Saint Germain ~~ About Disclosure and the Landings ~~ 31/05/2012 Channeled through Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,
We come with breaking news! I, Saint Germain and the Arcturians are at liberty to inform you that some of your space brothers have landed on your planet. A few shuttles received permission to land on your soil and more specifically in Roswell (U.S.A.) and Staffordshire (England). Among the first to land were the Pleiadians  and the Arcturians : the Pleiadians for their closeness to your earthly civilization and the Arcturians because of their leadership abilities to handle the procedures involved. The Arcturians are the ones who monitor everything conscientiously as regards to your spiritual evolution on one hand and the disclosure project on the other hand.  We established contacts with President Obama and other authorities to figure out how to be of further assistance to you and how to announce disclosure on your world. Those with whom we have established connections are government representatives and the ground crew, connected with the Disclosure project. Obama will announce Disclosure in our presence through your television network and he will also announce the arrests of the cabal. It is most important that those two issues will be announced simultaneously in order to avoid a panic amongst the population of your planet.
Unfortunately, the Arcturians and I, Saint Germain, have to confirm what you probably already heard through your daily updates. Evidently we refer to the fact that Disclosure will be delayed somewhat. We firstly would like to continue with the reformation of your governments ; something that is already happening behind closed doors. What isn’t readily known is the fact that the highest ranking members of the cabal have been arrested and their subsequent trials have resulted in them being sentenced for life. They have then been removed from this Earth and were escorted to another world where they can only wait for their final verdict which will be pronounced by our Creator. Please be aware without a shadow of a doubt that they will never ever be allowed to return to planet Earth! Those who already are removed to another world are on this planet replaced by clones which of course have no soul and they can and will be deactivated when their ‘usefulness’ ends. Just a few minor members of the cabal still walk this Earth but they are pretty harmless compared to those higher ranking members and besides we keep a close eye on them and will also be arrested shortly. They still attempt to stop the Disclosure project but their efforts are in vain as Obama has now the upper hand in that project. Time is still a factor before the whole procedure can be rounded up. Nevertheless, Obama has already started and is now at liberty to speak freely. That’s why we were able to land in the first place!
In the meantime we have landed on your planet and a few more shuttles will also be allowed to land until Disclosure is a fact. At the moment of Disclosure we will land everywhere on your world ; we will decloak and become visible for everyone!
Rest assured that we are really here, a fact that can be confirmed by some channelers who are in the know. Méline Lafont is one of those channelers, she was aware but was asked to keep it to herself. The same applies to the info pertaining to the arrests of the cabal and the verdicts. I opted to use her as my channeler because of our great connection. That being said.
Why have we decided to do the reformations of the governments firstly and then the announcements? Well to answer that question, we found it opportune to firstly guarantee a kind of stability to your civilization before spreading that kind of breaking news, especially for the sake of the unawakened ones. If they should get to know that their leaders had been arrested and removed from their positions, followed by us introducing ourselves to you, they would easily become disconcerted seeing the whole process as if their world would come tumbling down. As a matter of fact, it has now been decades that you have been lied to by the cabal who depict our existence and our intentions as threatening to your survival. It goes without saying that the unawakened ones would surely consider us invaders when we were to massively land. This is the one thing we want to avoid! We wish to create a smooth transition and help you to co-exist harmoniously with us in the galaxy, for after all, we are brothers.
I hope by now you can understand why we had to postpone the disclosure project and why we will announce both issues simultaneously. We will firstly create stability in your governments, we will govern for just a little while until all of you are equal for evermore! And finally this will be so! The way of your Ascension process has been opened wide and you already enjoy more freedom and connections with us. We will not yet show us to the unawakened ones, we will however start cooperating closely with Lightworkers up to Disclosure. I feel the disappointments amongst the Lightworkers and I feel it in my channeler, Méline Lafont and quite frankly she is not too thrilled to share this message. Nevertheless, I think it is important for you all to know that your freedom has increased and that we are just a whisper away!
You are never alone and this statement should be taken quite literally!
I Am Saint Germain.

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  • Thank you!  That's the most info I've seen in one place I think.  The cabal is most certainly not my only interest - ascending to 5D is my primary interest.  Cabal and related forces seem to be holding that back for the world, so naturally I have an interest.  I meditate pretty regularly and bless the earth and her inhabitants, which helps the cause of light.  I would also be interested in other efforts of light workers to combat the cabal control.

    Again, thanks!  I appreciate your reply.

  • I'm still not seeing details.  Who are the cabal members? Are they of Earth or from other planets in earthean souls?  I'm new to this group and have heard a lot of bits and pieces about the kabal/cabal, but no one seems to have specifics like names, dates, and crimes for which these people are accused.  Can anyone help here?

  • This feels really false... its the same old thing all over again

  • People who question. aren't attacking you neither are they always being negative. its only negative because you feel threaten by the words i guess? i may be wrong.

    I've seen the video. and i'm not saying this is how you've done it but i have a friend who has this programme on his computer where he can edit pictures and video's he can make certain objects appear or disappear, and fade in seconds or over a period of time. 

    Technology is incredible these days which makes it hard for real footage to always be believed. would love to see you do this in person thought. as they say seeing is for believing. :D you have a very nice voice tho. i hate the sound of mine.   


  • I just saw the video and I gotta say thank you for sharing that. It takes a ton of bravery to say part of your own truth to others in the world. Believe me I've totally been there and it's not a easy thing to do. Bless you.

  • Light beings will never do this, they will not contact Obama. This is not Saint Germain, this is a reptile being from dark side.

    • i agree, but why you say reptile? you think all the reptilian race are bad? x not every dark being is reptile, and not ever light being is nordic/human ((there's good and bad in all races)) 

  • you mean planet nibiru aka X it probably would. and not everyone is aware of its existence so it will come as a shock. if this is to happen. but we will have to tackle it if and when it happens. 

    but will the anunnaki return? again we will have to tackle that if and when too. have exceptions for the future by all means but we need to learn to live more in the present helping us to secure a better future for all living life here and else where. and that's only achievable in the now when plans are replaced with actions. ^_^     

  • doubt yes. negativity no just using common sense and being rational. 

    i'm not attacking you. you are causing your own negativity. i'm just questioning and your not making much sense. people only become victims in cases like this if they allow it. Your in your right to believe but belief isn't always truth and people need prof to help them accept truth... there is no truth being shown in these so call landings and this has been going on for many many years. promise's but it never ever materializes. all what seems to happen is others get blame why its not happened and the goal posts gets moved forward again. surly they has to be a time for people to come back down to reality and start questioning why? questioning and doubting isn't always negative it helps people find more answers. and brings real true light to the situation.

    human do have alot of awful traits but good ones to. but humans are also individuals and can not and should not be placed into boxes but many allow this to happen to them. including you! i believe in Aliens/Et's and ED's and the dimensions &co as i have had personal experiences and meetings with them. but one must come to understand (be thoughtful) on the behalf of others. that others with sound minds can't believe in something they have not experienced. after all believing is seeing. I'm not saying your wrong but what you come out with seems very un-likey with nothing to really back up your words. stop blaming others for not understanding when you seem to not be able to understand them. 

    yeah i feel like a outcast here to. but life is hard try and make things easier buy not judging people who don't think and see things your way as enemies because we aren't at all. i can't speak for everyone but i care and i want to make a difference but living in lala land isn't gonna do the trick. "FACT"  



  • That is certainly interesting indeed.  So what will happen with this alignment on June 5th?  What will happen when the code is activated and when do you anticipate it will be?

This reply was deleted.

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