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Love and Fear ( the two basic emotions a Human Being feels ) and their relation to DNA

There is more on the internet . . 

The Human DNA is activated by two emotions - Fear and Love

All other Human emotions are branches of the above two Main ones

It's mostly mathematics , so here goes

Love = sine wave of high frequency 

Fear = sine wave of low frequency

As the Heart in a Human Being feels these emotions , they are conveyed to the brain , which then Thinks whatever is needed to be thought

Einstein : The brain is a faithful servant . . it is a machine . . the Heart is the Compass

Now , as the sine waves travel through the human DNA , they interact with points on the DNA , activating it

Fear , being lower frequency activates LESS DNA

Love , being higher frequency activates MORE DNA

If you want your intellect to rise above normal capabilities , use Love

If you want your intellect to stay on low vibrations , use Fear

Here is a pictorial demonstration

The above diagram describes a Fear wave and a Love wave activating Neural DNA / DNA of the brain

The Love inspired Neural DNA work much faster and more efficiently than the Fear generated one . . this is because Love wave is a higher frequency than Fear wave . . 

The process of thinking is as follows - 

Heart generates necessity for thought - this is in the form of Love or Fear

This signal is carried to the brain , and the brain uses these signals to generate the required thoughts

As seen , and experimentally proven , Love generates a higher thought , Fear generates a lower thought :)

Love Love Love everyone :)

We are gifted with infinite capabilities :)

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oh and why we need to think ? we don't if we don't want to act . but to act we need to think . to think , we need to feel :)

it's the media . . . turn your TV's on and take a look at the BS that's on it . . controlled media . . that's the problem . . Science and Spirituality were , are and always will be one :)

PS : I don not even have a TV XD , and I don't watch it much except for Nat Geo and stuff . . and only my favorite programs ( ones that deal with the Kingdoms of Animalia and Planta ) , I am an engineer . . I work out my own understanding of technology . . don need a TV or any other source to do so . . I have to say , I am deeply in gratitude for my school , univ etc etc . . they teach us fundamentals of eveything and let us work it out ourselves :)

TV = { channel1 , channel2 , channel3 . . . channelN } . . .N channels in a TV 

anyone can access any of these channels at any time in the 24 hr cycle

and a channel

channel = { program1 , program2  . . . programM } M programs in 24 hours , consider each program to be 1 hr that makes 1 program / hour = 24 programs per day

now turn ur TV's on and plot the statistics . . . N channels  ( consider maybe 50 channels ? ) and M programs per channel ( thats 24 X 50 = 1200 programs in total availability . . deduct the amount we sleep = maybe 500 programs in total availability ) . . how many of these programs deal with truth ? this is a calculation everyone can do on their own

On the other hand . . the Internet = FREE . . You select the channels from the set of everything . . everything is on the internet . . I am happy that the Internet is overflowing with info nowadays :) . . many thanks to so many people doing so much hard work to spread info online 

nowadays I do live without TV and I feel better XD

more on the internet - there is no place or whatever for the internet . . the internet is exactly what it says . . it is an inter(national/organisational/continental/whatever) network . . the whole internet as we know it can come down , and two computers connected to each other sharing information will still represent the internet . . the internet is only a world wide connection of computers / computing devices . . when we log in to the internet / go online , what we are doing is connecting our computers / computing devices to the connections that our devices are "allowed" , this control rests in the hands of your respective governments ( to the state / district level ) . . . and many of these connections are "free" like this website for example . . the internet is truly a neutral invention and one of the most amazing :D

ok and the downpoint of the internet - it distorts the sense of time between two human beings . since the internet connects anyone in the world to anyone in the world , a precaution should be taken to notify each other of their respective "times" in the 3d world . . otherwise the whole concept of day and night would be destroyed by the existence of the internet . . this is also why most sites add "local time" and "global / gmt time " to any post / blog / info etc etc . . and I observer that the Creator of this site has done well to overcome that small problem :)

very true maria :) , throw away our differences and work on our commons :) that's step number one to global oneness :)

<3 nyan morning thottu busy, nalle blog suddi!! <3

thankies :D , oh and hope ur work and effforts are exactly as you desired to fruitify :)

Good post thanks.- it's inspired me to be more loving

I noticed years back, when I made a New Year's resolution to not gossip about anyone, I began to receive more inner wisdom (or guidance).  So our actions have an effect.

I want more humans on the ascended Gaia . . . trying my best to clear out things . . thanks Butterfly :)

I find alot of truth in this article. Anger, hatred, and greed are related to fear, so in order to maintain the higher waves we must not engage in Violent Rebellion no matter how Chaotic society becomes in the future.



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