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I'm a lightworker. I've studied some Buddhism and Siddha Yoga for many years off and on. Not very disciplined at practicing meditation though. My fav mantras are "Om Namah Shivaya" and "Om tare tutare ture soha". My day job is that I teach and do research in Finance. I am very at odds with the energies of the finance professionals and academics and I'm doing something about it. I work at making Finance a useful tool for investment decisions and intend to gather kindred spirits for reclaiming the soul of Finance. I love the fact that we are about to be part of a transformation of human consciouness at the planetary level. I can't wait! I'd love to connect with brother and sister souls interested in preparing the stage for a new way of conducting the business of finance and economics/policy. Love to you all.


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Thanks Feather Winger. Looking forward to learn and contribute. Namaste.

Sounds awesome. We need more lightworkers in government and financial areas. Here's one of my favorite books on how things in the world should work.

Thanks for the reference. I agree that we need to tap into a "higher source" for guidance in these matters.


good for u...

..but if u know, the whole "Finance System", is a game of "Monopoly"... where someone ends up with all the money at the end..while the rest go down... no matter how many mantras u might chant, i dont think it will be of much help at the end... good luck though...

Thanks. The world still needs finance.... So the question is: what can we do about creating a new system that works for the good of humanity?


Thanks and blessings to you.


Welcome Chris....

I too was once a Stock-Broker / Investment Advisor / Angel Seed Investor  ( NYSE/TSE/NASDAQ/OTC.B.B./TSX Venture ).  Unfortunately ( for those not yet awakening ), the ENTIRE SYSTEM must ( WILL ) fail......'tiss one of the reasons I AM outta that business.....the other is just like you say.........NEGATIVE energies wherever you look.






Thanks. But I think we need the right people with strong spiritual values in the business.


Thanks Assiya.


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