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My partner Joseph in work has been clashing with a guy who is ex forces. From what I am told he has to have certain things done always on time not a minute before or a minute later. He probably has to do his laces up a certain way to and fold clothes in the military way. I have been friends with a few people that were ex military and they did keep these ways about them. I'm not knocking it would be good to be that efficient and organised (an area I lack in lol).

Anyhow Joe's lorry had a flat tyre and two guys he worked with had to come out to help fix it for work. They needed a special tool that they didn't have to fix it, so Joe went to work with one guy leaving the other with his lorry outside our home. I came back from the school run seeing the lorry was still there and went to see if he needed anything (he had been there a while). I offered coffee, the toilet etc until the tyre was fixed. This guy looked really moved and humble and I didn't quite get why until I told Joe and he said it was the guy he nearly came to blows with on more than one occasion with lol. Joe wasn't too pleased at first ego and all getting in the way of his woman offering the guy that he clashes with a coffee and our toilet if needed ;).. He soon softened though when I explained this is a good thing and no one wants to be naturally bad or naturally grumpy or naturally hateful and that the guy looked generally humbled by the offer. I have often thought about this even as a child, people are not born bad something very much happens along the way that aids in them becoming/feeling the way they do. 

I used to dream about bad characters in childhood and how I used to talk to them about how killing was wrong and I would help them lose that streak lol. Then I would dream about them again and say 'have you hurt/killed anyone?' and they would look at me sheepish and admit they had killed and we would be back to the drawing board. In my dreams though they still responded to the love that I offered or naturally gave. Can love change all? Do pedophiles sexually abuse because they were shown a distorted version of love as a child and are that confused of what pure love entails? Do people hate and are angry through being shown a lack of love? Can loving our enemies and forgiving them move mountains? I like to think so..<3

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I love his way Anthony rather than get all defensive about them trying to convert him to what they believed he showed real kindness and love by offering them the basics to refresh them whilst they carried on with what they see as their truth <3

Hi Dear,

This was a really nice post to read....

And yes it can but the issue is with our dogma life that we pursue .... We all have our mindset already set with lots of things like he is bad, she is good, he helps whenever we ask she does not care ... etc...

Our true self has to realize these things and remove all the bad feeling and negativity from our minds... THAT IS SPIRITUAL PROGRESS ................


Yes this mindset is so important for us all to work on when these thoughts creep into our minds. A good but very simple technique I remember learning was rather than look for the bad in people look for the divine spark something good...Thank you for your comment and yes let love, light and divinity fill us all :)

Thank you Arun love and peace...<3

thanks for sharing this :-) I do agree...! and I see this as one important part of going beyond duality...

love... Maren



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