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This is a list of extraterrestrial species compiled from reports on the internet.

In order to save confusion in one’s attempt to categorize all of the various ‘alien’ entities encountered during paranormal events, it is possible to ‘break down’ most if not all of the reports into two ‘entity’ types or categories of intelligent, though not necessarily benevolent, ‘entities’. We leave it up to the reader to come to their own conclusions concerning the plausibility of the existence of the SPECIFIC ‘alien’ groups mentioned in the paragraphs below, based on their own review of the evidence and documentation contained in the entirely of the COSCON files. We are convinced, regardless of the reliability of specific accounts, that the OVERALL evidence strongly suggests that two general intellectual ‘entity groups” inhabit this general sector of the galaxy, and that these two groups are--generally speaking--in conflict with each other to some extent. Aside from this obvious fact there are numerous accounts, which seem to corroborate this thesis, yet which should nevertheless be weighed by the reader in light of their corroborative elements, documentation, the sincerity and reputation of the numerous witnesses, and other evidences both physical and circumstantial.

For want of better terms, we will refer to these two root categories as follows:

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The Exopaedia intends to provide information on all matters extraterrestrial. It focuses on those new scientific disciplines - collectively called 'exosciences' - that deal with extraterrestrial matters. These include exopolitics, exobiology, exosociobiology, In a first stage, however, exopolitical topics are given higher priority. (For the simple reason that more information was readily available, since its predecessor, the HyperBase, contained more exopolitical information).

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Updated 17 August 2012.

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The Exopaedia was launced in August 2008, and is the successor to the Hyperbase. It uses custom written software, and as of August 2012 it is no longer in BETA stage. It now includes the ability to integrate multimedia (video, audio, etc.).

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Great Information for knowing more about the Extraterristrial Spices Ara and one to save and study.
We have come at a time when we should study this information so we are more ready for First Contact and do not act like complete dummies during Extraterrestrial Encounters

Kalki can you put that video again about russian book - alien races ... ;)

Thanks ... ;) now we have a few more to add ... ;) it's interesting ... if you look at 'greys' close enough they do look different .... ;)

here is the text to the video:  .....

RACE MAITRE – have 2 home planets, CONSTELLATION MEGOPEI, same height as humans race of

‘parasites’ visited earth for the first time in the Pre-Historic period. Kidnapping of humans is carried out openly, wanted to colonize Earth … didn’t happen (yet) due to protection from other Alien races.

Race of Hermaphrodites – life span is 120 years, colonized 26 planets, on Earth they’ve kidnapped about 5, 000 men, visited Earth about 200 times, last visit was in September 2006.


RACE DRIES – their heights is 2.5 meters (just over 8’) with complex structure of the skull. Visited Planet Earth 20 times, Purpose: Kidnapping people – reproduction, turning them into slaves. They have Stolen 520 people. They arrive from a third star in CONSTELLATION CETUS. They have 2 home planets – colonized 40 planets with the help of slaves. 10 planets were taken by force; they work with 3 more races. Eat protein foods, mostly animals. Not ready mentally to interact with other races, their 2 home planets chemical composition is similar to Earth. “They are supposed to reveal themselves”… to mankind in 2022.


RACE LANG - small creatures, height to 70 centimeters (just over 2’) came from the sixth star in the

CONSTELLATION COMA BERENICES. They have 3 home planets, colonized 10 … they were one of the earliest aliens to visit Earth, it was they who started the stories about elves. They have abducted over 10, 000. 000 humans throughout the history – last time they visited our Planet was in January 2006 in New Zealand. The group consisted of 20 individuals.


RACE SMAD – no image available - they come from CONSTELLATION BATTERAY, PLANET SVOK. Their Spaceships have a conical shape, they appearance resembles that of humans. They only have 6 space ships left, colonized 20 planets, 18 of which were inhabited by other races. First visited Earth 2.500 years ago, extremely interested and intrigued by out religious beliefs, a race that is considered to be weakening.



They live underground, PLANET TENGRI is home to 10 million of their species, visited planet Earth for the first time about 10. 000 years ago, don't need an atmosphere or water to survive, they have 1 spaceship that can accommodate 5 million of them, throughout time they have had several contacts with … governments of Earth.


RACE GRAYSLI – about man’s height, covered with short silky hair, visited Earth 12 times, have 2 home

planets in VIRGO STAR SYSTEM, first visit happened in the Era of the Pharaohs of Egypt, about 3, 000 years ago, they spent 10-un-interrupted years there, DJOSER PYRAMID (EGYPT) was built in their honor. They have watched our development for the past 200 years. Only 6 of them travel in each space ship, last visits to earth took place in July 2002 and February 2004.


RACE DORSAY – small creatures no more than 0.5 meters (about 1.6’), visited planet Earth 250 times, arrive

from the STAR SYSTEM CASSIOPEIA, they have 2 home planets, they eat other species of aliens and also humans, they have been in a state of war with 1 other alien species for 2 billion years. Last time the race DORSAY visited Earth was in November 2001 in the Alps,


RACE STROM – they come from CONSTELLATION URSA MINOR, STROMS are Invertebrates and

coelenterates, an average height - 2 meters (6. 5’), and vegetation is of great significance to the STROM culture. 200 visits to Earth, main reason to study the flora of our planet, this race is acting with extreme caution, rarely seen by people. First visited Earth at the end of the last ice age. STROMS have 20 colonies, located across the galaxy. Their ships have the shape of an octagon.


RACE AFIM – come from CONSTELLATION LYRA, THEY CALL THEMSELVES “AFIM SPIANTSY” – small in stature, blue spotty skin, THEIR PLANET IS CALLED CREMEA AI-PETRI, their technical level of development is such … that they can get here from their planet in 20 earth minutes. They do not need oxygen; largest percentage of their planet’s atmosphere is hydrogen, colonized 10 planets in non-violent ways. When they are close to humans they can’t be seen (if they don’t want to). But humans will feel a certain amount o fun-explained anxiety. Their space ships are small and sphere – like, they visit us to study ‘human deviation’. This activity is important to them in determining the further development of the human race.


RACE SOLIPSI RAI – Harmonious race in all aspects, they have one main leader His name is … YMARTYYN, they civilization is 2 billion year old, once they were on the same level of development as ourselves, SOLIPSI RAI race has no colonies they are focused only on the development of other planets. They come from constellation CYGNUS. They do have one powerful weapon that keeps all other hostile and violent races in ‘order’. Race MAITRE lost 5 spaceships because of it. They say that we (human race) still have 645 options for the future of our planet. But the correct one will depend on our ability to move people into space. They are race “SOLIPSI RAI’, but we call them … Grey.


RACE ANUNNAKI AKA ANUNAKENE – (no image available) arrived from the planet Nibiru, their

planet enters our solar system every 4,000 years, not every 3.500 (or so) as commonly accepted. They resemble the likes of men but they are bigger in stature (8’ = 2.5 meters). According to the book when they arrived on Earth, there were already other powerful beings on earth (with supernatural powers). The Anunnaki defeated them and became the new rulers. The Genetically engineered the human species in order to have a race of slaves at their disposal. Samael and Lilith were the Anunnaki’s king and queen. They were not aware of the presence of reptilians on Earth. They only cooperate with one other alien race, the ZETA RETICULAI; the ‘zeta’ is not to be confused with “MAITRE” OR ‘SOLIPSI RAI’. Eventually the Anunnaki left Earth (reasons unknown) however, before they left they created a sub-species of the “zeta’, this sub-species eventually became the rulers of Egypt aka Pharaohs, until the reptilians (by means of infiltration) ended their reign. The Anunnaki aka Anunakene were the beings that gave birth to such legends as ‘giants’. They will return one day however … that day is still a mystery.


RACE KALENIA – Came from CONSTELLATION AQUILA, STAR TARAZED. Life span about 150 years

colonized 3 planets. Their ships frequently seen in northern Africa and Sahara region, have been visiting Earth since the 3rd century BC. Do not conduct abductions, only interest on Earth – minerals.


RACE MYTHILAE – These are distant ‘cousins’ of the Reptoids species, but are not reptilians. They came

from CONSTELLATION SERPENS; STAR ALYA, visited Earth for the first time in June 13, 1965. Despite the appearance they are not considered threatening to humans. Most ships seen over the South Pole belong to them.


REPTILIANS - The most known and feared of Reptoids species (there are 3 of them). Have been permanently

on Earth for over 15,000 years arrived from the CONSTELLATION DRACO; have colonized over 500 planets by means of infiltration within the governments and other leadership positions. In Earth’s case they did not need to ‘infiltrate’ – as mankind evolved so did their power increase. They are considered one of the most technological advanced species but they prefer to work in the ‘shadow’, they have supernatural powers, such as: 1- Shape Shifting; 2-Interdimensional traveling; 3- Power to become invisible. They have 3 main UFO/ships bases on Earth – 1 – in the so-called Bermuda Triangle Area; 2 – Somewhere off the coast of Denmark; 3 – Somewhere off the coast of New Zealand. They are not planning on leaving?


RACE ALCOHBATA – have over 5,000 ships; have colonized over 100 planets on their own – considered as

one of the ‘parasite’ races. Abduction of humans is frequent and on-going purpose: unknown. Do not like to interact with other alien races. Aggressive race came from constellation PERSEUS suspected to have been involved in several airplane crashes; most know case: Korean air lines flight 007 over Russia in 1983 the Russians took and accepted the blame for it. Last seen on Earth: September 1 2001 in Canada.


RACE NEGUMAK aka GNOMOPO – considered newcomers to Earth – first visit: 1989. They exercise

control over the mind’s of captive people (abducted humans), which they use for unknown purposes after they release. These were the real inspiration for the alien creatures in the 1996 movie “Independence Day’. They are on of the most ancient alien races in existence (as far as we know) they are also the race that most Earth governments fear.


RACE ZETA RETICILI aka SHAMTBHALA – (not to be confused (as usual) with the race MAITRE

or SOLIPSI RAI. The ZETA arrived from constellation NETS, They were (and are) the representatives of the

Anunnaki on Earth. The Anunnaki genetically engineered sub-species of Zetas. In order for them to become more men-like (in appearance) eventually they became the pharaohs of Egypt, the most well known of them was Akhenaten who was removed from power by reptilians. The Zeta’s have been on Earth for 4,000 years. They were the first hybrids to be engineered, still until today up to 30% of them have deformities – sexual characteristics in hybrid Zetas are as distinguishable as in humans. Zeta’s still remain in 2 forms, the location on Earth is unknown.


RACE RAMAY – a very peaceful race, they tried to co-exist with us, according to the book they are the one’s

that ‘created’ the Mayan Civilization by taking humans from different places on Earth and place them in South

America, they have a very scientific temperament, they taught the Mayans about astronomy and time. They left the Mayans and the planet when this culture was at its highest in splendor. After they left the Mayans started the sacrifices and blood offerings in their name. This race has visited us many times after that; they came from CAPELLA, CONSTELLATION AURIGA. Last visit was in 2001 in Bora-Bora. Male life span: 130 years, female only 26 year.



constellation VULPECULA, they’ve met with at least 2 american presidents and many russian high-ranking leaders. They exchange technology for the ‘freedom’ to conduct abductions. They had a big role in Siberian and Tibetan Culture – they still have bases in those areas hidden inside the north face of the mountains. They have colonized over 40 planets, all outside our solar system so far.


RACE RAK – of the 58 races in the book this is the race described as the one that visit Earth the least, only 5

times their short presence in the Middle-East created the belief in the Jinn or “Genies’. In the Quran and Islamic Mythology – according to Muslims they inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. But in fact they stopped visiting Earth because their immune system could not cope with Earths Fauna and Flora. Last recorded visit: 721AD.



Earth was in 934 AD, in what is now modern Romania. They often abduct and kill Humans, by drinking and draining their blood, as well as the blood of animals, also they are behind of abductions of (animals and humans) – they are ‘responsible’ for the myth of vampires. Several governments know and accept their action, the human bodies that they abduct and use are never returned; Last seen on Earth: Scotland in 1996.


RACE ALLMANULUK-STRAT -163 (image not available) after a reputed lost battle in ancient India

against Reptoids (exact date and race was not specified) they were forced to leave our Planet, which they had been visiting for about 200 years, but they have resumed their visits since 1948. As far as the book says, this race is ‘technologically extremely advanced’. Their ships, for the most part are invisible and they wear some kind of ‘suit’ that makes them invisible as well. They came from JUPITER (not the Jupiter of our solar system … same name, different place)


RACE AINANNA – this race are what we call ‘MARTIANS’ they have come from the constellation GENINI,

they have had bases on Mars for thousands of years. Where they mine a sort of gold-like mineral, the first recorded visit to Earth was in 1235 BC in Japan. According to the book, they were last seen on Earth in Madagascar (2003).


RACE INDUGUTK – aka – ‘THE TALL WHITE’ this is the race that has bases on the Moon, they

mine there (book does not reveal what), they use slaves to do it (no mention of human slaves though), however these ‘slaves’ are extremely well taken care of. They try at all costs to keep their operations secret. They are in almost permanent contact with the Russian, Chinese and USA governments. Although they do not look like humans they have the ability to look like one. Many people have seen them and even talked to them. They are what we call ‘men in black – MIB’ the real MIB.

Wonderful Ara we need as much information as possible ...the more the better ...also check out: THE A TO Z OF ALIEN SPECIES @

Also check this one out about ALIEN SPECIES ACTIVE IN EARTHS EVOLUTION @
Wonderfully laid out with wonderful info ...actually we should compare all info to get a true description of known races.

... ;) lots to take in .... but for sure the more the better ....

This is awesome.  Thanks so much.  So very comprehensive and fascinating beyond wildest dreams.  The source (god if you wish..) is so creative.  I know that seems trite to say but I am not sure how else to say it.  This is why we must embrace diversity....we are all creations of the original all there is.  All parts of the whole of creation.

agree Marique ... and one step at the time .... ;)

nice Shama-an ... thanks ... ;)

looks like a lampshade collection

scout ships from Dikea

Haha...good one....clever.....




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