Meet Holly Jordan – ninety-one years young!

Holly is legally blind but has never and refuses to ever live in darkness. She’s independent, lives in her own place, takes care of her three cats (Maggie, Alice, and Norman) and the wild birds who come to visit her each day! 

Holly is a dear friend for over twenty years. She began to lose her sight to macular degeneration over seventeen years ago. She has never lost hope. She describes the experience as being “fooled by it…gradual…it just sneaks up on you”. Ten years ago, she faced reality when she and her husband had to move from their dream lifestyle on a houseboat to land, after she had an awful fall from not being able to see between the boat and the dock. She was rescued, revived and has continued to live a full thankful life. Eight years ago she gave up her driver’s license but it certainly didn’t stop her from working and giving back to everyone she meets every single day.

Three years ago, her beloved husband Jim, who always stood by her side, unfortunately was called to a greater place. I’ve had the blessing of being able to live near Holly for the past year and a half. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t amaze me:

-An avid reader, at least two books a week, delivered on audio from the library

-A need to continue to learn and share with and help others

-A Master Astrologer, who thousands can attest to her gift and talent

-Ordained Reverend in the field of spirituality

-Studied at Miami Dade College and four years of theology in Jacksonville

-Lover of gemstones

-Continues to perform weddings

-Hosts many events in her house on a weekly basis

-Revolving door of friends and clients for counseling on a daily basis

Unfortunately, her vision has become worse and is seriously affecting her daily life.

I’m excited to announce that there is a new technology called esighteyewear that are glasses which allow people who are legally blind to actually see, and this is our fundraiser for the most dynamic woman I’ve ever met, as each pair costs a whopping $15,000…yikes! She has tested them and I believe this could be the best Christmas present she could ever receive! I’m reaching out today to ask for your help in our fundraising campaign. A gift of five dollars will make a difference in the miracle of Holly being able to see again! PLEASE SHARE THIS and ask everyone you know to share it too!
Holly is humbled and so excited about this - she sends her blessings and light to all!

Regardless if your able to help, if you can pass this on, it is a great story on the advancements our present day tech has risen to new heights in helping our fellow humans.