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Hi guys...

I was hoping that you guys could maybe just give me your opinion on this,I have been thinking about it heavily.

Have any of you had a friend that turned out to be out to hurt you? Black magick, hexes and such? Take something from you, spiritually speaking? What were the telling signs? And how did you "deal" with it?

I hope to hear from you.

With Respect and Kindness


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I agree with kelly about cutting ties with people sometimes. I was watching the Deloris cannon Video about the new earth (which I recommend) she said to visualize the person in front of you and in your mind say you are sorry it did not work out and in love and forgiveness cut the contract between the both of you. Learning to set boundaries and maintain them is one of the best skills a person can develop.

I agree with Delores Cannon.....I like that woman, she speaks the truth!

Hi Emerald Nia,

Could you be a bit more specific on what you think/feel that "friend" is doing to you?

I've had to deal with human energy vampires a lot, the kind that load all their so called sorrows on you and leave you drained, while they took in your energy, or hurt you on purpose, again to feed on your energy. Most of them are easy to get rid of, either you cut them loose and turn your back on them, or you shield yourself so you don't leak the energy they crave. Don't wish them harm, most don't even know that they are doing it.

In case of black magic and hexes, go into meditation and surround yourself with pure white light. Clearly state the intention that only positive energy can reach you and all negativity directed to you will bounce right off your protective shield. Call in the help of guides and/or angels if you wish to do so. Do not return or ask to return the negativity to sender. They'll have to deal with what they sent out themselves anyway, no need for you to get involved in the negativity game.

And let it go, believing one is hexed, cursed, etc. can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. It happens on occasion, but more often people think it to be so, when in reality it is not. That's why I asked for more details.

Have a most blessed day.

Thank you for replying. It made things easier to understand.

If your distrust comes from deep within, I would say: stay clear from that person. I've personally neglected to follow my own intuïtion on similar experiences, but in the end my first gut feeling always proved to be right.

You say you have never trusted this person, so why still interact with the person? Don't ignore what you feel and don't be conflicted about protecting yourself. If bad intent is involved from the other person, you won't hurt that person by ending contact. You might step on its ego and it might get upset, but that will be because it didn't get what it wanted, not because you have actually hurt it.

The shift in your energy could be intended by that person, but could also just be you taking his lower energy in as an empath. Either way, you can shield yourself from the negative incoming energy.

Give it a try.


You're very welcome ... and to say it with a phrase from pop culture: I don't shine  if you don't shine


I wouldn't call that person a friend, friends don't treat friends that way. Cut your ties with them ASAP. Forgive them, send them love and leave them, they will only bring you down further if you don't. You are a very pretty woman and I would not want to see you get hurt (not that looks has anything to do with this). I don't like to emotionally hurt anyone either, but hey, look at what they are trying to do to you? Friends like that, we could all do without. You have the responsibility to look out for # 1 (that being yourself). You know what you need to do. You can't hurt someone emotionally that is trying to hurt you, as they already know that "You make your bed, and you sleep in it as well". A crook knows the consequences of their crimes, for that matter anyone that does bad things knows the consequences. Go ahead, break the ties that bind you two, you will feel much relief, then you will be able to move forward.

Nia,  I have some questions for you.  How did you come to know this person, and under what circumstances?  Generally, we all make unspoken agreements with people that create bonds and form unions that may not at all be in our best interests.  Is it absolutely necessary to have this one as your friend?  A friend who does these things falls in the category of 'criminal' and should simply be dismissed.  I suspect that there is something else you're not telling us, my guess is that the 'hexes' and 'magik' have no power.  Am I right?  you may guess at what I'm hinting at.

Hmmmmmm... seems that Nia & Silas left the site at the same time???? 

Were the bad vibes between them? Hopefully their both doing fine. 

D: she left! too bad, why always the best leave?

What your describing also, is that your changing into your 5D light body.  You are becoming more "light" and increasing in vibration.  You will be able to "sense", without knowing, what is true or false by the intent and vibrations of the person.  Things will not be hidden from you.  Even when they talk to you, you can tell if it is true or not.  Also, when they are doing something, or hanging around people that is very negative, you will feel uncomfortable in their presence.  And like you said, they will drain the light out of you.  You will have to leave them.  You are vibrating at a much higher frequency that they are.  Remember, some will not be going to the 5th because it is not their time yet.  They are still on spiritual journey and need more lessons.  These are signs that you are changing!   

I agree, Kelly.  I wonder what happened?

Yeah, I get the sense the tension was between her & Silas as they seemed to delete their profiles around the same time late last night. So important to remember not to take ANYTHING personally while residing behind the veils of duality... I wish them both well on their respective journeys.  



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