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I have 2 half cats.  Half kitten, half cat up for adoption in North Hollywood California.  They are brother and sister and love each other more than anything.  They have to stay together.  Please message me if you can take in two kitties.

I raised 4 of them since birth but have asthma and it's getting really bad.  I'm coughing and wheezing nonstop.  I refuse to give them to a no kill shelter because those places are packed to begin with.  The other two were adopted already.  The other two had no attachment to the other cats but these two love each other.  When I took the girl cat into another room the boy cat started moaning and looking everywhere.


Much Love


First two pictures are the boy and the last three the girl.

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Good idea.  Have to catch them first but will do!

They're lovely. The girl looks like a twin to my own dear Star. Too bad I live across the ocean. My house and garden look like a cat shelter already with the tribe I have running around, so two extra wouldn't be a problem. The distance is though.


Have you tried posting notes with pictures at the local vets and animal food stores? That often works where I live to get cats adopted.

I forgot to ad: Try chopping up fresh ginger, boil it for about 5 minutes in a pot of water, let it cool down and drink the liquid as tea. A mug or 4 a day may help you cough and wheez less.

Thanx for the tip!



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