• Hello fellow beloved light-towers, just wanted to help share a message from Rama (a spiritual teacher). I also have been naturally appreciating many things in new profound ways, good to know such simple acts all contribute to loving process of co-creation:

    Joy and Beauty are growing, world-wide.

    I have been very busy these past few weeks and months helping a team of Angels and Prime Creator to more directly affect affairs in this world.

    For awhile we, Prime Creator and the Angels, lost control over matter in this world because it became so polluted and misaligned with magnetic as well as electrical and chemical pollutants.

    I have been helping the elemental matter of this world to clean itself and heal itself.

    I have been working very hard to help the atoms and the water and the rain and the wind to throw off their confusions and reclaim their power.

    As we empower the Goddess in all Her aspects in this world, we are freeing ourselves.

    The Goddess is embodied not just in female bodies but in all the elements of Nature, the animals, plants, minerals, crystals, and all other life forms on the planet (crystals are life forms, they just don't have a body like yours :) ).

    As we heal all of elemental matter, the physical matter that makes up our beautiful world, then we are helping the whole planet to heal, and also helping ourselves.

    Your body is made of the elemental matter of this world, and so as you pray for and help the elements and the Goddess to heal, you are also helping yourself.

    So I encourage you to take some time today to send love and happiness to the elements of this world.

    Here's a little prayer/saying/poem you could tell to the elements to encourage and love them, I am composing this on the spot as I type this:

    "Oh Goddess in the form of the Elements of this world,

    Thank you for loving and surrounding me every day!

    Thank you for feeding me and giving me shelter and beauty to look at!

    Oh Air, thank you for inspiring me with your vigor and strength.

    Oh Mountains, thank you for reminding me to be a warrior and defend myself.

    Oh Water, thank you for cleansing and soothing me, and comforting me!

    Oh Animals, thank you for showing me all the moods and shapes of the Goddess's Creation

    Oh Prime Creator in all these Elements of Life, Thank you for Showing Yourself to me.

    I am so happy to now behold You in all of matter and see that all of matter is reflecting You.

    I see now that I too am in all things, and am the Maker of Beauty Itself as Prime Creator."

    -Rama, energetically encoded prayer/song/saying, use as often as you like


    Joy and Beauty are Growing

    As I am helping all of elemental matter to heal, Joy and Beauty are returning to the fabric of this world.

    I've been getting great results!

    And today I wanted to let you know that you too can help me to restore and heal this world, by sending love to all that is Goddess and all the physical matter around you.

    The physical matter around you that is made from Nature and made of the elements is very conscious.

    As you love the physical matter of the world around you, you beautify the world.

    Joy and Beauty are returning to this world's physical structure, thanks to me and others like me.

    And you have great power to help as well!

    So please always take time to appreciate the physical matter that enables Prime Creator / God / Goddess to express in this dimension that we live in.

    Physical matter HAS to beautiful and holy, because it makes up your entire body!


    As we continue to send more love and joy and harmony to the physical structure of this world......

    The world will change forever in ways you will very much enjoy!


    Victory to You

    Victory to Beauty!

    Victory to the Goddess!



    Please Spread This Information Everywhere

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    Please spread the word about me so I can help more people :)


  • For your affirmations to really work, you gotta back it up with action.  So what steps are you gonna take to make them a reality?
    • I hear the call of the soul and there's so much activity in my life(probably in everyone's these days) that I sometimes forget it's very important to do nothing. That's what I'm being asked to do. Simply exist, with no agenda. To sit in silence. During my free time this year I've been practicing this and it's given me a much better perception of the powers that brought me here and all the people in my life. It has helped me to cultivate gratefulness and forgiveness.

      Thank you!

  • Desire can be a good thing sometimes, but it can control people so I can understand the Desireless thing, but honestly, I think desire has also done a lot of great things for me...

    The confidence in the ability of love is great... :)

    I don't know if I have any affirmations at the moment, I think I'll come up with a few now! :)
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