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LOVELY TRUE STORY...Native American Tribe Buys Back 50,000 Acres Of Forest From Timber Company - Saving It From Deforestation

Yurok Tribe Buys Back 50,000 Acres Of Forest From Timber Company - Saving It From Deforestation

Yurok Tribe Buys Back 50,000 Acres Of Forest From Timber Company - Saving It From Deforestation

The Yurok Tribe, native American people in northwestern California, have been fighting a long battle to win back approximately 50,000 acres of forest alongside Green Diamond and Western Rivers Conservancy. On Monday, August 19th, they will have won their fight and can celebrate the return of the sacred land. Had they not won ownership back of their ancestral lands, it would most likely have been deforested and used for commercial purposes - they would have been thrown out.

Nature Indigenous Peoples Yurok
A delegation of indigenous and forest community leaders from Mesoamerica and other key world regions in the protection of the environment are visiting Yurok Tribe territory in Klamath, California. This Tribe has preserved thousands of acres of forest lands for over 100 years.

Return of the sacred Land

Blue Creek Klamath River

According to tribal leaders, they have secured ownership of approximately 50,000 acres of forest, surrounding four salmon sustaining streams, including Blue Creek. Joseph L. James, the Chairman of the Yurok Tribe has stated that it's a good day for his people and on behalf of the tribe, he thanked Green Diamond Resource Company and Western Rivers Conservancy for assisting them in the reacquisition of a significant part of their ancestral territory. Now, the tribe is in a position to permanently protect the area and the Blue Creek watershed, which is the crown jewel of the Klamath River.

Klamath River Blue Creek

He goes on to say that the organizations have stood by them every step of the way during their 10-year-long battle for their land and the tribe will forever be grateful for their help. Now, the Yurok tribe can live in peace, knowing that they now legally control the land and no one can touch it without their permission.

The Yurok Tribe

The Yurok, whose name means "downriver people", are Native Americans who live in northwestern California near the Klamath River and Pacific coast.


In honor of winning the fight for their ancestral land, the tribe has organized a celebration event. It will be held on Monday, August 19th at 10 a.m. at the Yurok Headquarters at 190 Klamath Blvd. Throughout the celebration, there will be a welcome ceremony including an opening prayer, recognitions, and refreshments. Joseph L. James, Bill Brown and Jason Carlson will speak at one point during the celebration and at 12: 30 p.m. there will be a scenic 16-mile ride up the Klamath River to Blue Creek to remind everyone what this fight had been all about. At 1: 30 p.m. there will be a cultural event at the mouth of Blue Creek to honor the acquisition of the ancestral lands. The group will return to Klamath at 3 p.m to finish the celebration.

Yurok Tribe
on Wednesday

Longtime Partners Celebrate Major Conservation Achievement - Green Diamond and Western Rivers Conservancy Complete Major Land Deal 
to Return Ancestral Lands to Yurok Tribe and Conserve Blue Creek

On Monday, August 19, the Yurok Tribe, Green Diamond Resource Company and Western Rivers Conservancy will celebrate a decade-long, hard-won effort to preserve and place into tribal ownership approximately 50,000 acres of forest surrounding four salmon sustaining streams, including ...

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The whole event is expected to last about five hours, which may seem like a long time, but it's actually just a drop in the water compared the amount of time and effort the tribe, and the two organizations have put into winning the land back and stop it from being permanently destroyed. It's set to be a very special occasion indeed

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The native Americans sure are friends of Mother Earth ...they are more connected with nature 



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