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  Namaste Everyone

 I am new and very happy to be here, My journey has been a long one getting to this point of life.. My Father started me on this journey as a young teenager, he was always into books about ETs, Lob Sang Ramtha and ancient teachings of all kinds, when I moved away to start my own family, he would save me all those old FATE magazines which are still in print, But when new people bought the magazine they strayed away from its original content, that was my beginning of a search for truth..when the 60's began , it was all about freedom and love, it was the beginning of a movement.. the birth of where we are today, Have read many self help books, and any esoteric book I could read, tapes, CDs to listen to,, Star Trek was the ultimate show, it helped me immensely to think of other life forms in our Galaxy and the Universe .. Gene Roddenbery was a huge visionary and many came after him.and will continue to be so, which was another teaching that came form my Father, I read all his books about "Extraterrestials"

 Louise Hay  was my mentor for awhile, then so many after her,,and Out on a Limb was a movie.. that movie was another AHA moment,, then the computer age hit  , WOW what a freeway of information its become for me..I joined a forum ran by a chap called Wave Warrior, the people on there were from everywhere around the globe. one lady called Star princess,, we became very good friends and she sent me websites of other forums of like minded people and turned me on to so many wonderful websites, one of which was NESARA ,of which I still belong.. Yesterday I was loaned a CD by my very best friend Miss Dale, called Solara AN Ra and found my way here thru searching that title..

 All my life people always have called me the animal/nature whisperer..LOL one friend calls me mother nature, those are very big shoes to fill I must say, but I am grateful and very pleased to be associated in their minds to both..It does describe who I am in so many ways, I love being in the mountains always near flowing water or lakes, camping,  being one with all, its so awesome to be out of the pollutioned air of the city, everything is so pure and beautiful and pristine out in the deep areas of nature..My friend Dale and I collect wild herbs, for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, she taught me many things about natural foods and medications, spirituality meditation, another knowledge in my search of truth, its so much fun to lay on the ground at night and watch the massive show of stars, no city lights to interfere with it..seeing things whipping across the night sky, we would say.. Look the Galactic Federation is watching.. LOL. Then I would say , lets invite them for tea.. amongst a fit of giggles. Laughter is the best medicine we have to offer this world we live in.. I am very happy to have been lead here ..peace, light, love and laughter to everyone..

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thank you so much for your your welcome Mayir.. we indeed have so much to share with others. :) and I am very happy to be here


Welcome Copawe! You have a lovely energy :) I love animals and nature too. Hope you enjoy the information, entertainment and occasional politics here. Obviously you'll have to discern for yourself what the truth is! Good luck! haha :) .   

Love and light xxx


Thank you so much Maonna for the wonderful welcome!! love your light too:) xxx  .I am sure I will enjoy this sight, soooo many like minded folks here, I can always feel what is the truth or what isn't, if it resonates with me, then its good..LOL.. And you certainly resonate with me.. Love your aura..

Love, light & laughter  XXX


Aww bless you sister !!! <3

Hi Marianinia

 Thank you very much for your welcome, Arizona has such wide open skies I bet the night skies are absolutely mind boggling..LOL  being up in the mountains here,(I live in BC Canada) we are surrounded by trees, mountains etc.. so we don't get the full impact, but what we do see is awesome just the same.. My Father was the same as your husband, it was a thirst for him he could never quench,, but his legacy lives on thru myself and my brothers, have 4, no sisters.. so we have very animated discussions about et's..LOL  I too search those questions of Shirley's and it still evades me, (there has to be a purpose for all of it).. LOL as I am sure it does everyone who is on that same quest.. I hope in the times we are in now,  some of those questions will be answered..being here just feels right for me, its rather difficult to find others who believe , thank god for the internet..I have brought up the subject to various people, some label me as a nut case and disappear from my life.. LMAO.. to each his own I guess.. its very nice to meet you Marianina..

Love,light and laughter

Copawe xxc

Out On A Limb :) old old movie lol but still magic :)



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