1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station (Nirvana), this is Matthew to speak about two especially significant situations in your world. Because your perspective is limited to personal observation and media reports, we ant to give you the encouraging news as seen from our higher vantage point. All happening are within the universal acceleration mode that we have been telling you would cause changes to come thick and fast, and all that seems to be in turmoil in this moment will lead to the emergence of truths and the implementation of reforms.


2. To give an example of a long-hidden truth that has come forth to some extent, not long ago most people on Earth would have found it difficult to believe that a few scientists have been causing the tremendously destructive earthquakes, severe storms and flooding. Now your internet is teeming with information about what manmade technology can cause and has caused, and while the public at large may not yet know this , in time they will.


3. Let us first speak about  what Japan is dealing with. We  know some lightworkers feel that our off-planet brothers  and sisters need to step in and control the radiation situation that has the potential to create untold numbers of casualties and environmental damage globally. In our previous message we told you that our space family is reducing to the extent possible the radiation levels, and in other messages we have stated that crews cannot land en masse until safety can be assured for you and them, and at this point, it cannot. So assistance at the nuclear facility cannot come in a large public way; however , action has been taken.


5.(Susy: This is an excerpt from my March 18 email to Hannah Beaconfield, who channels the Pleiadian Light)


Three nights ago i had a call from Gen, the Japanese translator, thanking me for Matthew`s message and asking if he had given me any more recent information. Matthew told me "they" had heard that some ETs would land and help reduce the radiation, but that information hadn`t been verified. The next day was crazy so it was very late when i asked God if he knew what Matthew had told me. He said yes, and he could verify it. A small ship had landed about a mile from the nuclear facility and the crew was using their technological equipment in conjunction with more extensive equipment in ships overhead; no one at the facility would know the crew was on the ground.


I relayed  that to Gen and this morning he wrote: Somehow the radiation leakage from those reactors has been suppressed miraculously under critical level. I believe ETs`efforts are being manifested. There have also been video reports showing small UFOs flying at the sites.


6. ( The following is from my March 25 email to Jean Hudon, who publishes EarthRainbowNetwork.)


Jean, i thought you`d be interested in the video i just watched and what Hatonn gave me to tell Gen, who sent me the link. He and his family went to Okinawa, where they set up an organization to provide housing for Japanese who lost their homes, and now they are in Hawaii.


"Hatonn here. Do not give up hope about your homeland! Discussions at the highest level of the universal council are going on as to dismantling that grid system, what the counter effects may be with our various technologies. It`s not a matter of it, but how we shall prevent more destruction to the planet by that diabolical means."


Hatonn said there`s no time line on this, but we`ll know because future quakes or eruptions will be fewer and milder- most of the negativity that Earth had to release already has been. He said that`s the paradox about that particular use of HAARP- it`s intended to create massive amounts of negativity but has been releasing much more than it creates.


7. (The following excerpt is from my email later in the day to a friend who asked if i knew anything more about ET assistance.)


Hatonn just told me that the illuminati know of our space family`s interference because intended destruction hasn`t happened. Apparently they suspected that but it was conclusive when that hurricane weakened over the ocean, then turned and went north instead of hitting the US mainland, which wasn`t at all what the illuminati had designed.


He said that technologies to initiate earthquakes and weather manipulation have been refined and intensified over the years. Major storms used to be produced by one system and quakes by another, but because of ET interference, the illuminati scientists started using a combination of technologies, like back-ups in case one system isn`t as effective as they want, but also to make it more difficult for ET technologies to interfere with all of the energy sources simultaneously.


He said that in Japan, one of HAARP`s several capacities in various locations has been used in conjunction with developments from Tesla`s inventions and discoveries to produce destruction from above and bellow Earth`s surface. Even with ET`s advanced technologies it`s not a simple matter to dismantle all of the illuminati`s equipment without interrupting essential power and communication sources that serve us, not only the illuminati. That`s why discussions are going on at the highest levels of the universal council as to the best way to proceed.




Thank you Mother.


8. There are indeed unsafe levels of radiation in plants, water and air near the facility and lower levels elsewhere in that country; all those levels would be far higher without our space family`s assistance on and off-planet that has greatly reduced the radioactivity at the facility.


9. We honor the courage of the Japanese workers at the site whose prolonged proximity to radiation will result in death or severe illness. Those who make transition to Nirvana will be greeted by throngs shouting Bravo! and given whatever personalized care is needed, and their bravery will be recognized as well by leaps in their soul evolvement. As for the workers who are less sickened, if their soul contracts call for a lifetime of many years, their bodies can heal as Earth continues her ascension toward vibratory levels where no disease exists.


10. In our previous message, we stated that all persons who perished in the quake and tsunami received exactly the customized care they needed. It would give a messure of comfort to their families if they could know that their beloved souls are joyful in their active lives in spirit and are beaming light to uplift their countrymen.


11. Now then, your  space family`s assistance in regard to this nuclear situation can go only so far bacause it is not their world, it is yours, and you must take strong action to assure that nuclear power is eliminated as a principal energy source. There must be a global demand for no new reactors to be built, for those in construction stage to be stopped, and those in active service to be shut down. Nuclear power at your stage of devolpment has been risky from the beginning, yet it proliferated because it is very profitable to the few whose greed far exceeds safety interests.


12. When crews can land in great numbers, they will bring their technology to dematerialize all nuclear waste and to eliminate all radioactive pollutants in air , water and soil, and they will work with you to purify and jejuvenate your planet.


13. The second situation of major significance we wish to address is what is happening in the Arab world. In what appears to be freedom contagion, if you will, the peoples who have been long-oppressed by despotic rulers or dynasties are responding to the intensifying light that is illuminating their lives as changeable and is emboldening them to wield "people power." Again, this is art of the acceleration that is affecting everything in the universe, and those reactions are keeping peace. There will e much bloodshed before people in all countries are free, but triumph they shall!


14. We are aware of the conflicting opinions about the US-led coalition of military forces in Libya. What we see is a glorious u-turn in the attitude of national leaders intervening in the affairs of another country: For the first time in your history , intervention is not for a purely selfish purpose, but a noble  one-to assist people who are fighting for their freedom. Without this assistane, many more Libyans would be slauhtered by the dictator whose concience along with his mental capacity was destroyed long ago.


15.the day of dictators is over and so is the day of supporting those dictators for self-serving reasons. The day of exloiting Earth`s resources without regard for environmental destruction is over, as is the day of the wealth of the world in the hands of the few. Everything based in darkness is swiftly coming to an end.


16. Unfortunately , the time of rumors and dramatic predictions about massive land, sea and polar shifts is still with you. Yes, do be truthfully informed, but please do not give any energy to any kind of fear-filled information! Stay steadfast in your light, knowing that countless souls in body and spirit are with you, speeding you on your way to Earth`s Golden Age. 




susan ward

website: The Matthew Books

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  • Matthew Ward was Susan Wards son, and he study in Panama. He died in a age of 17. a car accident.

  • I dont care anymore. I've had enough of forum discussions.. it just displays people debating. I've had enough of reading bullshit disinformation about there being no time line and grids being dismantled.... of course there is no time line.... of course.. how daft of me to ever think there was... yawn..

    Fuck the ones who are causing so much pain.. thats about all I have to say.

    all this hanging around for peace on Earth is sickening.



  • The Libyan people love Gadafi.


    Our invasion is a sham.


    We just want their oil.


    Everything you hear about Libya from our side is a lie.

  • It is about freedom for the people. They hope for free election, and more freedom in Libya.
  • Libya upheaval is about freedom ! thats my opinion. I ressonate with this message from Matthew !


This reply was deleted.

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