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Okay, so my spiritual quest for knowledge began long ago, about 8 months ago, I knew about astral projection, and not much about chakras and stuff, but I never really acted upon it until recently when I learned about the third eye, however I have anxieties about Satan, Demons, etc... and so on, Like when I try to tell God I love him an axiety will arise i'll be in mid sentence then mind clouds, fear and Gods enemy  rises up. The anxiety arose from my readings of negative entities, which is subsiding but still there, which is quite annoying because I have intentions of AP and opening my 3rd eye, but again, i'd rather avoid negatives  which could be manifest  through my thoughts from what i've read. I did a chakra test and apparently and it looks like from the descriptions that my first 2 chakras are slightly blocked. Does this cause anxiety? How do I let the energy flow freely?(How do I open the chakras?) i'd rather do this before I AP or open my 3rd eye.

Looking for
1- How to I open my root and sacral chakra?
2-How do I work light, and energy(same thing right? Lol)
3-How do I make weapon for self-defense on the AP, i.e how do I defend myself
4- How do I go places? Like how do I walk/teleport and build astral temples or home bases, w/e.

Answering any one of these questions would be much appreciated :D Thanks


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I think the word "Anxieties" really is the focal point of your difficulties. You have unresolved fears about these things, baseless fears, but they are keeping you from moving forward because your inner self goes "whoa, I aint going there".

I suggest you read a very good book, set of books really, called Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsh.

That ought to put these fears to rest forever.


As for an astral defense weapon, just pick out something that is effective by your reckoning. But you should probably just wait until you cross that bridge before being concerned about that. More or less other beings will always see you differently anyway, its your confidence in your defense that protects you.

If I was to astral travel often I would have a few and would use whichever one made me feel confident at the time. The ones I have in my mind are a Smith and Wesson .500 magnum revolver, a Plasma Gun, a Colt M1911 with a long barrel, a Railgun that looks a little bit like an Uzi, and a huge Katana sword.


You move in the spirit world by simply thinking it, and you go.

You build things simply by intending them. There is no concern over real estate for placing your creations. But if you don't put much thought into it to keep it going, it will dissolve.

For example if you build your own astral sanctuary and you regularly access it, but you let it go for 6 months, when you return it may be gone or "falling apart". The more energy and attention it has to it the more substantial it will become.

So in a way its like a real life version of playing "Farmville". Sorry, that's just the nature of the spirit world.

That's one reason beings come down into the Physical world to live, because the stuff you make here lasts.

Yes I see what you're saying, I wish there were affirmations for getting rid of words from the mind but apparently the subconscious mind doesn't understand the word "Not" or any other negi words, so I can't think of anything. But I figured they're just anxieties, and alright, i'll think my way around. I suppose that's probably easier done than said cuz i'm still confused.

Wow, what a great take on the physical realm! :)

I know for certain that the Silver Cord is just an external reflection of the connection that you have to your body while you're outside it.

The Silver Cord cannot be damaged or hurt by anything, at all.

It exists as an illusion, representing Your Desire to have a physical body.


When a person dies the Silver Cord disappears because they no longer have an attachment to their body, they have truly left the body behind. That Attachment is something that the Soul maintains out of its own interest.


So nothing any other being could do could ever damage the Silver Cord, because they would have to take away your personal interest in having the body and connection to it.

If any being did reference your Silver Cord and wasn't a light being, they would just be trying to drum up some fear with you, that's all.

 Not exactly the silver cord is real and is an encasement of the golden cord and it can be damaged, if the golden cord is damaged or cut you will have extreme damage to soul energies. I will look for the link where I found it, and will post.

Will do thanks, that's the cord connecting the soul to the body right?

Thanks!  i'll be sure to check that video out, and give some feedback.

Thanks, I could feel the energy, just one other question though, how long would it take to open my 1st and 2nd chakra?

Haha, well i'm in it for the ituition, clairvoyant abilities and seeing auras, so I have every intention of opening the third eye after i've configured my mind, and ya I've been trying to forget about lucifer, God on the other hand i'd rather get to know. And yes, you didn't write anything lol, still informative tho :p

how come the youth of today needs to equate everything with japanimation or other media?

have we reached this point in society now where people are so f'n dumb they cant even explain what they feel or think so they have to show cartoons and scifi flicks? in thelate 1800's presidents gave their speeches at a gr12/college level vocabulary, now its gr5 level, showing the average intellectual capability of america today

Jim, where have you been?  The feds have been "dumbing-down" education for decades.  Again, how is this relevant to the thread?



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