my therapeutic writing

I lately write my feelings to process them and sometimes i can just write them down and it's enough; but sometimes i need to post them somewhere; and i dont wanna try to contact the person involved for this; and as these feelings still spin inside my head even tho i wrote them down i'll post them here instead (it's very relieving, really)


I really didnt want to do this, but since you are totally in love with pointing out their problems to ppl and HOW they should solve them, i am going to do this with you too.


It is just so easy to tell ppl they should try to reach peace inside when they are having daily contact with their star families; when they're grown up in rich countries as spoiled europeans whose parents never treated bad and never forced to eat meat even tho they didnt want to.




Telling ppl how to handle their depressive thoughts specially when they have asked you for help and you didnt give it to them; while you cry like a little girl as if the world was over for attacks against you by random ppl over the internet is called being a HYPOCRITE.


AND YOU WHO ALSO TALK ABOUT LOVE SO MUCH: blocking ppl without giving them an explanation and having them crying all the afternoon, thinking there was something wrong with them and having them get their head and eyes aching so much that they almost couldnt sleep in the whole night after that; THAT MY FRIEND, IS NOT VERY LOVING.


Many ppl here in the 3D who actually manage to have some sort of social skills know that there are other approaches to problems among ppl; one of them is called TALKING.


If the fact that you dont have a personal life bcuz your female standards are WAY TO HIGH so nobody can meassure up to them ( i for example could barely think trying to date someone like you; you woulndt like the music i listen to, not my black clothes and probably not even my piercings it's all TOO NEGATIVE FOR YOU, AND MOST LIKELY MANY OTHER GIRLS WHO'VE EVER BEEN INTERESTED IN YOU HAVE ALSO THOUGHT IN THE SAME WAY); and all that makes it for the other ppl around to be forbidden to actually talk about their OWN PERSONAL LIVES; THAT IS YOUR OWN ISSUE TO RESOLVE.


And i am not even surprised that you really may have nothing going on in that arena; bcuz ppl here in the 3D actually accept each other with their ups and downs to form stable relationships; and you apparently hate the downs (and even others that may be downs but only according to YOU)... while ppl like me for example already have partners who accept us with all of our downs, our black clothes, our depressive thoughts, and our occasional moodiness and PMS.








and that would be it...





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  • Huh? You're a scorpio? xD You should understand people like him more than I do!
    Still, you must have unsolved emotions; thats lead to isolation, emptiness, loneliness and ultimately depression. This is a serious matter.
    Do you want a psychotherapist or just someone who understands you and someone you can feel comfortable talking to?
    I can tell that your feelings are still mixed, and someone needs to sort through them with you.
  • He probably did have feelings for you, but when the relationship got too deep, he ran away. I know this information makes it sound like he's evil, but the fact that he's not making any sense to you only confirms that. He is constantly leaving you in the dark. He has faded into the shadows and there is no way of discerning him.
    You seem very confused, I'm sure there is a storm of emotions inside you right now wanting to be heard but not knowing how to express themselves.
    After reading "he always seemed to push me away," it makes me think he has a Scorpio rising sign. If you know his date of birth and perhaps the time he was born, you can find out for yourself that he is one of these and full of dualities.
  • This sounds like a lack of communication to me. If someone starts acting very aloof towards you, it means they have issues to deal with. They hide away in the dark and don't share what's troubling them to the world. Some people want to run away from a relationship when it becomes too deep. This is very immature and selfish, but unfortunately, it's happened to me also - You already know this! I could be totally wrong but it's just my interpretation.
  • I would comment if you formatted this into something with sections. As one big mixed up lump, it's hard to pick out one thing and reply.
    It's good to complain, but how do we reply to this information overload!
    Bluntly put, this is one big mess that you posted before sorting out the thoughts in your head and making your thoughts clear.
This reply was deleted.

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