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My data indicates that after the last 3 eclipses the magnetic field as dropped again

Patrick Michael Aesteii

My data indicates that after the last 3 eclipses the magnetic field as dropped again.

The 6/1, & 7/1 solar and 6/15 lunar eclipse may have had an influence on lowering the magnetic field again. My data says we are close enough to zero to see the poles split at any time. I think there will be more earthquakes in Alaska and then we will see the poles break apart. This could cause an aurora borealis effect at unusual  locations. The aurora 's will indicate safety land.

The 150 year cycle, coronal mass ejection of the Sun due in 2012 -13 could knock out the world wide power grid. It took out compasses and telegraphs around the world and painted the sky blood red for two weeks in 1859. *(Note the BBC Scotland reports NATO is having meetings about this topic)

With really low magnetic fields a direct hit to the earth might impact areas around the planet.

After a split there could be upwards of six pole areas and they would offer the most protection from  solar radiation due to being locations with a stronger magnetic field. 

Venus will cross the sun and create a rare venus eclipse on 6/6 2012 and the extra gravity could trigger the  mass solar ejection. 

To understand the earth changes that extra solar radiation can cause, when due to a weakened magnetic field , study Southwest Australia. It's already pretty bad down there.


If the grid goes down how will we cool the fuel rods at nuclear plants around the world?

Check out Nostradamus quatrain X-74 (hint the Olympics are in June of 2012)


Be careful driving in the new low magnetic field it can give one a light headed feeling. You can try wearing magnetic stones like my gemstone Seraphinite or magnetic Spinach Nephrite.

P.M. Aesteii

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How does the shadowing of one astronomical body by another affects the magnetic field of a planet?



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