Not really sure if this is true but I like what I see from Ben Fulford and it would just be great if we could get on with this nonsense  so check it out

Over 750 prominent European and US citizens to be arrested within weeks as a result of a multinational investigation into financial corruption

By Benjamin Fulford/20100110 
A long awaited lawsuit involving a multi-trillion dollar theft is going to be a trigger mechanism that will result in the arrest of at least 750 prominent European and US citizens, according to a senior CIA source. According to the 187 page lawsuit’s RICO (organized crime) indictment, Daniel Dal Bosco, Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World Forum, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and others will be charged with the theft of trillions of dollars from several Asian royal families as well as from the German, Austrian and Japanese governments. The money was going to be used to set up a fascist world government controlled by a group of Plutocrats involved in the Davos World Forum, according to the indictment. Over 8 different government agencies worldwide have been involved in the investigation, according to law-enforcement officials in Europe, the US and Japan.
The case briefly entered the public arena in June, 2009 when two Japanese citizens carrying diplomatic passports were illegally detained by Italian Treasury police who seized $134.5 billion worth of financial instruments they were carrying. Following that theft, the Italian Freemason P2 Lodge contacted this writer promising they would cash these bonds for the owners so they could be used for humanitarian purposes. This writer introduced them to a member of the British Royal Family who in turn introduced them to a Mr. Neil Keenan. The P2 Lodge then introduced him to what they described as a Vatican banker by the name of Daniel Dal Bosco. Keenan then asked Dal Bosco to cash an additional $1 trillion in financial instruments. However, instead of cashing the bonds or “putting them into a program,” on behalf of the owners, Dal Bosco stole the bonds. Surveillance of Dal Bosco in turn led to David Sale and Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World Forum.
According to one official involved in the case:
“I think the Keenan issue just started out with David Sale and Dal Bosco planning to steal the Bonds. There is no doubt in my mind that Giancarlo Bruno was eventually the person who planned everything. First they tried to scare Keenan off. That did not work, so they tried to buy him off. That has not worked either and Dal Bosco, and Sale are now on the run and Bruno will surely be trying to cover his tracks, but frankly, I think Keenan has too much on all of them.”
According to Keenan criminal charges have already been filed against David Sale who is now on the run from authorities.
More from the same source, who is close to R.C. Dam, the head of an organization known as the International Office of Treasury Control:

“Bruno was the one who arranged for the Bonds to be placed into a Sovereign Program through the United Nations, all the evidence Neil Keenan now has clearly points to this. Sale and Dal Bosco did not have the contacts to people like Ban Ki Moon and they do not have the brains needed to plan this out, so it seems to me that they were just lackeys in the overall plan set up by Bruno and apparently organized and constructed by him. 
Then, not satisfied with a trillion dollar heist, they planned to place the blame for the loss of the Bonds on Dr. Dam who is the signatory of the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts and then have him removed as controller of those accounts and bring the accounts under the control of the World Economic Forum, possibly with Bruno as signatory or Sale as a puppet signatory. Both Keenan and I
believe they planned to have Dr, Dam murdered and it was Keenan who contacted high level people in the United States that brought all that to an end.
Bruno had Sale send out letters to all Asian countries, sworn by Sale and attested to by David Crayford (Whistleblower) to say that I was a criminal claiming to be an officer of OITC and that I had resigned from OITC in 2008 (which is a lie and which they know is a lie) and that I was trying to cheat people in those countries and indeed, I was trying to cheat the Government itself. They also wrote to newspapers making similar claims. This was intended to eliminate me from blocking Sale from taking control of OITC and moving it under the umbrella of the World Economic Forum.”

For those us, including this writer, who are unfamiliar with the esoteric world of high finance, I will quote more from this source who has been vetted as reliable by sources in both MI6 and the CIA:

“Let me explain how the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts (IPRA) work. There are many account holders who are in fact the holders of nationalized assets. These accounts are owned by the Holders and they hold vast amounts of funds and assets from cash, securities such as mortgages etc., gold, silver, nickel, copper, diamonds etc. etc. These account holders include the Dragon Family, the Soekarno accounts in many names, the Marcos accounts in many names, and the nations that own these assets irrevocably contributed them into the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts in the Bank for International Settlements. So the money sits in the accounts of the Holders who are actually only Trustees of the accounts, no matter how much they wish to claim ownership of the value. The Bonds represent the value of the accounts, but the value is owned by the IPRA. From that Value, the Family Heritance Guarantee belongs to the Trustee/Holder and the Bonds he holds are the proof of that entitlement. To remove those Bonds from the Holder is a denial of his lawful rights and therefore is an act of theft.

To understand the IPRA, one must understand that the United States Dollar is not a United States of America Dollar. The US$ is a Federal Reserve Note and that Federal Reserve Note is the Global currency and is therefore beyond the capacity of the United States of America taxpayer to sustain. All Governments contribute their overbalance accounts into the International Collateral Combined and this in turn underpins the US$. The International Collateral Combined forms the IPRA. The United States of America domestic taxpayer is not the sole underwriter of the currency, the primary underwriter being the IPRA. To ensure proper management of these accounts, a sole arbiter is the means decided in 1930 as the most appropriate and therefore, after the term of the Tripartite Gold Commission would expire, provision was made in 1930 for the establishment of a sole arbiter who is the signatory of the accounts. That signatory is Dr. Ray C. Dam. Like a finance minister who owns a national bank, these accounts assume Dr. Dam is the owner, but this is clearly understood that this ownership is actually a trust position as it is executed under legal decadency to the heir. (a legal construction)

In order to legally utilize that account, and please take note that I said “Legally” use it, the proper procedure is to do so on approval of the Sole Arbiter who is the account signatory. This process has been side stepped by collusion between banks and their regulators and Governments and the United Nations since 1996 (when the Tripartite Gold Commission was wound up), that in turn has allowed the illegal use of the assets in order to avoid payments back to the Holders. In other words there is an established order, but because of the illegal use of the assets, the rights of the Holders are abused and and in doing so, the banks trapped themselves into a situation that because their use of the assets was illegal they themselves had to cover positions they had taken by mirroring institutional accounts as their own. They could not call the underwriting funds as they had no legal right to access those funds because they had bypassed the proper system and so many of them went belly up.

It is very easy to see what happened. Dal Bosco simply stole the Bonds, then looked around to see what he could do with them. He went to Bruno and to Berlusconi (according to my understanding, both members of the P2 Lodge) I think it was Berlusconi who brought in Bruno and from thereon it is clear from the irrefutable evidence that Keenan has, that Bruno became the mastermind. Sale supported them because underneath all his public praises of Dr. Dam, Sale actually despises him as he considers Dr. Dam to be a lesser man than he. Sale would have also seen the possibility and would have been assured by Bruno that he would become the new Treasury Controller, and so became complicit in the whole sorry affair. The matter went from stealing Hundreds of Billions in Bonds to furtively and through whatever foul means, including murder, take control of the hundreds of Trillions in the IPRA accounts. The planner was Bruno and he had the approval and support of Ban Ki Moon and others and would execute these crimes under the immunity banner of the United Nations.

Sale forged Dr. Dam’s signature on papers and provided these forged papers to Dal Bosco and Bruno. They then used other manufactured papers to incriminate Dr. Dam and have him arrested, then segregated into a separate area where both Keenan and I understood from conversations we are aware of involving Sale, Bruno and Dal Bosco, that Dr. Dam would be killed. It was Keenan who saved Dr. Dam’s life. We know Sale was also an instigator in the proposed killing of Dr. Dam as he was with Bruno when Bruno boasted that Dam would never leave jail alive. After Keenan’s intervention through US authorities, Dr. Dam was removed from jail and is now under the protection of Cambodia’s Prime Minister. The Cambodian police now know that the reasons Dam was arrested were based on effecting a coup against him, that they were lied to and misled by Sale and are now looking for him as are the Thai Police. If the Cambodian Police get Sale, then even I would feel sorry for him, as they are not well known for being gentle with crooks, especially those who have used the police wrongly.

I am supporting Keenan’s actions. He was wronged and cheated by Sale and others. In my view, Keenan’s dogged efforts to correct wrongs has done OITC a great service. Keenan is not a scattergun hitting everyone in range, but he has targeted accurately those who are responsible.” End of quote _

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  • Fulford is an intentional disinfo agent. Realised that a long time ago.  Interesting enough a lot of others are also saying the same thing now including Bill Ryan from Project Avalon and Dr Leonard Horowitz and others.


    Suppose you've all seen the piccy of David rockefeller and Ben Fulford together - just the 2 of them?


    Fulford always spreads rubbish, much of what has not transpired. am surprised he is still able to dupe people.

    • I agree with you Barron, Fulford is a dis-info agent and a wind-bag, nothing he says can be trusted and I noticed this a while back as well.

      What I still don't understand though, is why does David Wilcock still consort with him or even reference him in his work. Weird too that Wilcock was at first struggling to be heard and make ends meet, then lands a book deal, movie deal and a few spots on the history channel.

      Just my view.

      • Hi Einstein


        My folks just watched a 3.5 hr copied talk on DVD of David Wilcock talking about everything under the sun including ascension etc..etc..etc..and they were impressed. have yet to see the DVD myself, am sure it will hold some nuggets.

        I do question though how he and also Ronna Herman (channel for Archangel Michael) promote Obama though as being a lightworker when i know that this is not the case!  Well, at least not on this physical here and now plane anyway. Perhaps on a soul level he has agreed to play his current ("dark" - my judgement) part to ultimately get enough humans to collectively say, NO!  This is not what i want - i/we choose another more positive and loving reality/outcome.

        (Well, call me an optimist if you will)  Eseentially this is what Obama's soul/spirit told me when we ahd a chat one night when i was out of body. Very moving indeed. He was very upset and felt backed into a corner, unable to do exactly what we wanted to do.  Yet, this is a different scenaio to the here and now physical Obama that we read about from sources like Webster Griffin Tarpley etc.)


        I think someone like David has many answers but not all of them and is no doubt wrong on a few points too.  Well, wrong according to my me and my humble opnion anyway!  ;-)

        • You make some really good points, Barron.  I suspect that no one has all the answers, only bits and pieces and it's up to us as individuals to make that choice which we believe.  That's why I am so emphatic about being "positive", because I want to choose a world without the Warmongers and despair that they create. 

          I think its awesome too that your parents are willing to look into "alternative" realities offered by Wilock and company, not many older people are into such things. 

      • I've been on too many sites where they beg or manipulate for money; if he is making his own then great.  How can enlightened people charge cash for knowledge?  That always sets off red flags with me. 

        And I don't believe anything on the History channel, regular media doesn't do it for me.  Too censored and slanted.

  • We can hope this is true... I watch as much "real" news as I can, lord knows there is unrest, regime changes, odd weather etc.  and I keep a close eye on the economy, it has to crash and burn before it can rise as a new organism, an economy that supports us all... I know it's a big order; but what else can I believe in? 
    • Ditto, agree with that Star Brooks, and I am interested that you have come to similar conclusions to me.

      Although the stuff he writes about may still be happening (but not made known to the masses), I agree that he is not really spiritually aware. Although he seems to be privvy to a lot of info that most are not, I don't believe he is able to discern truth in the way that more spiritually aware people are. You only need to look at what he has recently said about Barack Obama.

      • Why is anyone who questions Obama immediately "blacklisted?"
        • That's not what I said, I have no problem with anyone questioning anyone
        • yes I am struggling to understand that as well
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