My UFO sighting.

Since it happened, I've told people but I never wrote it out for anyone to read. So I'm going to share it with everyone here since I believe we are on the same page.

On Saturday March 6th at approximately 4pm, without a cloud in the sky, I was sitting on the back deck of my old workplace. The deck looks out onto a field then further on to some trees and then on to a field of houses in the process of being built. I was sitting with my headphones on when something super bright/silvery caught my eyes to the left of me. I stood up and took off my headphones.

First of all, if it was a plane, I can't recall ever seeing one (even with the sun reflecting off of it) being so insanely silver.

So I'm standing there like an idiot wondering where the wings are on this thing when it begins to glow a beautiful orange-red. Its movements are fluid and graceful. I can't hear anything like an engine/propeller. Then it begins to do a loop in the sky. Then it ascends and descends over and over until it does another loop and then blinks out completely....Only then to reappear about a half km in the sky as a silvery object once more. It does another loop then continues on and I watch it until I can't see it.

This lasted for about 3-5 minutes. It was truly beautiful and I stood there with tears rolling down my face wishing it would come back. I was looking out for it all day and night and so on for days. Haven't seen it since.

I wish there was someone else with me to see it. Actually, I wish the whole world saw it.

Anyone care to share a similar experience?

Much love,

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  • Ahahahahhaha
    thanks johnny boy :)
  • Have you and your neighbor talked about it since?
  • Thats awesome!
    Yeah I definitely remember that it was so silvery - especially off the sunlight.
    Im glad to see a lot of people have seen the orangy orb crafts!
  • That's phenomenal! Definitely a lucky sighting!
  • Me and my family and my friend saw a ufo in our backyard it wasn't like what you described but when it went away it flashed a bright white light brighter than the street lights and disapeard
    • Sweet! How close were you to it?
      • it wasnt too far away but wasnt too close
    • <3
  • Back in October last year I saw three orbs flying together on two occasions. They acted and looked a bit like bubbles both times.
    • I want to know more! Holla!!
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