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Mand FX Debunkers-Look At Undeniable Proof! Pres Trump Appears In A Clip

Watch these clips of proof showing different names, and dialogue of tv shows, films, books.

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We are in a virtual reality, where how we think can alter reality. This means that others can alter our reality too, if they try hard enough. It probably would be fun to twist peoples' minds? if one could be bothered. I don't see a big deal with changing titles of shows or books. I can imagine that it would be a big deal however changing the car that JFK was in. I've seen a video where the two people in the middle seats ducked down as the driver aimed a gun at him. Rewriting history is not a new concept. Mainstream media rewrites truth on a daily basis.

I'm not sure why people are so bothered by this?

so instant editing of, say, a title of a tv show-everything associated with it, paperwork, celluloid  film archives, digital copies, t shirts, hats, etc. all physically edited or shifted from another time line is no big deal?  Nothing to see here-don't ask questions -stay asleep?

We can't trust any of it, from the beginning. It's a war zone and propaganda is used constantly. That's why people take screen shots, to prove it.

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