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I have been doing Lucid dreams for 30 yrs. I sleep under a 3x3' copper pyramid. Lg. Crystals at my feet and head, around my neck and one in my Left hand. I charge and change the one in my left hand every time I wake up or choose change or to discontinue a dream. I also pray to my Holy Sprit who helps me to produce the dream of my desire. The H.S. is the co-Producer,and co-director I am the Star and Producer. I am able to go back in time to previous lives, be they human or what we call alien form but they are still me. This is called Reincarnation when remembered.In some dreams I am the 2nd person watching the 1st person of myself, I can send messages to that 1st self, like go to the merrier ,I wont to see what we look like in that body.I am then what is called out of the body or in my astral body. I am also able to go to present or past as much as I like and a few times in the future but many times in Alternate Realities past and present.

       I am still me as the self I know now and recently I have been able to communicate with my other Alternate selves and they to each other through me but this has only happened once, so far. This type of Lucid dreaming takes a lot of practice and it teaches us that we have been in countless number of bodies, we can be black, white, creme, Oriental, alien or human giant or dwarf and a grand combination of all of these, even the opposite sex, this all helps us to drop our difference's, for we are all one, in truth. I was , I have been and I am, all of the above.  

I would like to mention here that True Lucid Dreaming done correctly by positive intention's both before entering the dream state and during, is sure Proof  ''that we are truly Multidimensional beings" ! You could view it as the same as the 1st time a person has a conscious Astral Projection or Out of body Experience or same as a conscious near Death Experience. Anyone who has had these experience's knows for sure beyond any doubt that they are not this body, this vehicle that they are riding in, is just that, a means to experience this 3 or 4 Dimension. They are much more. And of course all of this has a great deal to do with Reincarnation. Before I believed much in this idea, I did not allow myself to have these experiences and that was part of our negative programing from the DC.

To overcome this negative programing we need only to have a open mind to allow in other possibilities. Of course our belief system must be open as we encounter more untruths and Truths that can someday become our new self programing that no one or no force can add or take away, for we are the sole controller of our mind and no one else. We are the only ones that should be programming it. We do get much help from the Spiritual Kingdom, "as above so below" .

And even GOD does not interfere with our Free will to choose, that which we will. So as we enter into the higher Dimensions or Density we must keep an open mind, our heart of hearts will guide us as to the info we get is true or False. And we determine if we wont to act upon it or not and if we wont to add it to our data banks for updating our new programing. We are the Co-creators of our selves, the world and even the universe as long as we do it correctly and service to others and the Source, we will be fine, for we are all one. Sometimes we forget that and we feel a need to prove that to ourselves, and this is one of them,indeed. 

The above and below statements are true but I myself would go a step further in saying that before LOVE can be truly entered or enter us we must remove the veils that prevent it from entering our locked doors of the Heart of Hearts- our Soul , we must remove all the garbage or negative images we have stored there, blocking the door. We do this by learning FORGIVENESS which is the hardest thing I have ever attempted to do but the most rewarding as well. By Forgiving  others and ourselves, we not only free there Karma but our own. In other-words we Free our own mind and soul in this process and left the vail to allow Love in. Many of the experiences that will come to us in this lucid state is of past negative Karma that is still there, even though we bury it deep so we don't see it or feel it ? in our daily lives as we go about our business of Awakening.

So all of the experiences we have in the lucid state will not be pleasant as we clear away the lighter garbage or Karma images that we have buried deep. We will come upon those grave mistakes that we thought were Sins but were only big Mistakes. And we have some nasty ones down that rabbit hole.We must face them by carrying out the Garbage. To do that we must tell ourselves that we forgive ourself and those whom we have hurt, remember when we hurt someone , we are hurting ourselves as well. What I do to confirm and seal this Forgiveness is to send out violet or Golden light to them by our breaths, exhaling 3 times, at the same time. This can be done during the licid dream or as we awake.There are many ways and that is just one, find one that works for you and go with it. Intention is of the utmost importance here. If it is done correctly, it will not return but new ones will, so much so that we will begin to wonder how we dragged around so much garbage in our daily lives. We should feel a bit lighter by doing this.

           Remember we have at least hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes of Reincarnations and mistakes to clear both in this life, past lives and Alternate lives as a Multidimensional Co-creator being. Future lessons will be around how to harmonize those negatives events that are not cleared yet into our personalities by remembering that healing begins in the mind, we must first heal the mind if we wish to heal the body of physical and emotional problems and that how we create the person that we wish to be or should I say, Co-create with Divine help and inspiration from above, ourselves, our world as we perceive it and the whole universe with our cosmic mind, when we let Love in to help us and guide us, we are Loved, we are LOVE, all is Love and Love is the Answer. We are in Gods mind as Love and he is in our mind as Love. When we allow Love to enter , Gods light shines on us all as we remember we are family and at home. L&L Adonai

Rev. Joshua Skirvin

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The storyline or timeline we’re following is by nature a dream spun from our natural yearning to grow and understand. Each person “spins out” the dream or illusion that allows them to play out the stories that are most powerful for them within that moment. This dream offers clues as to where a person is in regards to the process of awakening to love.

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