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London 2012 Olympics and the Galactic Federation Of Light...

I personally aren't looking forward to this event as i know its has the secret hidden agenda of bringing in the New World Order. And what better place would it be for the Galactic Federation Of Light to show up to help bring it in... i hope i am wrong! really wrong! but time will tell. 

hope no terrorist try to attack the games and the GFOL will end up saving us from them too... you know because they are the good guys and all.  

does anyone else have any idea's of what this event will bring. 

(posts 12/04/12)

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The GFL is not affiliated with the take over of our planet, we handed our control over in exchange for television and nice clothes and vacations to poor countries with dictators.  If you want to contribute to the world then do some good deeds, spread light and wisdom and it will infect the world with healing and balance.

In your opinion the GFL is not affiliated with the take over of our plane. in mine its the other way around. which we are both very entitle too. and believe me i contribute alot. but all i can do is what i think is right at the moment in time. :) 

i agree with you in most of the post. 

But what if? ET contact doesn't happen. that shouldn't stop us from being the change we want to see in this world. We are also the Saviour here. we shouldn't be just relying on ET's to do all the work for us. We All Have The Power to do something! and if ET's do end up here helping us out whether they be part of the GFL or the guys who i root for, we can NOT stand behind them we MUST stand aside them. 

Also i have become aware of two types of ascension and i feel people are maybe getting them mixed up. the one i believe is happening is 3d Earth ascension where we go nowhere, i believe that the polar shifts will be the start of this. and it will change the 3,dimension of earth and we must keep up with the vibration and help support mother earth and its  occupants thru this strange and differcult time/change

Ascension to higher dimensions is always a personal journey one takes alone once one has enquire the right spirituality, as well as knowledge and wisdom. noone is ever on the same level therefore ascending in groups is impossible.            

It's good to know Hannah where these things are coming from, and you may have found yourself an answer about whether or not Sporting Events hold any NWO Agenda, which by the sounds of it, it doesn't look like it, At least for now 

Some of the things on there aren't bad to watch, like Skating events and things like that, also sometimes the music is really good as well in these events

As far as Terrorist Attacks go, I don't sense there will be any, but it will be secured enough so something doesn't happen 

I'm sure the positive ET Beings will be making sure that things are safe

With the whole NWO Agenda thing though, just watch where things are coming from and you will understand if Sporting events are with things like this 

Sorry for not reading the whole thing, before replying to Drekx on here lol

Bless the Nite


there's been some rumours past around that the Olympics is a secret celebration for bring in the NWO, had a look into it and i do see some of the points being made about it being. but I'll just have to wait and see. i guess. its more the opening and ending , nothing to do with the sporting events its self. take super bowl? :/ its good to just be open minded to possibilities. 

I wish positive Et's had more power here. then i could spend more time in 3d with them maybe without them getting chased off.        

Yeah you will get that from time to time on the Internet, where they will warn people about such events like the Olympics, being tagged with the NWO, but to be honest you have to really look at the people who are putting out there warnings of things like this, because there are things to watch for, in meaning that some of these are just predictions more less of what the Olympic events are holding

You have to pay attention though, because I to will run into youtube videos on here, that will say what to watch for, and who is tagged in there with NWO things and even Luciferian things, and the thing is this. Some youtube videos will slap on fake symbols, photo shop things in to make it look like someone is with the Luciferians when they aren't, and they will do these things at random

Like in some of the pics of Hilary Clinton for one, you can see how fake some of the photos of her are, where she is giving out that hand symbol for things like Luciferian stuff, you can see that they had slapped on a hand symbol she would making in public , because that is what these people want you to think at times

I'm not going to fudge things over though, and say we shouldn't be looking for things, but over to listen and be alert on here especially with those who are really connected to things like Luciferian things, and notice how they respond to things like Sporting Events, and how they dislike anything like that, because that isn't something they support in the 3D world, because most of the population right now isn't even thinking about the whole Lightworker agenda and NWO things

There are some Sporting Events that are fully aware of the NWO Things and what they have been doing for some time now, and they are putting warnings and awareness towards Positive ET Beings who are incarnated in the 3D. WWE and TNA being one of them, who have been doing this for a really really long time now, with there acts they do on stage, and everything that Wrestling does on Stage is an act, and not how they are in real life, They have been putting out warning signs for ages, even before I had awakened to things like this. There are some Positive ET beings out there who are Incarnated in the 3D

If you will notice with the WWE and TNA Impact, there lines and storylines are real insync with what is going on with this site. If i can find a few lines that they did on WWE and TNA Impact, I will show you some clips of it, because you will be amazed as to how strong there frequency is in reaching the audience with things that are being talked about on here

Most of there fans though aren't really aware of what there Storylines are about yet, only to those who are on the site here would be aware of some of the Storylines, and there phrases that they use

This is site has been years in making, and has been a hidden agenda for a really really long time, even before the ones who had awakened fully onto there own Path 

There are some events though like Football and Baseball, that could have NWO agenda coming in, because they are companies are bigger, so I won't say all of them are good when it comes to the NWO agenda, but watching the replies on here I will take note that right now most of them mean well for the time being 

Bless the Nite


i guess your right on that, but i'm also going off something i feel within but i could always be wrong. just like the next person. all in great detail no matter what you think you know , the chances of it being the h*** truth i think is slim. that's why judge off actions of beings not looks and words. 

I've never watched WWF & co... so i have no idea, not sure i could bring myself to watch it even though you have sparked a interest in me too... And thanks for the advice April

Here is a clip of the WWE from way back when Drekx's buddy on here Captain S would make statements on here about Santa Claus, and they had tossed they had used the statement as Captain S would use on here, this was made by John Cena on there

Here is one with Brian Kendrick, from TNA Impact, where he makes a statement about Reptilians on there.

Okay this one is even funnier lol, because Brian Kendrick talks about God talking right through him lol, which is what a lot of the Lightworkers do lol

Bless the Nite


strange i still think its part of the act. testing to see how many times they can mock humans? they do a good job at it. lol 

thanks for sharing Tone.

perfect statement, enough is enough. quarantine is not going to help mankind become aware of it's instincts of survial mode of preying, hunting, competition for everything: mating, shelter, food storage for a raining day, is just a d.n.a. wiring to survive just like all living things on this earth. eat or die mode like everything living is doing. mankind has now robotics and automation to do the dirty work that has to be done, no longer a status thing who does what.

i feel mankind is a lot smarter in this day a age to see oursleves in action thu psychology, socialogy, etc.

we need divine intervention to help the stuborn ones who are comfortbable in this life, while other suffer at thier expense. true love not fear of reprisal should be our intentions , and something i feel we are going to have trust and get use to love for real, not fear, competition games to judge our status to survive among each other.

blessings to all of us for we are all one


I would like to emphasise, Hannah, that none of the prime Star Nations within the GFL, participate in, nor encourage, competitive sports.....Indeed, the Sirians (my people) site competitive sports, as a prime cause for much disharmony upon earth...

You can blame limited conscious earth human eltes for the NWO.....It is they who seek competition in sports and commerce, not us...


Personally I dislike the Olympic games and find that in a time of economic meltdown, the most distracting of glamours for London and the world.

One is reminded of the Roman Empire's "bread and circuses," for the people, policy......

Drekx you mean we're not gonna witness Andromedans and Bellatricians in the 100m butterfly wearing sexy little tight fitting speedo's? Drats that's the part i had a little spark in my heart to looking forward to. :/ Oh well life goes on... for now. 




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