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Mainstream Media And BLM Working Together To Terrorize Innocent Americans...There Is A Solution

Mainstream Media And BLM Working Together To Terrorize Innocent Americans

These "protests" are having the opposite effect of what these people want. Protesters unconsciously serve the Global Mafia. This is an objective outcome within the CROWD-ELITE society, which is embedded in the biblical matrix which was established 300 years ago by Egyptian Zhretses, known today as 'the world behind the scenes'.

Solution : put all BLM in fema camps and that will be the end of BLM...LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH 

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BLM is a vehicle of the liberal secular orthodoxy, to punish the "deplorables," for what happened in 2016 and to distract & delay the mass arrests of elite globalists. They are pulling out all stops to suspend WTO Brexit and prevent Trump's second term, that will end them for good.....

Their plan might blackfire...meaning backfire 

They are uncivilised animals not even fit for the jungle as they will upset the animals in the jungle ..and the animals will get annoyed with them so will eat them up and that will be the end of BLM ..the corrupt idiots whose mouths are bigger then their brains 

You do not want BLM out of your countries YOU WANT THEM OUT OF THIS PLANET .

If they ever start trouble in Southall the Indian gangs will beat the hell out of them ....when the Indian gangs get upset they will tear them to bits ...


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