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My response to the previous discussion on Narcissism and Flying Monkeys

I have something to share! No more insults I promise! I like Hopi's way of relating what's on his mind. He has a humble way of getting his ideas across. I believe I know what germinated this discussion, and I don't believe it was totally benign. It was designed to hurt your friend, and suggest that he was narcisstic. I've called Luke names and have insulted his friends. On reflection I have acted like a ass. This is not a constructive way of getting ideas across. I apologize, but I do not agree with the way you have treated Omega and Lisa. Or the way you treat Charlotte when she comes to share. But this does not give me the right to insult and call names. I want to share this idea with you. We are all the flying monkeys of our own narcisstic egos. It gets us to do all kinds of cruel stuff, like name calling, and labeling others as inferior. It will lead us to join ranks with others who also have narcisstic egos and go out and find victims to attack. There are narcisstic  Relationships between people as you say. But I see nothing like that between Omega and Lisa. I see only love and dedication. You might have had problems with Omega in the past. But why do you guys hate him so much that you would discourage Lisa from loving him. Your narcisstic egos are sending you out as flying monkeys to destroy their joy, and to try to convince Lisa not to love Him. Your narcisstic egos are sending you out as flying monkeys to discredit everything that Charlotte shares with you. My narccisstic ego sent me out as a flying monkey to insult you guys for being mean to my friends. OK I've stated this. It's my Truth. I will stand by it! You can insult me all you want for writing this. I will still stand by it. This diccussion was originally designed to do harm, but it can now be used as a tool for understanding. Namaste and I again apologize for my previous insults to this group. I listened  too much to my narcisstic ego. And If you claim that you don't also listen to your own narcisstic ego, you are not being honest. And this message cannot help you. Hopi apologized to me as his elder the other day. If I am a elder then it's high time I start acting that way. Namaste to you all.  


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People don't realize interfering trying to get me to quit loving drekx is in essence violation of my free will

Lisa, I don´t think anyone expects you to stop loving Dreks,  I think it is more personal issues between Dreks and others.  I´m sure that everyone wishes you and Dreks all the best...

Agreed, dear Feather...

BEN ARION ALOUD YOU TO SPEAK!! aleast you are being honest......... People call people name, are in problem with their self, >>>>>>>>why negative with people? i never call people such name............ This what we need to realize,,,,,,, those call people name , have problem . those who send them love, they attack with words. LUKE Did not start the blog, it was Kelly, she try attack I......... 

Kelly is the one started the blog, a week ago, than luke made another one, it like never ending attack. they bully us, cyber bully is crime, if you know that.......... We never call them mental behavior........... I dont want attention, We are equal, i cant be negative with my energy, they know i throw up acid. I must be positive......... We all have equal attention from the universe. no need to show off........... >>>>

Best way , leave them alone, we cant teach old dog new trick. it  figure of speech, they always going be mad and frustration of us............. like what darkstar say, people are paranoid these days. 

I dont response to negative behavior, i rather protect my energy. Universe forgive them misunderstanding, hopefully they come to sense, that everyone is fine on ACC. we came here to have voice, no name calling behavior.

BRING THE PEACE BACK TO ACC< TIME TO GROW UP< stop calling people name,,,,

send love and wisdommmmmm, we all favorite of universe............ 

You have such a sweet heart I've seen such a change in you lately you've become so humble and you have developed a cute sence of humor.  You have friendship family love and support and protection shelter from the storm always with us.... You have grown into something irreplaceable in our lives dearest heart..... I thank creator for drekx you our friends and all the universe has planned for us.....

Lisa, Age of sincere, becoming loving toward everyone............. you welcome! I am rise to be loving and honest with people, no negativity......

it is gift you found omega,,,,,,,, ACC great honor bring the right energy together........ Universe awarded everyone with good deed. those speak to the heart, is spoiled by love. are doing wonderful so far......... Normal spiritual person, good heart. 

I was just trying to get Luke's attention, trying to stop his discussion for Lisa and Omega's sake. I'm not a real bully, or I would not have apologized. Sometimes you can stop a bully, by letting him feel what he's been dishing out. I failed. Hopi showed me the right way, but we will have to see if they listen to his wisdom. Hopi good guy, he tried to reason with them. His way, showed mine to be wrong. But we both share the same objective. To put a stop to this non sense. 

And maybe we wasted our time, but we tryed! But I see Luke being more silent, although he denies intentionally helping to set this in motion. He claims innocence. But he showed the witch with the flying monkey to Lisa and Drekx on another discussion 1 day before he started the Narcisstic Flying Monkey discussion.

This is why I challenged him. It is not my true nature to confront someone I don't even really know. But I felt I needed to try something! So I did what I did to Bully's when I was a kid. I stopped them back then. There was no one to take up for me. So I did what I needed to do. But that does not work here, and it no longer works at all for me any where.

I was not war like either, before the bullys Charlotte. I was a tender hearted young boy. As tender hearted as you are now! I cried when they picked on me. But they would not stop, and there was no one to help me deal with the bullies either. So I became one that fought back. But that no longer serves me. It only makes me more like them.

No Charlotte wasn't talking bout you.....

Lisa it"s hard for me not to see myself adressed in her message> She didn"t call me by name though! I have called luke and stick names though! Well now it is understood I hope atleast! I have a sense of justice< but no real bully heart! I was not raised that way> i was raised to respect others>



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