Losing My Vibes

Hi loved ones,

During mid-June of this year, I've had very strong feelings of vibration between the centers of body; my chakras. I've always thought of it as a sign that I was in completion of a transition. I would feel vibrations mainly from my heart and third eye chakras, also my cheeks and forehead. It would pulsate in a way in which it made it seem clear. Everytime I relaxed, I would sense these vibrations and feel grateful that I've had a heightened sense of well-being. While this happened I've felt as if something had been pressing against my body, during the night at one point; having some sort of a massaging affect from my back on each location of my chakras. I was able to see the colours x10 as beautiful as I did before. my taste and smell intensified, and I just felt completely at peace. Lately, during the end of August, it had all suddenly disappeared. None of what I have mentioned had happened again; not since late August.

I'm wondering if anyone here has or is feeling the way that I did back then or have lost touch with that sensation. The only time I do feel these vibrations is only when I'm concentrating on my chakras. Would I ever gain that feeling again?

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  • Hi Chuck, there was a war regaining free will for all souls of the cosmos this year. That war is over. And the way is clear once more, but there is residual issues still being cleared away from all Humanity. This theme of people losing their gifts over the past couple years is a common thread, but please have ABSOLUTE FAITH as the way truly is open for all souls to walk the RAINBOW BRIDGE without any more infringements or imposing upon their free will ever again. We are now embracing those fallen dark ones and teaching them to make better decisions. Few remain, but the love and light that grows within your heart is exponentially so infinitely powerful, dear brother. Have FAITH and allow your inner seeking to guide  you back along your ascending mastery once more. And please remember that you can ask your Archangels for assistance, okay. 

    Bless you dear brother.. think in terms of optimism.. in terms of regaining your highest potential once more.. allow your self empowerment to be a guiding light as your lead your family and friends into their ascending mastery. All that you seek is there within your Heart. 


    We love you and we are so very proud of you! <3 Jacob

  • Glad to share them with you! I use that technique regularly also and it is working wonders! Thank you so much for commenting, Hellen!

  • Much love to you Chuck! Last night I was remembering how I used to levitate things with my hands. I feel the energy in my hands but still nothing moves........yet!!!! (smile)

  • Dearest sister, I felt such loving energy during the night as I meditated. I didn't even need the help of Gaia, that time. To realize it was you, I am happy to have received it. You're energy is very strong. I can't help the fact that my last discussion that I had posted, I also received a strong loving energy, I wonder who it could of been? I love you too, Veruschka. I'll send my love to Gaia, so that apart of me can be with you.

    • Yes our sister Veruschka is as a Guardian to the Ground Crew.. her love will surround you so incredibly so whenever you are in need. She senses you.. As do your Archangels dear brothers and sisters.. you only need to ask.. ;) We love you so very much! <3 Jacob ;) ;) ;)

  • My pleasure mate.

    The ascension process goes up down up down.

    but if you are truly doing the work, over time it will always trend up....


  • This reply was deleted.
    • Yes. drink up Chuck! I'm having another pint!

  • Hi Chuck,

    It is normal to have a feeling of disconnect from source, i.e loss of certain feelings sensation, abilities etc as you push up against a boundary of consciousness.

    It is normally only temporary however.

    when you breach that boundary you'll find that the energies you think you've lost come back in one form or another.

    And normally somewhat enhanced.

    What you need to redouble your efforts and keep doing what you did to get you to that state in the first place.

    And continue to have faith in the process...

    Just prior to his death on the cross, Christ was heard to utter the word's

    "My God, why have you forsaken me".

    This was a  disconnection to source as he pushed up against boundary of consciousness in preparation for his ascension.

    Which happened a few days later.

    So fear not, you're in good company...

    • Well said Peter, I concur with your thoughts on the boundaries of consciousness.

      • Indeed.. the true measure of a spiritual being is not consciousness at all. IT IS AWARENESS dear brothers and sisters. And sight and telepathy alone are not the true measure of awareness. True awareness is born from within the threefold flame as the Holy Trinity within the Sacred Heart. 

        The process of truly becoming AWARE starts there in these two articles:  

        "The Living Meditation"

        <3 Jacob I am the living incarnate thought adjuster to Archangel Metatron and these are my true teachings my lovely and beautiful friends.. Only a tiny fraction of my true teachings are coming through in any accuracy in those AA Metatron channels. 

        Unconditional love to all. Take this within your hearts dear ones and prove this for yourselves. We must all DO THE WORK, seeking within the Sacred Heart if we are to accelerate our Ascending Mastery. <3 

        The Holy Trinity IS Everywhere
        see the Holy Trinity of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and their Combined Creation EVERYWHERE!!! I FEEL it within me growing! I feel my WI…
This reply was deleted.

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