I have something to share! No more insults I promise! I like Hopi's way of relating what's on his mind. He has a humble way of getting his ideas across. I believe I know what germinated this discussion, and I don't believe it was totally benign. It was designed to hurt your friend, and suggest that he was narcisstic. I've called Luke names and have insulted his friends. On reflection I have acted like a ass. This is not a constructive way of getting ideas across. I apologize, but I do not agree with the way you have treated Omega and Lisa. Or the way you treat Charlotte when she comes to share. But this does not give me the right to insult and call names. I want to share this idea with you. We are all the flying monkeys of our own narcisstic egos. It gets us to do all kinds of cruel stuff, like name calling, and labeling others as inferior. It will lead us to join ranks with others who also have narcisstic egos and go out and find victims to attack. There are narcisstic  Relationships between people as you say. But I see nothing like that between Omega and Lisa. I see only love and dedication. You might have had problems with Omega in the past. But why do you guys hate him so much that you would discourage Lisa from loving him. Your narcisstic egos are sending you out as flying monkeys to destroy their joy, and to try to convince Lisa not to love Him. Your narcisstic egos are sending you out as flying monkeys to discredit everything that Charlotte shares with you. My narccisstic ego sent me out as a flying monkey to insult you guys for being mean to my friends. OK I've stated this. It's my Truth. I will stand by it! You can insult me all you want for writing this. I will still stand by it. This diccussion was originally designed to do harm, but it can now be used as a tool for understanding. Namaste and I again apologize for my previous insults to this group. I listened  too much to my narcisstic ego. And If you claim that you don't also listen to your own narcisstic ego, you are not being honest. And this message cannot help you. Hopi apologized to me as his elder the other day. If I am a elder then it's high time I start acting that way. Namaste to you all.  


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  • It's a marriage of heart and soul I will never give up on what's right and of light.


  • It's forever....

  • I have been told by both Master R and Commander Vashtar that my lifeplan was never to allow me full conscious knowledge of Lisa, before we actually met (online) and then the gaps would be filled in through our energies merging together, forming a powerful synergy...She, in contrast to me, was "allowed" full awareness of me, even as far back as 1992...Noting, that a year prior, the Sirian star nation started a first contact initiative for Earth....and I first became Drekx Omega in 1991.....a young man.....Reborn to my lifeplan tasks....for this era....and a future link with a Soul Mate of Epsilon Eridani...Lisa Omega...

    Apparently these events unfolded as they should and Charlotte played a very important role in them, as did Kelly...

    In spite of all the anger I want to thank Kelly for playing her part in all this.....and also, my dear friend Charlotte...

  • Hi Char.....

    Well, Kelly was once a candidate for the role of sector Commander in Alberta and for the north west Canadian sector...We had selected her on the basis of her psychic potential, soul ray, ashramic link to Master R, Samanet Starseed connection with the Atar clan, which is mine....So she had various qualities  that the GFL Ground Crew and our flight counterparts, thought useful...We then discovered she had the potential to be a telepath, which was undeveloped....This was critical, yet she failed to live up to our expectations.......So we could no longer use her potential skills in this capacity....It was an unfortunate thing which could not be predicted....My contacts of akanowai flight crew were very regretful that they had attempted to train someone with her potential, and yet still failed to develop her psychic skills to full potential.....Much of this is caused by her own fears of abduction....Even now she lacks telepath skills....We are so sorry about it...It just is....we can do no more for her, until after and during actual ascension...

    As a partial telepath, as opposed to a full telepath, she cannot be used effectively by GFL.....Regrettable but true....This factor in itself poisoned her mind against us....I personally still wanted to remain her friend, even after we split and can prove it, to the naysayers...I never wanted this expose on her, but she has invoked it out of her malice towards me and the GFL....

    I hope this explains the esoteric factors, which to us, far outweigh the petty personality issues raised by her friends, such as Luke, Stick, Ara, Michael and FW.....

    For a while she ran some semblance of sector commandership, which rapidly faded out, as she lost focus on her true work and commitments, when she branched out with "personal education" programmes, at odds with her lifeplan, though perceived "perfect" by her persona...But that was still a freewill choice she made...so we can no longer use her as a contactee....even a partial one with at least some skills...

  • There's something deep and more with drekx and I we are shown things and remembering things its definitely ordained by the stars we just keep alot personal between us as I'm sure once I'm there with him much more will be revealed.... We are one.... 

  • I was just trying to get Luke's attention, trying to stop his discussion for Lisa and Omega's sake. I'm not a real bully, or I would not have apologized. Sometimes you can stop a bully, by letting him feel what he's been dishing out. I failed. Hopi showed me the right way, but we will have to see if they listen to his wisdom. Hopi good guy, he tried to reason with them. His way, showed mine to be wrong. But we both share the same objective. To put a stop to this non sense. 

    • Luke is not a bully, he is a really sweet and gentle fellow....but he doesnt take any crap and he will defend himself.   Btw EgleBear...you seem ok, too...now that you have found your gentler side...

      • Thank you, Feather, I appreaciate that very much .. I would like to point out that I dont mean anyone any harm, whatsoever, but I will always defend myself, no matter what ... and I can see the Christ in Eaglebear, I can see he has a softer side, despite what occured. He apologised and so, may it remain in the past.

        For what its worth, I am going to offer the Violet flame into this thread, as an gesture of reconciliation, indeed, to burn it in this sacred flame .... no point in bearing a grudge, I certainly dont .. 

        Peace and Namaste.


        • Namaste my Brother! No more war Brother! I bury my sword!

          EagleBear/ Charlie

          • Likewise .. seems like a good time to move on .. so, I bury my sword aswell .. no hard feelings ..

            Blessings, Charlie :)

            handshake animated GIF

This reply was deleted.

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