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Moldavite and other crystals, stone, tekktites of high vibration. Please share your insights and stories!

Lately, I have been drawn to crytals, stone, and moldavite. The powers of them, their healing capacities. They're friends. I thank this site and its users for helping facilitate this shift also, towards a total spiritual orientation.


I purchased a piece of moldavite upon being directed to it, that it was for my purpose, I feel. I am experiencing the changes, a higher state of being, and more strength in my will and resilence to the harshness of society. I am very connected to it. I recommend it for EVERYONE : ) I am ever so blessed to have a peice. But I want to hear other's experiences, I have seen a blog on this, but it was not too recent. Has anyone else been extremely drawn to stones and peices of Earth, particularly lately?



God bless, with Bliss, Smiles and health! Oh i am so excited to share this!!!! Namaste!

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I have moldavite too! It's a great stone! Very high vibration. I believe breaking it in is best, don't wear it on yourself all the time, keeping grounding is important too.

I agree, lol, moldavite can be overwhelming at times... I have good vibes with gold tectite too :) 

My earth resonance has been accelerating... I see my crystals as dear friends now, not conscious as we are but alive and to be honored and loved.  Lol, I've been thinking lately too that they like music and singing, does that sound odd?

And crystals (the highest evolutionary exponents of the 1st kingdom) like sunlight and moonlight too, my sweet....  ;-)  Keep loving them....!! They retain thoughtforms too....and can amplify your meditations...

Yes, it was a revelation to learn they "accumulate", lol... :) I didn't know they liked moonlight though I know you can cleanse them using sun or moon energy... ha ha, I guess it makes sense they like a sunbath or moonlight bath...

They are more basic lifeforms than plants and animals, of course....but they possess spirit having a form experience for do humans.

And crystals above other members of the first mineral kingdom, such as granite....Crystals have a structure that allows the relaying of light....This is part of their life experience, which is a type of basic sensory experience for well as other energies, which they retain as records...It is the inner life of a mineral which benefits from the experiences gleaned, basic though they may be to human beings...


Currently, crystals can be imported to earth from GFL worlds, without restriction....unlike plants and present.

heh heh, was someone gifted with a crystal from offworlder friends?  Lol, you don't have to answer that one :) 



Yes I have indeed, I have always picked up rocks and stones I liked my whole life, but now that I travel around the US, I have in the past years or so, finding rocks I keep.  I look down and find one that looks interesting and pick it up.  I have them setting on shelfs at my house.  I also have two crystals, one my sister gave me a few years back and one my daughter gave me.  I also picked up one in a little store in the mountains of Nevada.  It is the rock with the crystals inside, I love it.  I don't know much about the benefits, I just know that I love them. 

I carry two hart-formed quartz around my neck, this connect me to Earth , wherever i go. I have one big smoke-quartz, and one very lovely pick-quartz. These, pink and smoke standing in the window frame, in the portal towards North. They helping out with programming my drinking water in the frame.

I had a drop-formed and powerful clear quartz, which i offered, or more presicely said; i gave it beack to the owner; Mother Earth. So i go to my little favourite mountain, and planted it on a strenght-place.

I believe Earth is more in need for her crystals than we are, so i will ; give back some of them. When doing that Earth will connect deeper with you.

I hope you heard about Logos Crystal. The ancient Aboriginal people believe is kept in a specially protected place. Only humans can contact this Great Crystal. But now after so many attempts and  experiences( 4 fallen civilizations) the Reptilians (the Cabal) has   made a hybrid. As it said their ancestors are coming to take this Logos from our planet. 

  Do you know anything about it?


Area 51 Shirt w/ Pendents

This is a shirt that I bought in Indian Springs, NV  during a contact initiative with the Tall Whites. During a sky watch at night on  the south side of town I had an encounter with what I was later informed was GFL  probe sent to meet me.
The pendents are a semi precious gem stone cross,  meteorite fragment and a moldavite crystal in a surgical stainless steel wire  frame.

Read more:



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