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 Our main subject at our mystery schools when I taught with Yeshuwa ben Joseph and with St. Germain, was always Music of the Spheres, which means the frequencies of the Sun in various dimensional levels. We always focused on the OM, which means the Language of the Sun or the Vibration of the Sun. We are discussing how we taught this subject at our Magdalene Mystery School, and again when I was his student when he was St. Germain, and how I am again teaching this same Holographic Frequency Music of the Spheres in my Crystal Magic and Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse.
Jesus explained that we needed to create a music that could be understood by those at that time so we made the music into a chanting music. Jesus confirmed that what I had believed about Gregorian Chants as being a partial memory of what we had taught in our Mystery School. Jesus also confirmed that what I remembered about the Om Frequency or Resonance being this Cosmic Frequency that I have re created by using the Full Spectrum of Light Frequencies of all of the Music of the Spheres woven together from the Cosmic into the Universal into the Galactic and into the Solar Spheres to create the Oneness Frequency.

Jesus explains that it was very difficult to get our students to fully comprehend the meaning of what we were teaching so we brought the teaching down into lower and lower levels of understanding. This is where the idea of the Chanting came from. It was a simple form of trying to get people to understand an Aspect of the Full Om Frequency.

This problem of teaching the full meaning and intention of the Om Frequency resulted in lower and lower teachings that resulted in teaching one scale at a time, one note at a time, which was all that the people could understand at the time of the teaching. I asked Jesus about the way I am teaching this OM frequency at this time and he said what I am doing is wonderful. He said I am bringing back what we were originally trying to teach the people before. He reminded me that there will be a few who truly want to become free of the third dimension and they will be seeking the truth of what I am teaching.

In my dialog with Yeshuwa ben Joseph (Jesus Christ), we talk about our Mystery School and how we taught the Music of the Spheres, the Om Language of the Sun. This vibration of the Sun was required for the teaching of Oneness or all Unity. However, not everyone could understand this level of Resonance so we created teachings that could be understood by those with a lower resonance of understanding. I am Mary Magdalene in the Flesh, here on Earth at this time. I continuously discuss my mission on Earth at this time with Yeshuwa as well as discussing our old times together. In this dialog I am discussing how we taught in our Mystery School.

Jesus reminded me that we always created Chants that had a message that was also vibrationally very high so our students could move forward and upward in their understanding. The Om was perceived by the great spiritual leaders. They perceived the resonance of the Sun just as we did. Sometimes chanting maintains monotone vibration to bring everyone into the same level of vibration. They can also be split up into many vibrations so that the vibrations could be felt by different levels of people. This is where the present day teachings of Solfege and Hertzian vibrations come from.

These are still the teachings that are similar to what Jesus and I taught in our mystery schools to those who could not conceive of the Higher and Full Vibration of the Sun. At that time, 2000 years ago people needed to be given one note- one vibration or one hertzian frequency. And once again, at this time, 2000 years later, most people are still needing to use these Solfege Methods and hertzian single tone vibrations because this is their highest understanding and their highest Resonance.

This does not mean the teaching is incorrect or wrong. Jesus and I also used this teaching in our school 2000 years ago. So, please try for just one moment to see this phenomena from My point of view (Mary Magdalene who had to teach this same way 2000 years ago).

I get very frustrated when I look around me and I still see most people needing to use the lowest level teaching from my school- The Magdalene Mystery School. I have chosen to only teach the HIGHEST TEACHING in my Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse of 2017.

As Jesus reminded me, it has not been the right time yet, for this teaching to be received on Earth, because the Intention was not yet set for this Complete Full Resonance of Understanding of the Language of the Sun. However, Jesus said that what I am teaching is completely correct and it is reaching many people. He said that when I reach just one person, that I am actually changing the Resonance of the Entire Universe. I told Jesus that I remembered the original intention of our teachings was to bring the Spiritual Note into Oneness with the Physical Note in order to create a new Note or a new Frequency Signature of reality.

Jesus said that this was correct. Jesus said that is what he meant by VIBRATION. So, the true meaning of Vibration is to bring the Physical and Spiritual into Oneness. This is exactly what I have been teaching and creating through my music at Crystal Magic

This is the return of the original teaching that Jesus and Mary taught together along with other Spiritual Beings who have lived within the Sun. We all remember the Frequency of the Sun because the Sun is always the Vibration of the Spiritual and Physical in At One Ment. The God Language Chant that I often use in my music is Uma Um Uma Un Uma Uma Uma Un. This means the At One Ment with One Vibration.

The Om brings everything into the sameness because it is one vibration that brings all things into its own. Even everything in the room. Everything that is existing becomes this same vibration. The different tones are a breaking down of this Oneness. It is like taking one note from a scale. And a scale is also a breaking up of the entire Oneness. The notes and scales can be used to show people the infinite possibilities that can be created by the creation principle of the Sun. However, the true Om is a Frequency of Oneness. Everyone must be in tone of OM or Oneness before they Break it down.

There is no evidence of this ONENESS taking place in the teachings of the solfege or the use of hertzian tones that represent what these teachers claim to be Love, or the tone of the Earth, or the tone of the stars or the trees. This is not how the teaching was supposed to be understood. Jesus reminds us that we must always start our Music Teaching with OM and feel and understand the Completeness of the Full Spectrum of Light which does contain everything with in it and it contains the spiritual reflection of everything in it.

If we even get to the understanding that is perceived when we gaze into the Sun and then imagine walking into the Sun and soaking up all of the OM Language of the Sun, we have then walked through the veil of the Hertzian and into the Infra Red Frequency that allows us to seen one more aspect of this Om Frequency. When we get a glimpse of the feeling of being inside of the Sun and feeling the Bliss and Joy sparkling inside of each cell in the body, this is the true meaning of the OM Vibration of Oneness. This is the feeling of becoming One with the Frequency of the Sun. This Frequency is the Full Spectrum of Light which is far beyond the Hertzian Frequency.

The Hertzian is just one aspect and then using one Hertzian note is just using the highest resonance that one person is attracted to at that moment. Jesus told me that we must ALWAYS BEGIN WITH OM, and never begin by breaking OM down into the lower resonances and tones. The purpose and goal of all of the music at the Crystal Magic is to maintain that highest standard of NEVER EVER creating any music that is not created from the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound, which is the Cosmic Sun. When you purchase the OM- Sound of the Sun album, you will be given this recorded dialog between Yeshuwa and Mary (me).

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