Who can tell me something that will make a rapid change in my thinking? Do you have a theory or point of view that is so touching or logic that it would make me think about it?

I'm an empty page. Fill me with your wisdom! 

I'm making this totally lame post because lately I have found myself occupied with disproving religions rather than following one. I'm no religion person. I need a point of view, a theory that sticks in my head and lifts me higher. 

Do you have a few words to spare for my hungry mind?

much love


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  • I would first try learning to lucid dream or try to have a conscious out-of-body experience.  There is nothing like being consciously aware without a physical body to make you go WOW and realize how infinite the human soul and spirit truly are. Peace and Love.

  • damn love that movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • awesome! …my pleasure. namaste.


  • Coincidentally today I was sharing with a devoted religious office colleague on God.


    A question I posed was what type of GOD who claimed that Love for us is that powerful and if there is only one life that we live here, we commited a sin, we are condemned forever in hell ? An average human life of 80 years with a sin committed to eternal suffering ?


    Is this then a God with judgement or a God with loving compassion ?

    • Hm .. many a time I sense I have done this trip .. obe gave an inkling many a times ...having said this .. after banging my head against a wall over and over in regard to what is the meaning of life and why r we here ... I have come to see I missed allot of living in thw  way I would have liked it .. no regrets tho - .. so I don't worry about the after life .. nor how many lives I have had in past eons ... I just like to as much as I can be in this life and *feel* the experience of the journey more and more .. play role as much as I can etc etc .. Still . I like to discuss many subjects and learn more the art of subjectivity too ... as far as God .. hm ... don't think the great spirit of god or whatever the energy is to be called, is really anything ... it's all what we put to it all in regard to the digferent meanings on that subject .. just my momentary view for no w.. for I may say something different tomorrow :)

        You are the event Horizon.

        You are the center of your creation. I am the center of mine…

        ∞ All is One ∞



        • glad I clicked on that ... personally I love quantum physics .. :)  thank you Lucie !
          • I saved it to favs too for further study
  • There are only two numbers in existence, 1 & 0. 1 being the only being here and 0 being the infinity. Thus 1 being experiencing the totality of creation, infinitley. Or 1 being totally experiencing the infinity of creation......??
  • Greetings…  Ask yourself this question:

    If this were true for me, would I be more free?

    If the answer to this question is: "Yes," then it becomes your responsibly to test the Truth of the Principle by applying it to your own life. Remember: "Freedom is the proof of Truth."


    How to Save the World Interview with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan


    in love,light and Unity. namaste.
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