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I've been doing a lot of meditation lately 1 hour or more a day on different you tube meditations with different frequency's, and have stopped because I've been feeling quite strange for about a month now been feeling like my state of awareness has changed and it feels strange like im high or something but all the time its quite concerning, it feels like anxiety and a strange form of been disassociation, today i nearly had a panic attack with it my heart was racing and it was really hard to try and be still and relaxed, i'm not sure what im feeling but it feels different can anyone please give me some advice. 

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Hi Aaron.

You're doing just fine.

What you are experiencing is you rediscovering the truth of you.

There is no way around this step.

And there's no turning back.

Experience your anxiety in all its glory.

And embrace the high.

The discomfort will pass.

Empowerment is the reward.

Take care.

try a non-guided meditation. I like plain old goodhearted breath meditations because like you I used a lot of guided meditations. I found in certain situations, like at work... I wasn't breathing! So I said I need to try something different and low and behold breath meditations worked for me because they help me stay focused and balanced, all without any anxiety!   Love and light Bro 



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