I originally posted this else where so a few things might not make sense but I want to share my experiences and story as to inspire others to do the same.

"For years we have been talking about the changes we would need to see in order to heal the world, and secure the happiness for future generations. But now we know or need to know that the time for talk alone is over. The time to UNITE, SHARE, and, Serve, and to see the change that needs to be has come."
- Awakening As One

Well I am not sure exactly where to start or how exactly to put this into words, but I feel it's long over due many things I have kept inside for many years that need to come out many things I kept inside out of fear. I no longer live with fear in my life, a truly liberating feeling. This is Thanks to many of you here who have showed me through your words and sharing that I am not alone and that fear was my greatest enemy as it is for many of us. So  like I said I am not really sure where to start so I will just start at the first memory's I have and work from there. There are several gaps in my memory and some things are still foggy for me so I will do my best, also there are many things that I have not fully understood yet but many I have, all the experiences things in my life have in recent months and years started to become very clear for me, who I really am why am I hear and why ever since I was a boy I felt different and never wanted to conform to so called norms of society. So my reasons in writing this and sharing are to inspire others to help others understand there are many of us out there who are in a dark place as I once was trying with desperation to figure out who they are. I know this is a lonely and scary place to be I was once there.
Okay so some of the first memories I have are of dreams, or what I always thought were dreams some may have been but I now know these are memories I was having from another place and another time. I have several vivid recollections as a child of being above my body looking down at myself with a women with long blonde hair and blue eyes holding my hand and speaking to me not through her mouth but her mind. So these memories and experiences started from what I remember from about 2-3 years old until I was about 13 I still have some of them but they are very different now. So the memories I had where of being in a pyramid in Ancient Egypt performing ceremonies for the dead mummification rituals and other ceremonies that I have yet to fully understand there purpose. So one of the most vivid memories I have of this was I was 5 years old and I was just falling a sleep when I heard a voice a womens voice that had become familiar to me but at the time had no idea why. So as I heard the voice I became scared for a moment but after a moment or 2 that feeling was lifted. The next thing I remember is looking down at myself and and the women with blonde hair and blue eyes holding my hand telling me not to be afraid that she was sent from far away to guide me and protect me and also help me remember who I was. The next thing I remember was a flash and we were inside a pyramid and again I was looking down at myself but in another time and place 
i was a priest and not just any priest but she told me a keeper of knowledge and that there where others like me in the world at this time scattered throughout the world. She then told me that I would not understand much of what she was telling me and showing me for many years. She then began to tell me about her and where she was from she told me she was from a distant star and she touched me in on the forehead and I saw a star system that I now know is the Pleiadian Star system. She told me that she would visit me often and help me and she told me she would always be there to watch over me that I had a purpose and she said I would be living in a time of great materialism and great suffering she again touched my forehead and images shot through my mind images of war and death. She then told me that I needed to be free from many restraints the world would place on me so that I could fulfill my purpose she told me that in the years to come this purpose would be slowly revealed to me and that I could not be told but could only be guided I would have to figure this out for myself. She also told me that I would find others like myself and that I would be drawn to them from reasons I would probably not understand at first. So that was the first real vivid memory I have of the Egypt dreams and of the woman. There is something I forgot to mention before I started something I found out recently from my father his grandmother my great grandmother was a very powerful psychic/medium and my Dad told me from the first day my Mom brought me home that my great grandmother told her that I was a special soul and had many angels and energies around me. So many of the experiences I had as child were dreams of Egypt and spending time talking with this woman and her showing me things images witch I am still working on with a hypnotist to fully unlock these memories. I have memories of being on the moon some of them very recent. I have memories from this time of traversing great distances in space and time with this women. One thing she told me that has stuck in my head more then anything is that during a time of great change on the Earth Michael many of these things will be revealed to you in order for you to help others. She also told me a was given a great understanding of spiritual knowledge and this was justified to  at several points in my life. One in particular was I grew up Catholic and always fought tooth and nail with my parents about God and religion and I was only 6 or 7 and I remember my parents asking me where did you get this from, like where is this coming form I would say the lady in my room told me. Another memory I have is from around the same age like 6 or seven and I was lying awake in my bed and I heard the womans voice calling my name and much like before I was above myself looking down at my body with the lady holding my hand. Once again a flash and I was once again looking down at myself but in another place and another time once again I saw myself in a pyramid holding a book and chanting in strange language which I can only assume was Egyptian and then I walked into a room sat down and began to meditate in a large room and as I did I could see the energies all around flowing in and out of my body and she began to tell me that during my life this knowledge would be lost and forgotten and that as I got older and this time of great change came to be that this knowledge would slowly start to be reveled to people and that many people would come to believe and that many people would come to help spread this knowledge and once again I would began to meet people like myself and she always told me to trust myself to listen to the voices in my head that they would never fail me. I had several experiences with this woman and several conversations over this time from about 2 or 3 until I was 13. These ones I have shared to me are the most vivid and ones I have always remembered.
So when I was around 13 things started to change dramatically not only with my dreams and the with my experiences with the blonde haired blue eyed woman but in my own life. By this time my parents had gotten divorced many things in my family were coming out horrible things and I began to become very angry and was struggling at the same time not only with the experiences I had had with the woman as a child but with why I always felt so different and was struggling to deal with horrible things that happened to me as child that I started to remember. I struggled for many years with much of this but at this time in my life my heart began to fill with hate I wondered why the woman had not been there to protect me like she said she would. I started to pass my dreams and experiences of as the imagination of a child and by that time my parents had me heavily medicated and seeing consoler who only furthered my beliefs that my dreams and experiences with the women where just my imagination and maybe a way to escape I guess the typical psychiatric insights. It was not until some years later when I freed myself of the medication and other things that I came to believe that these experiences where very real. So during this time from about 13 until I would say I was about 21 I was in a very dark place and turned to drugs, alcohol, and even attempted suicide a few times as I struggled to understand who I was and my experiences with the woman and my dreams but also the things that had happened to me in my own life as a child and even somethings that were still going on until I left home when I was 16. I had turned to selling drugs and doing what ever I could to forget the woman and the dreams but also other things as well. One thing that remained always was I thought she was here to protect me it was not until much later that I realized what protect me really meant when she had said that to me. I became fueled by money, greed, and woman I was living a fast life so far away from who I was. Anyway I continued down this road until I was about 19 and was arrested for selling drugs and went away for a while. This is another point where things in my life changed so dramatically I look back now and smile and cry at the same time. So after I took care of my legal problems and had been clean from drugs and everything for sometime I met a man a man who I will never forget, during the course of trying to change my life and trying to understand rather then suppress I turned to spirituality and met this man who was a monk at a temple where I live and began to work with him everyday. The more I worked with him the more my suppressed knowledge of spirituality started to come out I had no idea where it came from we would be talking and it would just flow it's difficult for me to explain but that's the best way I can it's like a feeling an energy. Around this time I started to have dreams again but this time of the moon and these memories/dreams are still very foggy but I remember a test a mansion and 2 men and thats all I really remember at this time. The day after my 22 birthday I was laying in bed starring at the celling much like I use to do when I was a child. Then to my surprise I heard the fimilar voice of a woman calling my name. It's important to mention that I would sometimes hear the voice only in my mind if that makes any sense. But this time was different I was very much awake and alert and I sat up and as I did the woman appeared in the doorway of my room looking exactly the same as I remembered her. She just stood there looking at me smiling she then came closer to me until she was right beside me I took her hand and she began to speak to me she told me that It had been difficult for her to watch me over the last years and that she always knew these things would happen but they needed to happen now it took me a while to understand this but these experiences have showed me the true evil out there and what we are up against. She said very few words to me this time and told me that I was ready to understand that It would start to come my memories would come back and I would start to meet people like myself that my UFO investigations would lead me to the people who I needed to meet and all of this came to be very true.She also told me that this would be the last time she would visit me that the rest was up to me and once again she told me always listen to that voice always trust in yourself and the last thing she ever said to me was the Light always shines brighter through the darkness and that is something I will never forget. It also took me a long time to figure out what she meant by this.
So this is kind of my experiences in a nut shell it would take me weeks to recount all my experiences these are the ones the voice has told me to share there ones I have always remembered and never forgotten. I have had several UFO experiences as well over the course of my life but that is a subject for another time. I have told these experiences to one person before today and that was the monk I worked with who has since died. I just felt it was time to share, well not so much felt as compelled I guess you could say.There are alot of blanks I am only begging to fill in myself such as this business with the moon and why my memory is so elusive at different points of my life. I have been working with a hypnotist and will continue to add as the memories continue to come forward. If you have any questions please do not hesitate top ask I would be happy to answer them. Maybe I will even share some of the video of me under hypnosis I am still debating that one. 

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  • Thank you so much for sharing. I know how hard it can be to open up about things like this, I have yet to do so with my intense experiences, but I can feel my strength growing and building to the point that I do. Reading your experiences and feeling your bravery has helped me with it so thank you. Your life sounds so amazing. It seems like everyday we seem to learn more about what is happening. Your story adds to the truth.

    Thank you so much for your bravery man! Honestly! It means so much to all of us here. Have you had any contact with spiritual beings other then the woman? Also being someone as well who is open to spirits embracing me, I have had 1 who has come through me twice and now is the one I speak to when most in one consciousness. I also have had another 1 of dark spirit come to me once and talk to me in my head once as well (once that I know of though I suspect more unknowingly when I was depressed). So my question is have all of your encounters with spirits been of high vibration or have you ever had one of lesser being as well?
    • "if this store of cosmic prana were inanimate, without a will and a direction of its own, we could very well flatter ourselves that every thought and fancy that we have is the product of our own volition. but since we are ourselves the products of this superintelligent cosmic power, it would be illogical to the last degree to presume that our individual ideas and fancies are exclusively our own creations and have no relationship to the ocean of which we are but a tiny drop. when it is once admitted that mind and consciousness are cosmic entities, it would then be ridiculous to suppose that the thoughts and ideas in an individual atom of this cosmic consciousness can have an entirely independent existence and not reflect the will and design of the cosmic whole."
      — Gopi Krishna
    • To answer your questions, and it's funny to me that you asked me this " have all of your encounters with spirits been of high vibration or have you ever had one of lesser being as well?" because a good friend of mine asked me the same question not to long ago. I really at this time only have vivid clear memories of the woman, and some memories of 2 men that mentioned, but in thinking on the question not all my memories and experiences with the woman were good and not all my memories are good there were times she showed me things that were very disturbing but these memories have only started to come forward in recent months they are still very foggy and I only get little bits at a time. But since starting hypnoses they have started to come more freely, sometimes the memories come so fast they are difficult to hold on too so I am working on it I am confident that I will be able to put it all together soon. When she told me she was her to protect me I believe she was to protect me from the darker forces, I remember her telling me that during points in my life I would sense when something evil or negative was around me and she told me not be afraid because she would be there. All of this and everything else she told me has always come true. I remember at times feeling something negative or evil around me but it would be fleeting and never last for significant amounts of time.

      Also your welcome I am glad I could help you, this is why I shared my story to inspire others to share there story's. If more and more people start doing this maybe then we will realize that they have more in common with each other. We all must do what we can in these times to help remove the lines of division amongst all the peoples of the world. It is the Hate,war,fear,violence, racism and greed that keep us distracted we must bring light where there is darkness, love where there is hate, peace where there is war, understanding and knowledge where there is fear and ignorance. Peace to you my brother:!)
  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for sharing. You are an amazing soul. Your divine presence shines its light on the earth and to your surroundings.

    Blessings to you.

    Love and Light,

  • Welcome and thank you Mike for opening your heart and sharing your life with us. Love to you my brother.
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