Hello everyone, this article is quite interesting in that it says that earth has moved its axis slightly and that your zodiac sign may not be the one you once had anymore. Check it out at


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  • i believe. If you are born cancer 1974 you have the gifts from that sign. Even if the earth changes. But the one who get born NOW will have the ability from vid new constellation of the stars.

    Dont you think?
    • And i asked an astrologyst
  • Hello name is Annabella  im a Arcturian starsed i reincarnet  to help humanity im working for Kinich-Ahau,im a multidimensional therapist,healer i work whit the secret geometries,end symbols i reconnect sols whit divine energy,i also work whit a moon stones.Sorry my Inglis its bad.I welcome everybody to the therapy,in Toronto ,Canada
  • hahahaa don't worry about it, you'll alright.

    Just thought I'd put it in there to see what your reaction would be, testing the waters that's all lol. No badness intended on my part, honestly. Blame it on me being an alien to this Galaxy & Universe.


    Done & Dusted.

  • This is not a new Zodiac, it's 26000 yrs old and was used by the ancients right up until the maya. It was the Babylonian priests who changed it to a 12 sign zodiac to prevent humanity from using the sacred 13 month calendar which started with the first day of the Lunar moon. This was done to throw humanity off balance so they wouldn't remeber why they came here and also to make them forget about their power, although the babylonian priests still used the 13 month calendar to retain their own power and ensure control over humanity, thus they appeared as gods with supernatural abilities. 13 months each with 28 days and 1 day for deliverance and forgiveness.


    It's no small wonder why they're so scared now, they've known all along that humanity is equal to them in every way (ability wise) and 7+ billion souls all equal in every respect will be quite a hefty amount to deal with, especially once they wake up to their true being and power and realise how they've been lied to and wronged for so many millenia and kept here to appease the "controllers". Lets pray there will be a peaceful resolution to this end game.

  • You might care to explain it first cos it appears on your reply as well. lol
  • Thanks Spirit G, such confidence you show in me but I think you might just be right.

    Still love you too!

  • You're welcome Keith, hope you find them useful.
  • Mine changed as well, maybe that's why I've been so conflicted lately or maybe I'm just full of cr*p! I think it's the latter.
  • This is quite an interesting read which explains the thirteen month calendar year and why it was selfishly changed.


    If you have 15mins give it a read.

    Dreamspell Genesis
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