Myths about LightWorkers

I've  been reading a lot of funny things being said about LightWorkers on the internet and I would like to clear off a few doubts or wrong beliefs that people hold about LightWorkers.

Myth #1: LightWorkers don't eat Animal Flesh.

Answer: So, what they're supposed to do? Survive on vegetarian food and Water? ok, that's not bad at all, to be honest.

Myth #2: LightWorkers dont consume alcohol, shouldn't smoke etc.

Answer: Oh Yeah? But I heard Jesus drinks Wine and Heals the blind. ;p)

Myth #3: "I'm not a LightWorker. I'm a LIGHT WARRIOR. It's my duty to protect and defend the light. I'll fight with those people who don't follow the path of the Light. "

Answer: hahaha.. calm down my friend. I understand how you feel. So, just drop off your anger and have this glass of cold water and let's talk:


Wait! Let me talk first! Before you say anything, you can't change my mind, I wanna say that LightWorkers don't eat Animal Flesh, Don't drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs, they don't harm the nature and I have Proof! I've read many books and articles about real LightWorkers. I'm also disciplined as the LightWarriors. I'm not a non-veggie, dont smoke or drink alcohol. I don't harm the nature or anyone.

I totally agree with what you are saying.They don't drink alcohol or smoke because that can harm their bodies and they don't eat animal flesh because the flesh of animals holds negative consciouness such as fear. This is because, just before they kill the animal, the animal is in a state of fear because it knows that it's going to be killed. That is one of the many reasons why one shouldn't eat animal flesh.

There you go, you just said it. I don't know what's the big fuss about not eating animal flesh. Why don't you guys do the right thing huh? Stop killing animals and don't eat them!

I haven't finished yet my friend. The same thing holds true for the plants as well. You eat the leafy vegetables such as cabbages and the roots such as carrots, radishes, onions, potatoes and other different kinds of vegetables. Even plants have life. Even they fear of their lives. Even they hold the negative consciousness such as fear in them when they know that they are going lose their lives.

 Plants hold negative consciousness? That is non-sense. Just a load of BS! Do you have any proof?

Proof? Why don't you ask the LightWorkers you trust? Or, they don't talk about eating plants because they don't harm the nature? Plants just like animals are senstive to energies. They are so sensitive that they know that they are going to be pulled out of the soil, even weeks before the farmer takes them away to sell them. You see the plants can communicate with the nature and vice-versa. The plants, soil, air and water can communicate with each other. So, the plants are very well aware of their death. Hence, they can hold the negative consciousness such as fear in them. And death alone is not a contributing factor to their negative consciousness. There are other factors as well that can have a negative influence on them such as human behaviour, pollution etc.

Look mister, you can't change my mind with your sweet words. Why would I want to believe you? You see vegetarians lead a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarians are disease free. 

Let me get this clear, I'm not trying to change your mind or in what you believe. I'm just having a simple conversation with you. Ok, so, there are many non-vegs who lead a healthy and a great lifestlye too. The thing I want to say to you is that. Being a LightWorker has got nothing with the food you eat. If you want to eat Veg, eat it. If you don't want to eat Non-Veg, then don't eat it.

What point are you exactly trying to make here? You're just wasting my time. It's got nothing to do with the food I eat?

Yes. Nothing. There are LightWorkers who are non-vegs, they drink, smoke and still lead a happy life, disease free. Same goes with the LightWorkers who are vegans, dont drink, smoke etc. The key here being a LightWorker is YOU, not the food you take in. You're body has the ability to clear away the toxins. That is why you sometimes sweat in hot and humid conditions and that is why you visit the toilets everyday ;p) -- to clear the toxins off your body. Irrespective of either you are non-veg or not, drink alcohol or not.

So, you mean our human body clears off the negative consciousness in the food we take in?

Yes. Also, when we cook the food, the heat liberates some percentage of the negative consciouness in the food. But, having said that, it does not mean that we eat unhealthy foods, for example if the product has reached it's expiry date, etc. Care should be taken that we buy and eat food that is fresh, new and healthy. Be it veg or non-veg.

Isn't it a crime to kill animals or say take away the life from a plant? Will God forgive us? Will we incur a bad karma if we kill and eat anything?

hmmm...Good question that one. I'd like to go little bit in depth here on this subject of forgiveness and Karma. Yes, God will definitely forgive you. Not only that, you'll be surprised to know that even the plants and animals you eat also forgive you. So, in this case you will not incur any karma. But, if you cause harm to any animal or living being. Say things like, if you physically assault someone, then you might incur a karma. This is actually a delicate topic. I don't want to go in depth. I think we should stop here and stick to our topic.

Yes. It is a good thing to be disciplined in your LightWorker work. But, it has nothing to do with the food you eat. True LightWorkers know this because they're guided by their inner wisdom or the inner guidance, also known as the voice of the spirit/Holy Spirit. Each LightWorker is different, some are guided to eat veg and some are guided to eat non-veg. It's all got to do with what best suits their LightWorker mission . There's no need to depend on outside information at all.

Inner Wisdom, Inner Voice, Voice of the Holy Spirit? What are these? I don't Understand? Is this got to do with chenneling Higher Dimensional Entities?

This is not exactly got to do with channeling any Higher Dimensional Beings. It's your intuition. Over ages people have forgotten how to be intuitive. They just dont listen to their inner voices and make fun of it. Yes, at times the ego mind can interfere to give false information. But, by practicing a few meditation methods and other techniques you can differentiate the voice of the Ego mind and the Voice of your Spirit, which holds the inner wisdom, your intuition and you can never go wrong this way in whatever you do in your life.

So if your guided no to eat non-veg and drink alcohol do so, because that is what your soul and spirit wish for you. Or for example, if the inncer voice says it's ok to eat non-veg, smoke and drink but in limited quatities. Then also it's fine.

That's Ok. But, I'm a LIGHT WARRIOR not a LightWorker. I have to fight for the Light. That is why I fight with people who do not take the side of the Light.

This topic will be continued in my next Discussion "Light Warriors or Light Workers."

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    • Lovely :)

  • Hello Kat. Oh yes Kat, you're more than a 100% correct. Thanks, Thank You so much for sharing that wonderful information.

    Love and Light :)

  • This is a wonderful pic showing the 7 major energy centers of our body. Thanks for sharing it. :)

    Love and Light :)

  • Thanks again, Feather Winger :)

    Love and Light :)

  • Great thread.

    Embedded within your DNA and akashic record are your specifications and blue print. 

    Your self tells what yuo need to operate at your best.

    There is a diet regime based on blood types. 

    Metabolisms evolved over the eons to adjust to the different environmental factors.

    you blood type will tell you what foods and supplements works best for you.

    What You Can Eat on This Diet

    What you can eat -- and how you exercise -- on this diet depends on who you are.

    If you're blood type O ("for old," as in humanity's oldest blood line) your digestive tract retains the memory of ancient times, says D'Adamo, so you're metabolism will benefit from lean meats, poultry, and fish. You're advised to restrict grains, breads, and legumes, and to enjoy vigorous exercise.

    Type A ("for agrarian") flourishes on vegetarian diets, "the inheritance of their more settled and less warlike farmer ancestors," says D'Adamo. The type A diet contains soy proteins, grains, and organic vegetables and encourages gentle exercise.

    The nomadic blood type B has a tolerant digestive system and can enjoy low-fat dairy, meat, and produce but, among other things, should avoid wheat, corn, and lentils, D'Adamo says. If you're type B, it's recommended you exercise moderately.

    The "modern" blood type AB has a sensitive digestive tract and should avoid chicken, beef, and pork but enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy, and most produce. The fitness regimen for ABs is calming exercises.

    • Thanks for sharing the information, Peter.

      Love and Light

  • Thank you so much Feather Winger :)

    Love and Light :)

  • "It's your intuition. Over ages people have forgotten how to be intuitive. They just dont listen to their inner voices and make fun of it. Yes, at times the ego mind can interfere to give false information. But, by practicing a few meditation methods and other techniques you can differentiate the voice of the Ego mind and the Voice of your Spirit, which holds the inner wisdom, your intuition and you can never go wrong this way in whatever you do in your life. In majority of the cases you will find that "

    Thank you, this was my favorite part :-)
    • Thank you so much Kelly :)

      Love and Light :)

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