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Mummified monk found in Mongolia 'not dead', say Buddhists


The mummified monk found on 27 January in Mongolia

A mummified monk found preserved in Mongolia last week has been baffling and astounding those who uncovered him.

Senior Buddhists say the monk, found sitting in the lotus position, is in a deep meditative trance and not dead.

Forensic examinations are under way on the remains, found wrapped in cattle skins in north-central Mongolia.

Scientists have yet to determine how the monk is so well preserved, though some think Mongolia's cold weather could be the reason.

But Dr Barry Kerzin, a physician to Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, told the Siberian Times that the monk was in a rare state of meditation called "tukdam".

"If the meditator can continue to stay in this meditative state, he can become a Buddha," Dr Kerzin said.

The monk was discovered after being stolen by a man hoping to sell him on the black market.

Mongolian police have arrested the culprit and the monk is now being guarded at the National Center of Forensic Expertise.

Worship for eternity

The mummified monk found on 27 January in Mongolia
The mummified monk found on 27 January in Mongolia

The monk was found as he was about to be sold on the black market
The identity of the monk is unclear, though there is speculation that he is the teacher of Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, who was also found mummified.

In 1927, Itigilov - from neighboring Buryatia in the then Soviet Union - supposedly told his students he was going to die and that they should exhume his body in 30 years.

The lama sat in the lotus position, began meditating and died.

When he was dug up, legend has it that his body was still preserved.

Fearing interference by the Soviet authorities, his followers reburied him and he remained at rest until 2002 when he was again dug up to great fanfare and found still well preserved.

The lama was then placed in a Buddhist temple to be worshiped for eternity.

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Whoa...that is interesting.

..Have Heared Of This Before.....I Believe So.....x

Russian TV REN (PEH) made a very interesting documentary about states of mind, where in first few minutes talks about this  Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, and it is said that he breaths, sweats and even opens his eyes sometimes. Unfortunately,i found this video only in Russian language with Serbian subtitles, but perhaps it can be found translated in English. 

Even Russian then president Medvedev went to see this lama.


Here is more about Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov

An EEg could quickly tell if their assessement is correct. :)

fuse the spirit with the physical body and become immortal-or live for 600 years-what could you do once a week for 600 years?

31,200 times?

"what could you do once a week for 600 years?"

Get incredibly bored. ;)

yeah-life gets boring as we age-I think it gets even more boring when we die-but I would like to go back to school to learn the esoteric lessons of will force etc.-hopefully up behind the gates



The soul of this monk will have returned to the higher planes, as to be incarnated indefinitely, within a fossilised corpse, is not something of maximum growth potential experience, for the 4th human spiritual kingdom to express.....Unlike the mineral kingdom, which is the "1st dimension," in that regard...

More likely the ashramic Ascended Master of this monk, has created another sign, by achieving this bodily status for his disciple's spirit-departed bodily form, as a tool for the living to learn from.....Akin to milk and blood from statues, the name of god in fruit, uncanny "crosses of light," upon glass surfaces, etc....This may be part of the externalisation programme, I'll have to confirm this, though, as not sure in this case....

I do know that a programme of creating signs and miracles, by the Ascended Hierarchy, is very real...

These fellows doing their meditation and folks won´t leave them alone.....they dig the up and bury them again;, someone even stole his body and tried to sell him on the black market,,.LOL, wonder what the karma is for that???

Years ago, I was in class with one of my spiritual teachers that channels the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.  We start meditating before class.  One day, I was so deep in meditating that I was not breathing.  My teacher noticed this and commented on it.  How long I was not breathing, I do not know.  But it had to be within 30 mins, which is our usual meditating time.  I'm not surprised about this monk.  I've heard more amazing things that monks can do.



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