So i realy didnt have a point in making this post or whatnot.But i needed a way to express myself to the people here and possibly get some guidance.

 These past few weeks have been quite puzzleing,seen some dreams that haven't quite made any sense in anyway,but they've left a distingtive mark to me.In theese dreams,im a blueish creature with the soul purpose in defending the human race from an unknown danger.I have wings like a dragon,i sound like a tiger when i scream...I've had them for a while now and everytime i wake up,i want to go back,i feel as if it was my true reason in living,i dont feel natural being who i am anymore,i know i was ment to do something far greater.I know im not the only person who feels this way here,your thoughts?

Something else i wanted to share.
Everytime i hear this song "Strange World" by Iron Maiden,i feel a bit more and more out of this world.It may sound weird at first,but i imagine myself in another world with love and light surrounding me.I dont feel natural here at all anymore and i wish to leave as quick as possible.As i mentioned before,i dont feel natural anymore and wish to depart.

What are your thoughts?Is this another case of Classic asencion symptoms?It would be helpful if i'd get some thoughts on this,its been puzzleing me for weeks.

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  • Thank you for your comments.
    I've been sitting here thinking the right things to say,still listening Strange World(If you haven't heared it,heres a link,you will LOVE IT )
    What you say has truly made me think of the world around me and what we are going trough.
    @ HappyKelly. I use to meditate,i was more active on this site and spiritually about 6 months ago.But after my grandfather died,i stopped using the forums,i stopped meditation all together.But recent events have pulled me back here,i need to start again,but i've forgotten how.
    • The Planetary Meditation for Peace was originally produced under the title ”Meditation on Twin Hearts". "Twin Hearts" refers to the activation of the Heart and Crown Energy Centers. The Heart Center is associated with Human Love and with caring for our fellow human beings. The Crown Center, also known as 'Our Spiritual Heart,' is considered to be the Center for Divine Love. The activation of the Crown Energy Center leads a practitioner to heightened Spiritual Consciousness or awareness of his/her Spiritual Nature.

      By simply concentrating on these two energy centers simultaneously, they become activated and one may experience being filled with Universal Divine Love. It is also reported that many practitioners of the meditation frequently experience an intense sense of connection (unity) or "Oneness" with everyone and everything.

      Benefits of the Planetary Meditation for Peace include better health, reduced stress, greater productivity, happier relationships, increased calmness and inner tranquility. The Planetary Meditation for Peace brings peace, joy, healing, reconciliation and transformation on many levels.

      When regularly practiced, The Planetary Meditation for Peace may be used as a form of Service to Humanity as one becomes a channel for Divine Blessings to flow to the entire earth and all of humanity.


      You may like this meditation.  Read the directions first though because you need to do some exercises first and listen to the cd - Master Choa has a funny accent so don't feel bad if you laugh when you hear it the first time, lol.  When I do this, I can feel energy running down my face and body, it's surreal.  So please do as he instructs because its powerful.  Good luck!


  • Another point of view...


    The feeling of being unnatural here probably relates to all of us ;-)


    The wish to "depart", to me atleast, is giving in to fears.I didnt come here to leave premature. I came here to experience. So I  find my comfort in my experiences and enjoy them as they are exactly what I planned to experience.

    Dreams are either profound wishes, visions, memories or imprints.


    I remember how frustrated I was when I first visited the Akashic Records but was not allowed to peek and poke in all places. As I looked down a 28,000 year "experience" and was told I wasnt ready for that I wanted to "wreck" the place. Why cant I see? Why cant I know? U cant prevent me!! It is my right to see!! And yet... I wasnt allowed. The Keeper smiled at me and told me "all in due time". I found settlement in that. It was not as if I would never be granted access, just that I wasnt ready for it.


    In the meantime my "reality" has shifted from "But there is not much time now (being 50 years of age, i'd probably have 25-30 years left)" to "Ok no worries. Time is infinite and so am I"


    All in due time


    I too have recollections from past experiences, yet I dont yearn to go back there, as I realize I am here for the experience of it. With all its goods and bads. Yet I feel a tremendous sorrow for Gaia and her population, including the Darks, who have taken upon them the terrible job of "showing" us the duality in All.


    Dont forget that duality is the "goal". Not polarity.


    Maybe your "visions" are a reminder to U that U are here to "fight and free the world of its fears and pains". In that case thats your job. Dont run away. Live it, experience it, and U will automatically do what U are best at.


    In some ways we are all defending the human race from danger, although to me it isnt an unknown danger. It is all around U.


    Stay focused in these hard times. Stay in the Light. Love Gaia. Enjoy your stay and do what U came to do:


    Fight for Humanity. Fight for Love. Fight for Light

  • Hello Risky it sounds as if you are experiencing the thinning between dimensions, kind of having a foot in both worlds.  You could be experiencing your awakening as a starseed, the clue lays in the blue skin.  Do you meditate?  Perhaps you could mediate before sleeping and affirm what you want and ask to remember it... as well as any clues as to how you can get your wish of going home. 

    This past month has been hard on us all but things are going to get very interesting shortly.  Can you imagine if billions of humans began being psychic and experiencing their heart centers?  Our bodies are adapting and changing... pretty soon you will be able to communicate telepathically with your star family.  How awesome is that? 

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