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That every day is party, and you will live fully, in a maximum of joy! Nothing prevents you, if you think about it, to give this positive momentum in your day when you open your eyes after a good night's sleep. You minimize too much the importance of this simple act. You go, as the main arguments, your worries many, your incessant efforts, your work tiring and so on. etc.. All this to convince you that you are unable to be positive your life. Result? You keep it up, forgetting the joy and all that it can offer. Now is it important to change this way of looking at things but your position on them. You want to grow and you persevere in the same frame in the same programming, which, obviously, can not give you the same results! To change your program, update what is bothering you ... and what to do, that is to say, change! Daily intakes give you all the necessary elements to these changes, if you're really determined, if you become aware of the opportunities available to you, especially, from the moment you take a firm decision to change. Spite of you, sometimes you suffer the pressures of your duality. Although less powerful as you progress, they are nonetheless present and no one can always turn them back. You can be just aware, this will help you not to fall so easily, in excess, especially when you find yourself trying to focus on the "wrong side"!

Continue to love against all odds. Judge you makes you fall, you destabilizes and gives you a boost of regret, a bad conscience, ultimately nothing very positive. Do you prevent more fully live, just keep the awareness and willingness to act in the best in everything to everyone and everything, in front of all that may arise. Again, we repeat, "do you love". This "act" to yourself determines your whole route, transform your relationship with life as a whole, brings joy in your daily life too often absent and gives your being the "nutrients" are essential to its fulfillment. Become aware and let love flow, in abundance, your Light, your joy.

Stop trying to change others, change "you"!

Do not try to change the world, change your world and all the rest will follow!

Bless nature, all manifested life and live happy and grateful for all the wonders that you are so generously given.

Received May 22, 2011 Sylvie guides.

Dissemination and circulation of this message are strongly advised. It's time to shine a larger scale, these new energy carriers Joys!

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