Hey everyone, i've recently had some strange experiences, i've woken up in pre-OBE states as I asked my subconscious to allow and i'm not sure what to do afterwards. I raise my vibration and my perception can visibly change as I heard doors opening and lightning strikes(which scared me, can entities be trying to scare you on the astral plane to make you an easier target? Because it wasn't raining that day). Speaking of that, how do I defend myself?!?! I'd rather not be beaten by demons, especially if they're weaker than me and prey on my fears. Also, I need help on opening my third eye and someone to tell me their experiences with it. I would like very in-depth and detailed experiences with others third eye. Also, one night I was slightly high and for some reason when i'd try to goto sleep large amounts of fear rose up, but I decided to do it anyways because fear gets on my nerves.... and I saw a purple-ish looking symbols clear but fuzzy like a dream, I didn't know what it meant, but after awhile it became a little too much and I got up and as I got up it felt like the sun was turning in the center of my head and as though it were giving off light, my first thought was that it was openened by some random marijuana toke, I was happy nonetheless, but now it's gone and over with.... wtf?

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  • I'm sorry I don't understand haha, i've done alota reading into DMT and I might have to get some sometime, though so far i've only experienced shrooms, which was super spiritual in itself. But I don't understand what your sayin maybe its your slang

  • The Violet Flame and White Light techniques ought to help protect you.

    Google them.

  • Wow, awesome for you, Tony :)  You are awakening, check out articles on the pineal gland, I've blogged some here and I know others have too, it's part of your growth into your light body. 

    I've been experiencing some altered states too, it's very surreal isn't it?  And to try to explain to someone what it feels like is hard, especially if they are not used to these type of phenomena. 

    Your pineal gland is hardwired to your ajna (third eye), what happens when you sleep is you are being upgraded like a computer program.. your "virus" ware is removing negative thoughtforms or environmental stresses from your body... the "demons" of myth were often aetheric thoughtforms that would attach to you... yes, they feed on fear but you are much, much stronger than them and once you gain a little confidence in your abilities you can get them to leave you alone. 

    The purple light is very interesting, it is the color of transmutation so what you were doing was facing your fear and transmuting it into Light... the sun you felt in your mind was the release of the fear... believe it or not one of the signs of an awakening chela is that the brain literally lights up from the inside, fascinating, google the Well of Dreams and you will see more information than what I can give here. 

    I know its a broken record, lol, but meditation is the best way to awaken your third eye... there is an exercise you can do while listening to Tom Kenyon's anja meditation CD that is like flexing the muscle of your mind and abilities... I highly recommend it though you'll find if you have clearing or releasing to do you may find yourself becoming emotional or have strange body rushes as the energy burns pathways in your brain and body.  It's accumlative so keep trying whatever you feel works best for you.  Good luck :) 



    I have this disc and use the pineal attunement song but I warn you it does make you feel "funny". 

    • Thanks! And yes altered states are fascinating, shrooms, marijuana, deep meditation, etc.... and thanks for the link, i'll check it out. So your third eye is open? What is it like? best explaination you can give :p

    • So I should just show self-control and i'll be alright? and I noticed you used the word 5-D..... What is this 4-D 5-D stuff? Like what are these? That's the best I can explain.

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