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Muslim Has Vision of Jesus That Is so Astonishing, You Won’t Believe What Happens! (Video)

This man’s story is absolutely amazing! How God found him and what God has done with him will stun you.  

This is a powerful, inspiring message everyone needs to hear!


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30 year old news, when the world and the views of it were completely different than it is today.

At that time, I believed Gay-people to be a total plague of society. NOW I'm openly Gay.

Times change, as do peoples perception about drug-crazed phenomena. ;)

Hmmm Good on him for being creative in his music,a gift in itself..but I just find this whole video rather sad,that a lonely,depressed & vulnerable Australian gay man needs to search for himself with the aid of a bogus fake belief system firstly, but to the point his mind is so tainted by it,its effect runs over even in his sleep, he believes a fake GOD is speaking to him,the water in his vision is a meaning of emotional turmoil and a warning something in his life was trying to get his attention to a change in the movement of his emotions,he was seeking more a solid foundation seeing the need to see a rock on the other side of the people river,but the people of the river also was all him's heading to his doom one way not the peoples doom,as all is he's still seeking to find himself,his whole self not just portions of himself its rather obvious and his higher-self is speaking through him but yet he interprets it as a invisible entity GOD outside of himself as really all answers lie within..

"Mental Placebo" is most likely the utter WORST disease to hit our Minds of Today.

And you've spread & talked enough psychobabble to last a lifetime in a matter of these few discussions, so your mind has some chemical imbalance obviously.. either you've been on drugs or maybe your prescribed med's are just placebo's,or you need some prescribed med's.. cos most people who are nice kinds dont say things like you do..they dont bait people all the time with this type of nasty commenting.. fullstop...and the only important thing to note is to be watching your behaviour once again.. 


I see you're still wrestling a lot with your Ego.

I KNOW, Since i did the same with Mine when I first encountered You.

You are my Nemesis, but also my Most Important potential Ally. I won't rest until I've won you over, ok? :)

he better see muslim Jesus , after all he was dark skin , from Palestine , most likely an arab , maybe even with dreads..........any other vision is just a dreem.................

Nah, none of that applies here. The only important thing to note on this post, is that Krishna Kalki made it, which tells us that its content All in All, is disinfo aimed to pitch Religion against Religion on earth, in order to Materialize WW3.

Hopefully, Science will terminate them BOTH before that happens.

And here you are again Acute Observer and your acting like a real internet troll baiting people on their discussions,you don't even have anything remotely interesting to discuss you just like to spread hateful negativity,you'd think being in a spiritual site that you'd have something creative to show the world,but no..your starting to sound like a sick,sad twisted individual & just a looser..why IDK..have you had a sad life probably have as that's normally why people act like you do to get really you have got nothing better to do in it than spread nasty stuff onto others.. 

I'm quite sure Michael can answer for himself on this.

Unlike You, Michael have since many years back, earned my Full Respect. :)

If you have anything to add to this TOPIC (other than your tiresome and easily recognisable usual KGB-'let's kill the skeptic'-standard bellcrop) feel free to post again in the thread. ;)




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