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5th May, 2010

Humans of Earth:  This CAN be your Shining Hour!  In the waters off the coast of the United States, there is an environmental catastrophe unfolding.  Some are asking why the Galactic
Sisters and Brothers haven't done something to stop the oil from
gushing into the ocean. 
This is a time for you to remember just how powerful you are!  You, collectively can affect this situation.  What is the Cause?  Is this not demonstrating to you that you are ALL CONNECTED?  ALL
SPECIES?  What have your Values been?  How willing  are you to change
HOW you Live?  Are You ready to Demand an End to destructive solutions
for your Physical Comfort (no matter how many people and other species
suffer for it)?
We, walk side by side with you, and encourage you to be open to All life on your Earth.  We are not in your skies in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, to rescue you.  We are here to Assist you but
You must take your Power Back from those who hold it now!  It is said
that the word, "NO" is the most powerful in your languages.  
It is time for Humanity, to collectively Change your Minds about what is Truly important in life.  You are not little children to be led by corrupt leaders.  Open your Eyes, your Minds and MOST of All, YOUR
HEARTS!   Take Courage with you into the Changes that are needed Right
Now, on the Earth!  You have a saying, "business as usual".  This can
no longer be. 
You are the Inhabitants of a great Being.  The Earth and all of her lifeforms are suffering and You Must Wake Up from the Somatic State that you are in!   We have great compassion for you.  Many of us have
lived what you are living now; it was Our learning, our lessons to the
Path of becoming a Conscious Galactic Family. 
You are the Caretakers of Mother Earth; we are here to ASSIST!.   Open your eyes, open your hearts, and gird yourselves with the sword of Truth, Courage and INTEGRITY!  USE YOUR focus to affect the physical. 
Come out of your comfort zone to help the Mother!
We are from a Water World.  We are Wyste and Gebe and are similar to your Dolphins.
Bless the Earth Mother this day and sleep in the arms of the Great Goddess.

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join me in the Wildlife/human Refuge for Mother Earth... at, this has been the Era of ECOlogy... or ECO-ERA, however the powers at be want the destruction of the planetary EcoSystems, that thrive for millons of years on the surface of the planet and are the direct manifestations of the Divine creators... We have a place for those of kind heart and responsible attitude...
Assuming responsibility is the KEY to change... you can post all day long but what you DO,it is WHAT YOU DO, that makes the difference, and if you choose to DO things with group energy... that is more powerful... SO here is the question to this retoric posts... HOW can We make a difference ?
There are many ecological organizations right now on earth, and they have been here for quite some time now..
but i havent seen till now any serious results regarding environmental fact what i see from year to year, is that things go worse all the time as far as pollution, and forest destruction on this Earth...
despite that most of the ppl care about the environment, i dont see change for the better...
why is this happening???.... can we ask ourselves this simple question???
vagelis yes it already said in the bible that this was going to be done, sometimes it is the necessary of 2 evils helps create excactly what we want to create what we want for life now and into the future, i mean how much more are we are to lay back and expect to think the governments are going to responsond to a detrimental spill such as this environmental disaster. we must regardless how much our lives are worth, how much do we care beyond a shadow of a doubt are we worth to lay down our or your ego's for the price of livelihoods? i mean really,,,Your lives.! would you risk your own or watch others do it for you....or Seriously,,,,what do you think and or want from this......Your lives are worth in the name of God, something, however what do you want to represent to the world......I reckon your voice more so than your lives........Otherwise, who would listen......Truly.....who really would want to,,,,you must decide, if others follows then these are the ones who are meant o have the calling to unite under the one umbrella to be able to.
I think each one of us can be resposible for change in our own personal realities that will add up. Last year, the US alone used enough plastic water bottles to circle the Earth 190 times. I personally buy biodegradable, reusable bottles made from sugar cane and recycle wherever possible. If each one of us did that, I bet we'd reduce this number by three quarters. I agree that we need alternative ways to fuel our lives, but maybe more so, we need alternative ways of life that need less fuel. If we only used what we truely needed, and no more, how much less waste would we have and less demand for oil for petroleum based plastics, furniture, tires, rubbers, etc. If we all hold space and manifest an honorable existance on this planet, things could change.
This is a very good thing from you to do Danica, but sadly not all people in the world have the option
to buy bottles made from sugar cane, and they just use the same ol plastic bottle...
By saying IF we only use what we need... im afraid wont change the situation, bcoz ppl
from what i've seen till now they never use only the necessary, bcoz of course thats the way they
are brought spoiled kids... Proper Education is necessary for this...
My point is that by "patching" the holes in a sinking boat, wont get us far...
And ppl need to realize that...
We need to build a new boat, and to build it from a material that wont let holes made to it...
Just like can't make a h*** in water..
Thank you V4VP! What you say makes a lot of sense. I tried to capture that sentiment when I said "I agree that we need alternative ways to fuel our lives, but maybe more so, we need alternative ways of life that need less fuel." Education is so important, I agree completely. Maybe we need to go back to a simpler time in order to go forward. We've lost the connection and honor of Mother Gaia. People say money is the root of all evil, and more and more I think I agree. I think much of the Earth's disregard is from a strive for money and more money because most think money will bring happiness.


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