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Message To Starseeds And Everyone From Faleekastrina, Head of the Council for the Assistance to Earth -- No Limitation Is Real!

I am Faleekastrina, Head of The Council For The Assistance To Earth, and I want you to understand that everything that is on this Earth plane is an illusion. Everything that you experience here is an illusion. That is the truth. Open your eyes to the truth.

Remember, you were sent into an illusion. Your job is to bring it into the real. Your job is to bring it back to the original frequency; back to the original blueprint. That is your mission, and you are raising the frequency right now because you are accepting the message of your Reality, and it is saying to you, “Starseed, your reality is within me, and I am not touched by this illusion. I am not affected by any lie or any voice which tells me that I am limited in any way. I will not listen to those voices which tell me that I am incapable of miracles or that I am unable to do something that goes beyond physical boundaries.”

Listen to your Reality. Listen to it now. It is speaking to you. It is recalling memories up inside of you. It is recalling your true identity. It is surfacing the emotion and the thought and the frequency that you are always on. Tune into that frequency. Will yourself to tune into it right now. That is real.

This Earth is not your home. Do not seek to feel at home here, because you will lower your frequency. Seek to bring this place back to the vibrational level of your real home. Make this place reality. Make it your real home. Change the blueprints. Begin this now by stepping into your Reality.

Look around you and know, “What I am seeing with my physical eyes here is not the reality because it has bought into the illusion.” This place is a lie. It clothes you in forgetfulness. Wake up. Remember. You were sent here to bring this place back into alignment with Reality. It has become a lie. It has become a dream world and it is no longer a place where the God source freely operates within its children. This has become a place where false beliefs that are not in alignment with the God source are believed to be real.

And I want you to understand that no limitation is real! No limitation is real! No limitation is real!

Limitation is a thought that is out of alignment with the God source inside of you. Limitation is not a belief you can allow to take root. It wishes to remove you from the part of you -- that God source part of you -- that is capable of anything, that all-powerful part of you. Don’t be afraid of it. Let go of your ego’s fear and remember that your power comes from love, and true power is in alignment with love. Only false power will harm anyone. Only false power will choose to exalt itself, and control others. This power I speak of is not control. This power I speak of comes from the heaven within you, my Eternal Being.

You are the wake-up call that was sent to Earth. You are the wake-up call, humanity’s wake-up call, my Starseed. You are the alarm clock that has begun to sound all over the Earth, and that sound will sing out. Its frequency will sound out through every voice of confusion, of anger, or of judgment, or deceit. You will not be conquered by the illusion. You are already coming to the point of truth. It is dawning on you. Allow it to manifest physically.

I want to tell you those things you have believed you should be able to do, those miracles you have believed you will be able to do -- you are about to do them. You will do them. As you raise your vibration you are capable of more and more. You will do miracles, my Starseeds. You are the ones that bring in the awareness of what a truly awakened person can be and do. You are the Reality. Step into it now.

I am Faleekastrina, Namaste.

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Namaste <3

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I love these starseed messages thanks so much for sharing them.

No problem Will share as many as i can, for alot more visit the website:) :) :) :)



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