There is more on the internet . . 

The Human DNA is activated by two emotions - Fear and Love

All other Human emotions are branches of the above two Main ones

It's mostly mathematics , so here goes

Love = sine wave of high frequency 

Fear = sine wave of low frequency

As the Heart in a Human Being feels these emotions , they are conveyed to the brain , which then Thinks whatever is needed to be thought

Einstein : The brain is a faithful servant . . it is a machine . . the Heart is the Compass

Now , as the sine waves travel through the human DNA , they interact with points on the DNA , activating it

Fear , being lower frequency activates LESS DNA

Love , being higher frequency activates MORE DNA

If you want your intellect to rise above normal capabilities , use Love

If you want your intellect to stay on low vibrations , use Fear

Here is a pictorial demonstration


The above diagram describes a Fear wave and a Love wave activating Neural DNA / DNA of the brain

The Love inspired Neural DNA work much faster and more efficiently than the Fear generated one . . this is because Love wave is a higher frequency than Fear wave . . 

The process of thinking is as follows - 

Heart generates necessity for thought - this is in the form of Love or Fear

This signal is carried to the brain , and the brain uses these signals to generate the required thoughts

As seen , and experimentally proven , Love generates a higher thought , Fear generates a lower thought :)

Love Love Love everyone :)

We are gifted with infinite capabilities :)

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    Hello what you say is true but there are only radio music television we calculated over 1000 different types of subbliminali and hidden manipulations, although I don't watch television or listen to the music or listen to the radio you don't sound the same ... ... know I what I do? I do not care I do. .... then we'll see ... ...


  • excellent articles...!!! i always loved Greg Bradens Research <3

  • I find alot of truth in this article. Anger, hatred, and greed are related to fear, so in order to maintain the higher waves we must not engage in Violent Rebellion no matter how Chaotic society becomes in the future.

  • Good post thanks.- it's inspired me to be more loving

    I noticed years back, when I made a New Year's resolution to not gossip about anyone, I began to receive more inner wisdom (or guidance).  So our actions have an effect.

  • <3 nyan morning thottu busy, nalle blog suddi!! <3

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