Okay guys

Update from yesterday's 11:11 Tenth Gate Activation and the effects of Comet Elenin being close to the Sun, take it or leave it, its up to you, but its what i got

Earth is going to be spilt into two - Earth A and Earth B. One will go with Elenin and the other with Nibiru, i am convinced of that now after what i experienced yesterday. I wasnt sure of all this Ascension stuff before, but i know now what Elenin brings and i experienced pure bliss for three hours, i want to go back to that. I want to leave this Earth behind now and go into the Light. My place is amongst the stars with the Galactic Federation. Ashtar told me last week i would have to make a choice between staying behind and going - It is an indiividual choice, and i want to go Home. It is what i have always yearned for

I gained a Light Body - my body became completely filled with White Light. I tinglied all over - i felt and saw stars coming out of me.

Think of Elenin as like the Deflector from Star Trek's Enterprise, it is a gift from the Galactic Council to the people of Earth to help them Ascend, whether they wish to accept or reject it,

I got taken aboard a Galactic Federation ship as their sister, it brought tears to my eyes to be back with my Starry Family of Brothers and Sisters. I travelled with them in time and space amongst the Stars. I was Home

Make of this what you will, but just a final thought

Have you noticed how certain orgainsations are becoming more draconian at the moment as they realise their grip on this reality is slipping - i am not just talking about the banks and government etc, but certain ones we all know and love.. I wont name names, up to you to figure that one out

Love and light



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  • I understand you dear Sarah as i too have felt similarly.  I have ONLY ONE HUMAN WISH OR GOAL AND THAT IS TO DWELL PERMANENTLY BACK TO ORIGIN OR SOURCE.  I pray and wish for everyone too.  Since my goal is CLEAR,FOCUSSED I MOVE ON WITH WHATEVER LOADS OF IMPRESSIONS/SAMSKARAS/KARMAS.  There is this sweet pain emerges from heart yearning to jump into ORGIN at the earliest of earliest. 
  • I suppose people are thinking "separation" as in "totally away from" "never to exist again", I get and have heard about this particular separation, maybe not from this particular source  but what it meant to me was not an "end" a disconnect, from what is. but just a difference, do we think we are separate from anything?

    it is like someone asking where were you Jesus when I was so distraught, and Jesus replies.."it is when you see only one set of footprints that I carried you" though the person did not feel it,see it  or know it.

    There are many levels of life, and 2 earths are one of them, it makes sense that if there are those who are ascending, that they go to a higher plane, and those that are not or still wish to remain in 3D do not, but that they stay with Earth.

    If we are one and yet many, it makes sense that earth is also. If we can "separate" fragment, split, have experiences of living different lives at the same time, then why not earth, it is talking more of different levels than of being separated from.

    As in....there is NO separation, as we are all living breathing in the body of the one, no matter what level we are on/in, that there are things going on at many levels that affect and do not affect us and that has to to with what level we are at and what we are working on in our own lives.

    Just because we can not see "everything" that is here or there does not mean it does not exist, and it is as Happy Kelly says that we live in our boxes and can only "see" from our particular box, and when it does not fit with our particular box that we in fear lash out and try to make someone else feel wrong for the particular box that they are in, or the particular box they are working themselves out of.

    Awakening is about, taking the blinders off and seeing higher and further, deeper in.

    When we are here, this higher deeper musing, we can only go with what resonates with us, and not all will resonate even if it is real and or real to someone else. Though we learn to follow the synchronicities, "wow there that is again, what does that mean or say to me, could this be or mean something to me?

    And or hmm, it must be that maybe all of our paths though evolving into the one are all unique and different and have merit.

    Just because someone finds a path that is different from ours does not make it wrong and just because we have no info about this particular path does not make it wrong or crazy.

    Do we here as well at this late stage in the game, have "race" wars, still split into groups of haves and have nots, when what is called for, asked for, is an acceptance of our differences?

    When we should applaud someone for being able to come out and say what their experience is, looking 1, to find some kind of confirmation/validation, and or 2, to open our eyes to different ranges and scopes of what truly is, in and out of our illusions, we find fault with them?

    It takes some amount of courage to come out of our little box and share our experience, let us always give benefit of the doubt, realize that when we are in doubt or fear, it is ours to work thru and not to defend our position or lash out at someone who is brave enough to come out and share!

    There is a fine line between what is real and what is illusion, the problem is that what we know as real is really the illusion!




  • Thank you for the wonderful music Mr. Ed...

    You said it without words. with the music.

    Love and Peace removes fear..




  • Again, as i have repeatedly said, it is up to people if they so wish to believe or not.   I have no timeframe for when things are supposed to take place, my experiences of time/space tend to take place outside of time in what i was taught by my mentor and teacher Murry Hope as being called Outer Time.  So it could be tomorrow, it could be next year, it could be whenever.   The only thing i do know is that Elenin is due to pass close to the Sun on October 16th 2011 and i understand a Stargate portal opens on 11-11-2011 (Nov 11 2011), which is when i believe that people can attune to Elenin's energies and experiences it for themselves (or not, as the case may be). 


    Personally up until now i always thought the pole shift was due to occur on 31 December 2012, then i was informed the Mayan Calender predicted it was 21 December 2012 (the Winter Solstice).  Now Elenin and Nibiru have been thrown into the mix and sort of turned all this around.  So who knows.   Guess we will have to wait and see who is right and who is wrong, won't we??


    I do seem to be getting more into Constance Demby's music at the moment though, particulary Novus Magnificat and Set Free.  They very much evoke the celestial realms for me

    • Dear Sarah,

      We are having many people claiming the same you are saying. Those people have been doing this for years now.

      They kept telling us that they would leave this world withing few weeks and about the imminent changes. Time went by and they are still here.

      So my message was telling you Good-Bye if it was true, and if you are finally here, that means everything you told us is just your imagination.

      Now you say that you do not know when it will happen. We appreciate your clarifications.

      There are also many Commanders (sic) or whatever they say they are and they have no clue whatsoever of what will happen in the near future.

      So sorry if you felt offended. But when you claim something like that and then time confirmed it wasn't true, you must be prepare for criticism and acceptance.

      I hope you are right though, and when Elenin and NIBIRU don't show up, I hope you apologize too.


      Take care,



  • Are you still here? :/

    Well then: Let me tell you that NOTHING, I repeat: NOTHING is going to HAPPEN this year. Is that CLEAR enough for you?

    I hope so, and I will remind you this message on the 2nd of January 2012 because you will STILL be around, BELIEVE ME.

    Ah ah ah. :)

    • dear Mac,we are all entitled to express our individual comments with each thread discussion that is posted on AC,and we all respect your opinion i am sure,so at the moment we are in the month of september,lets calculate,by the time the end date of december 2012 comes around,it is another 16 months before we reach that date,it will be interesting for all to see how it unfolds,in the meantime calculate this,i am sure you will find it interesting, as follows, THIS YEAR WE ARE GOING TO EXPERIENCE FOUR UNUSUAL DATES, 1-1-11, 1-11-11,11-1-11,THEN 11-11-11,AND THATS NOT ALL,TAKE THE LAST TWO DIGITS OF THE YEAR IN WHICH YOU WERE BORN,NOW ADD THE AGE YOU WILL BE THIS YEAR,AND THE RESULT WILL BE 111 FOR EVERYONE. THIS IS THE YEAR OF MONEY!!!!!!!!THIS YEAR OCTOBER WILL HAVE 5 SUNDAYS,5 MONDAYS,AND 5 SATURDAYS. THIS HAPPENS ONLY EVERY 823 YEARS...... THESE PARTICULAR YEARS ARE KNOWN AS MONEY BAGS...... THE PROVERB GOES THAT IF YOU SEND THIS TO 8 GOOD FRIENDS, MONEY WILL APPEAR IN THE NEXT 4 DAYS AS IS EXPLAINED IN CHINESE FENGSHUI, IT IS IS SOMETHING TO PONDER ON,a puzzle for the weekend,as it is a saturday here in the land down under,blessings eve(solaena)

  • Much Love to you all !!.. We Ascend.
  • I have refrained from commenting further on this thread as one. i cannot be bothered to waste time with people who are clearly nasty and two, i have had my share of cyber trolls and bullies over the years.  However, this is meant to be a spiritual forum and one that is meant to be of love and light.  As i have constantly maintained on this, it is up to people to make up their own minds and i do not profess to know all the answers, indeed i could be wrong. but i can only give you what i experienced and for a beautiful experience to be so trashed in this way, it makes my heart despair


    I despair, because some of you on here clearly believe in UFOs, Ashtar, the Galactic Council etc as i do.  However, i am beginning to honestly wonder why on Earth Ashtar and the whole Galactic Federation are bothering wiith us if there are some so called enlightened people out there, who are clearly acting not so spiritual.  We will never make Ascension at this rate if there are so many petty jealousies around.   RISE ABOVE IT.   MAKE YOUR SPIRIT SOAR.   


    If i can do it, so can you peeps.- or have you forgotten what all of this is about?  Dont let the Reptiles or Illuminati win, thats what they want.  And another thing, wake up to what the Moon really is. 



    As Ashtar says, we are like children in the playground


    By the way, enjoy Nibiru folks


    • Nicely stated Sarah....bless you and know that all is well, in spite of this hard core of dark agents on ACC....And there will come a time when truth will dawn on those who cling to the old paradigm, fearing it's loss...

      Much love and light, Drekx Omega


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