Love New Year Stargate Soul Expansion Meditation
Begin Your Mission! janisel((@))



Love New Year Stargate Soul Expansion Meditation

Lord Sananda
channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad
To Begin Monday, December 28, 2015
Begin Your Mission Today! janisel((@))

Greetings, my Beloveds.  It is such a great time on planet Earth, that time of year when love fills the heart.  And you, my Eagles, are being asked to amplify that love through your next meditation.  Please join me, through your intention, atop the Christ Consciousness Grid which surrounds the planet, all of us holding hands as we encircle the Earth.

During your first five minutes or so of this visualization you are being asked to do, pull those Attributes of Love known as Brotherhood, Unity and Forgiveness from the Christ Consciousness Grid, letting them fill your being, and then projecting those Energies into the mass-consciousness grid of Earth mankind.


For the next little while, I ask you to shift your focus to the Hearts of every man, woman and child upon Gaia and, again drawing from the Christ Consciousness Grid, project into those precious Hearts the Attribute of Love known as Self-Acceptance, a love for Self; a Knowing that they are each dearly loved by God.


Then, for the last five minutes or so of this visualization, I ask you to send the Whole of Love to your planet, your Earth Mother, as she assimilates and anchors the recent receiving of higher energies during planetary alignments and portal openings. There is much change going on in her body at present, and it is Love that will help Balance these shifts in her energy.

I shall eagerly await you upon the Christ Consciousness Grid, where we shall share our love with the world.  I am Sananda. Shalom! 





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