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Hi guys...

I was hoping that you guys could maybe just give me your opinion on this,I have been thinking about it heavily.

Have any of you had a friend that turned out to be out to hurt you? Black magick, hexes and such? Take something from you, spiritually speaking? What were the telling signs? And how did you "deal" with it?

I hope to hear from you.

With Respect and Kindness


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not everyone resonates with all people and it is hard to accept everyone on same level. Personally I severe ties with those who are not friendly, kind and peaceful for my standards. Same was implemented to certain members of my close family which had hurt to do but it was necessary .

Doing such elimination process had not only improved my energy but also the energy of those who I meet and consider the need for my well being.

Hi, this isn't a "friend" so please stay far away, ignore all of her/him gestures if you don't let the "bad" in then the "bad" can't get in, understand? Do nothing but send the one hurting you love...I know it's the last thing you want to do but it works. YOU are of LIGHT, this person is of Dark. Let all the past go, all  of it. Jealousy, greed, anger, hate will have no place on the new beginning.

YOU are find, the one hurting you well that's THEIR problem not yours........their anger not yours......stay in your light, the light always wins....XO



somehow we don't see that coming from a friend...we don't want to believe the darkness can actually control may walk away, but forgive, with your whole heart.   much peace and healing to you.

If you KNOW or even FEEL that your space is being invaded, then turn your back on this person and don't go near him/her again!  I went through months and months of psychic invasion by my aunt about 15 years ago.   It happened because I was trying to accellerate my consciousness and she couldn't stand for me to "get away from her"  I knew something was wrong with me when I kept feeling something painful in my ear.  It wouldn't go away and for weeks I thought I would go mad.  When I finally talked to a very psychic friend who channels angels, she gave me a reading and helped me to discover what was going on.

I literally pleaded with my spiritual Master to help me.  I was then told that I would have to give her (my aunt) up forever.  I then told the Master that I didn't know about  giving her up after this life because I didn't know how it would be, but I acknowledged that I would definately give her up for the rest of this life.  She was literally moved  6 ot 7 States away so I wouldn't have to live near her anymore.  After that, four giant angels were set in the four directions for my protection.  They were kind of an orange color, and each of them stood there with a huge sword across the chest!    When she next came to cause pain in the dream state, I yelled at her to go away, that she would be caught and taken away.  Of course she didn't listen, and the angels grabbed her and took her away.  My spiritual Master was there and I asked him to clear out all the hardware in my etheric body that I've carried around lifetime after lifetime.  Next thing I knew, the Master was hauling out an armfull of knives, swords, javlins and so forth.

Now.....when you get up first thing in the morning, you should probably ask for spiritual protection right away.  Begin to chant the spiritual words....sing the word HU, OM, Jesus, Buddha, or whoever you are connected with....about 5 minutes of chanting the names and then visualize a mirror of light around your body.  This is done by taking a deep breath, and slowly chant out the name or names on the outbrreath!  When you feel at peace, say thank you and go about your day.  Do it again at bedtime if you are really getting nailed!

If what you are getting is hard core black magic, then you better concentrate on singing the word HU...pronounced like HUGH...the name.  That will connect you to the creator, as the word HU is an ancient name for God.  

Just remember, you are a soverign being, and no one has the right to subject you to black magic of any kind.  Some people just have to learn the hard way.

Many Blessings!



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