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I write this post to introduce myself. I'm French so excuse me if I make some mistakes in English because I am using a translator to write you.

I wanted to share an experience that happened to me yesterday. For the first time I managed to raise my vibration and capture the aura of the plants.

That surprised me and sublimed at the same time. Someone he had this experience?

I send you all my love.

Love and Peace

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Wow, thats cool Ackinou, I've never tried that, but maybe I should....

I've seen flashes of color but never an Aura... I think if we work towards a specific goal it's definitely within our reach! :)

Welcome... by the way :) 
I think the more we send love, more people can have this experience.

May your day be filled with love and peace
yes i have seen plant auras its kinda like when u watch a red and blue glasses 3d movie they also drip energy from there leaves to thier roots & trees dance like they are in a breeze that is strong from all angles cactus spin on thier axis points fungus wiggles up and out then back in
Very cool, j'ai jamais eu cette expérience à date mais ça m'intéresse!
If you are familiar with your chakras, you can open your heart chakra and send energy to plants, trees, animals and other people... if you practice you can feel them sending you love back.  It's quite wonderful. 
I practice meditation and I feel more energy flowing in me. I want to give all this love but sometimes I feel a little stuck. Do you know how can I unlock?



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