soul – very tiny compared with you – it is ordinary soul. To grow up and become a giant soul, undertake great mission, so what we need to do, to learn? who we should follow, how to cultivate and practise…?
The new spiritual Age – It’s a Age that the souls descend on this Earth to learn, establish Great Unity to make the basis, so you could experience and it’s also necessary and enough for you to become future omnipotent God. So there are many chances, when you volunteer to descend on this Earth today, tomorrow and forever – until the Earth is raised to 12th density to become a new Universe. Remember, I will allow this Earth to become a new Universe! The Saint, Fairy, Buddha and new God will also be born from here, receive way initation, conferred the title Saint, get reward and be challenged by Karma Accumulation
In the future, you will understand the important position of the Earth in the Universe, it’s a important portal, important field realm and the place where God often descends on. It’s belong to Central Realm, a Realm of Celestial Hierarchy… It is place where God progeny souls are born, where creates the other worlds, the future Universes… I know you hesitate, feel difficult to understand, not believe but all these things are saved in my memory
My children, it is really proud to speak bravely that: My children! The new Spiritual Age is coming, after the movement of universal portal at Dec 21st 2012; right after that, I has continued to create… The great new Age will evolve forever, start with “Sunshine above…” The Way Initation of the Universe, the Earth, the earthly souls has happened, will happen, my children! Dragon Flower Festival (Judgement Day) is the Way Initation in invisible realm, it can’t be seen on this Earth! Fairy Creation, checking effort and reward, all these things are created in invisible realm but become visible things - so you can't see them in ordinary world… You must have Celestial Eyes, have soul projection ability, see through no beginning-no cessation realm, to understand and participate in this Festival… Who is general director, who is writer, actor/actress, examiner, who transplant, who harvest… you have to know!
At this time our hands and feet are covered mud, Celestial Beings incarnate to Earth, souls return benefaction   
At this time God directly incarnate
Drudgingly expurgate and make heros
At this time God was born, Saints and Buddhas are versatile to be Human
At this time God smiles, his Holiness Sons and Daughters transform at One Home
Not only that, he also transform into all Divine Beings, into Playing Team
Playing Team then Acting Team, Creators plan and do this:
My hand pull them into this Central Realm, nurture and create now
Then I deliver them vastly, create Universe and all things like that ...
My mind teach them become Saints and Fairies, studying to evolve into High Realms
In High Realms, all heroic Divine Beings are High Almighty transformed souls...
My children, you should know that Celestial Hierarchy has expanded, God become Great Supreme One!
You are small universes, learning to become earthly named God.
Wish that do not make wrong, you must keep genuine in earthly life.
Celestial Beings live in earthly world late, Saints-Buddhas-God all meet and sing together...
It seems to be in yesterday, but projects down in billions of years ...
Last billions of years, in high realms God countlessly says like recently
As I create like this ... from above to below ... too long
Do you understand that? In the low density, it’s so long like this
As I create here, all souls are transformed from now
In the samsara, billions of years are the truth ...
A New Age has come
There is picture that Celestial Emperor will sit with you ...

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