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MAGA BOMBER CAUGHT..AND THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN."The bomber" lives in a prominent Democratic Party section of Florida and drives a brand new van COVERED with pro-Trump stickers!! AND NO SCRATCHES!!


Below is "the bomber" they caught. He works for the Seminole Nation Gambling Organization of Florida, which is a HUGE financial donor to the Democratic Party of Florida.

A mugshot of suspected package bomber Cesar Sayoc Jr. 

And here are close-up photos of his van that he drives to work in, and his employer is a HUGE Democratic Party donor. And he also drives this van around in south Florida, a Democratic Party stronghold. AND THERE IS NOT A MARK ON IT, NOT A SCRATCH ON IT, AND NO SIGN OF VANDALISM WHATSOEVER..oh, I's illegal in Florida to have a car or van covered with stickers to include the windows for reasons of visibility safety...



Also keep in mind that NONE of these bombs that this "bomber" mailed had detonation devices, one of these bombs had unmarked postage stamps on the envelope, and one of these bombs had ISIS stickers on them!


Look at the unmarked postage stamps on this "bomb" sent to CNN...

IMAGES of the mail bomb sent to CNN, Twitter points to ISIS flag on it

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dont you degenerate brits eat like 3 bean sandwiches a day? watching anglo culture disintegrate and disappear more and more every day is pretty satisfying.  some things just aren't built to last. sad!!

~A nurse for 13 years with a stack of commendations?... Good for you, Malcontent! Can't wait until you pass out the memo with a copy of this post & all the comments to your fellow nurses & superiors... You must be excited to finally give them a sense of who you really are?...  you're a man of integrity, nothing to hide, right??? Wrong!... we already know your answer... that's your worst nightmare. Not only would they flush your commendations down the toilet... but you know full well there's a good chance they'd hit you with a 5150! Too funny...

HEY STICK: you should've been a lawyer. You follow the new guidelines from Harvard...

didnt take long to see orange idiot gang sheeple to defend idiocracy...............

Thank´s Malcolm - good find and well investigated.

People - don´t put your energy on the paid shills who spew their hate here.

Thanks Andronover....p|ssing off social justice warriors who play the race card when they can't win an argument is a justifiable cause....

do you think charlie brown was red pilled on white genocide

'NOTSEEism'. Dumbing down has consequences. Stupidity and its great defender arrogance always breeds NOTSEE's and NOTSEE's always claim victimhood as justification for hate replacing tolerance.

Not to get biblical symbolical about these days but numerologically FOX is 666 and they be doing the work of their truly inspired anti-Christ meme (* No tolerance-empathy-compassion-strength seen as masculine cruelty). Trump, a son of Belial, the great dissembler, is a manifestation of the 16th Key in the Arcana, an archetype of Mars-false erections of Patriarchy and a destroyer of old forms and agreements. His kind is not planning to go anywhere but to stay in power at any cost. This very dark soul(s) will most certainly along with the 666 Network  be continuing to feed the flesh of the weak into a political machine that seeks to destroy anything of soul value. This is about power and corruption and NOTSEE's are the fools necessary for anti-Christ to become law and protect the "religious" so their god's bigotry and arrogance covers the acts of truly evil men who believe in nothing. Ah mass propaganda...
( ( ( ApotheosisNow ) ) )

we deserve to be CENSORED-no debate because WE ARE WRONG! u dont deserve to be sensored rathen exposed and slowely fazzed out as a cancer to free , loving and peace thinking humanity willing to embrace different skin colors , religious believes and opposition to your redneck KKK much as you cry freedom to express your fears of discrimination and phobia towards anyone who does not belong there , world is changing and changing fast . 



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