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Now, i'm 16, I don't know why i'm here and why i've gotten on the topic of energy. I learned though, if anything on this little journey, nothing happens for no reason, so I suppose it was meant to be... Children of my age should be listening to little wayne and watching movies and going to parties, but I suppose destiny  has led me elsewere, I suppose that was why that mushroom trips message was "Keep Feeling Fascination" because here I am. A strong message it was.. Anyways, to the point. I need help, I want to astral project and open my third eye but I have had strong feelings of fear. Which from my understanding  would lead to the manifestion of what I am fearing in the first place.... negs.... I'm basically asking, how do I raise my vibration. I'm pretty sure my first two chakras are blocked... My third one blocked off in the past before I learned about subconscious reprogramming and used isochronic tones+affirmations to open that one(before I even knew of chakras, I was just trying to build self-esteem). I have a burning passion to awaken my psychic abilities but I'd rather avoid all negs, and if it is inevitable I atleast want to be of high vibration so that it's alot less likely, I wanna learn how to move around, how to summon swords, angels, Jesus Christ, and God himself. But I feel that excess amounts of fear could possibly arise which would lead to y'know what.

I guess the most obvious form of what I am asking here is... How do I raise my vibration to an astral world where negs are unable to raise there awareness to?  How do I defend myself? How do I summon God and/or Christ and  angels? Which ones are ominiprescent, i'd hate to annoy a powerful entity lol... Does astral projection anger God or Christ.. some idiot on the internet said it was occult blah blah blah etc.... I doubt that but regardless, i'd rather stay on the side of the powerful... and loving at that. How do I defend myself?

I'm thinking chakra balancing and cold showers could be useful, however i'm very uninformed on exactly how to open a chakra. I also really need to know how long it would take to open the chakra, and how would I know if it was open so that I know when to move on in my spiritual journey. If you have any additional vibration raising methods please feel free to tell me. I thank you in advance for your answers, I know it was alot of questions ha, but I have a lot of questions, urgent ones at that.

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Hey Tony - I think you might want to start with this guy - he's about your age and is quite insightful (my opinion). Make sure to watch both parts.

As far as protecting yourself, there are lots of techniques, but really the strength doesn't come from the technique but rather from your loving heart and conviction that you deserve the best and want the best for others. I mean if your light shines brightly, the darkness is dispelled. Don't worry too much about getting rid of fear - we're all afraid. But guess what - you have an overwhelming army of good forces ready and willing to join you any time you need it. How do you summon them? The answer is to just ask for it. It really is that simple. You are not judged by the Loving Universe because you did a technique wrong.

Having said that, you could use the following. First, ground yourself. I flex slightly and visualize a cord extending from my root chakra down into the earth. At some point when I intuit that it is right, I anchor. Then automatically I feel a massive bolt of light shoot up the root and out through my crown chakra up to the heavens. Then, as you stand confidently you can state "Christic Shield Up"!. Some people say it once, some people four times. I actually prefer to say it six times (front, back, right, left, up, down). As I say it I sense an impenetrable shield that is slightly curved forming at each of those locations. We are forming an impenetrable cocoon. The Christic Shield is a 12th Dimensional shield that is impenetrable by lower beings.
I'm confused as to why you think your chakras are closed or need opening. To me, the best way is to run more energy through your system and the healthiest and most fun way to do that is to do things that bring you joy and laugh out loud. Genuine laughter rings throughout the heavens and helps us all.
I don't think I answered all your questions (maybe none of them...), but hopefully you found something helpful here.

I concur.  Find things that make you happy. :)

I only have to think about an angel, or call out with my mind once and they will show?

It may not happen at first...  It may take some time for you to believe that it is possible... If that is the case, keep trying until it happens... :))

imagine yourself as a bright shining star made of pure love.. If you're having difficulty just think of the barney song, lol. imagine them as darkness, light always outshines darkness.

What you eat greatly effects your mood, try fasting and eating raw superfoods like maca root and carob bean powders along with herbs and spices, you can mix them with water and drink it to get them down fast. When on that diet I notice my energy and vibration is the highest.

If I could get some food like that lol. And since i'm trying to get abs anyways, hows broccoli and carrots? lol

Hi Ed,

Nicely said ...

I very well agree to what you say ....

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ................

Okay thanks, that what most people tell me and articles as well, maybe it's just the religous dogma around demons...

I like the sound of immortality, that could make me feel alot less fear lol, and figured as much about hell. And okay thanks, i'll try reading book thanks.

Well yes i've read little bits of info on the 5D. Which is why i'm trying to balance my chakras so that I may automatically be there through the vibration raising, but I never get very defenitive answers on how long it'll take to ballance(approx.) and exactly how(a good explaination),


As for your chakra questions, I highly recommend Barbara Brennan's books--Hands of Light, specifically (  It did wonders for me, a few years ago.  Since then, I have become a Reiki Master, which is also useful in balancing chakra energy.  

I understand your being afraid of astral projection, and not wishing to upset or annoy those you wish to contact.  My first response is to advise you to develop a relationship with your angels.  It may be as simple as introducing yourself.  There is a book called "Ask Your Angels" ( that you may find of interest.  Bottom line, always, always, always ask your angels for protection before attempting astral projection.  Beyond that, I can almost guarantee that you will not annoy those that you wish to contact.  Those living above us, in the higher realms, are waiting for us, patiently.

As for raising your vibration... Well, it is probably easier than you think.  When you are in a space of love and abundance, your vibration is higher than in the space of lack and poverty.  When you focus on things that make you happy, you are automatically raising your vibration.  Doctor David Hawkins set the scale in his book, "Power vs. Force" and there are websites like "Love or Above" and Your Vibration dot com that expand on his work.

If you are 16, and checking out the Ashtar Command Crew site, I would guess that you are an Indigo child, and more than likely a Crystal child.  If these resonate with you, I encourage you to investigate these further.  Most humans vibrate below 200.  Indigos vibrate around 400.  Crystals around 600.  The higher your vibration, the more difficult it is to live in the physical world.  At the time of his ascension, Jesus vibrated at 1,000, and that is what is referred to as the Christ Consciousness.  It it the most that our physical bodies can handle (as far as I know).  Angels vibrate ~10,000.  Archangels vibrate ~50,000.

The entire planet is getting ready to make the jump to somewhere beyond the Christ Consciousness.

Hope that helps,

--Light Worker 29501

Thanks, Marianinia!



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