“Lightworker 202: Starseed Signals and Star Races”
(“'Follow the White Rabbit!”)
by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix

You probably think you are perusing this writing to learn more
about star races.  Yet, reading these words begins your path
towards a new reality. As the Matrix stressed, “I know why you're
here... I know what you’ve been doing... why you hardly sleep, why
you live alone and why night after night, you sit by your computer.
You're looking… I know because I was once looking for the same
thing.” You are seeking origination in the skies above: this is
your quest. You are upon an adventurous intergalactic quest to find
reflections of your innermost “self” -- patterns to identify with --
 fractals which mirror you to your real Starseed family.

Your Starseed relatives -- within the ships -- are attempting to
talk with you now.  They are trying all means of communication
available. They approach you through dreams, plus send signs, and
you may sense them physically of fee their ever-persistent presence
in the psychic realms. Are you listening? Are you feeling? Are you
sensing?  As it vocalized in the Matrix, “I can see it in your
eyes. You have the look of [one] expecting to wake up.”

“Have you ever had a dream…that you were so sure was real? What if
you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the
difference between the dream world and the real world?” intoned the
Matrix film, challenging us all to awaken now. While you believe
you are sleeping, you are -- in fact -- *on assignment* on your
ship above.  You are now attending ship-side schools related to
your skill-set and Starseed race.  Fundamentally, you're being
reprogrammed for a brighter intergalactic future every night.

As it was emitted in the Matrix film, “I'm trying to free your mind...
But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk
through it.” Many factors and tests have decided your upcoming
roles -– in the very near future -– in these primary arenas:

- Acting as a Liaison between humans and other Species;
- Returning to your home planet for rest and reunion;
- Performing  in a committee and/or labor job;
- Negotiating within a liaison / alliance, or;
- Working for the Galactic Federation.

All of these posts involve living on a ship, if only for a short
time. This calls for traveling to a different planet within another
galaxy -- or to an alternative dimensional reality such as a
parallel universe -- or to yet a higher frequency of expression.

While you are cohabitating within a starship, flagship or
lightship, you will be interacting with those from across the
Cosmos! They will not be comparable to anything you’ve seen, felt,
or perceived iwith your current reality veils. 

Since you are now experiencing dimensional shifts leading to *life
aboard the ships with your star race family* it is crucial not to
prejudge and it is important to constantly question yourself: there
are infinite prisms of kindness and utility that can be found
within each planetary civilization.

Your Starseed relatives cannot *yet* be understood from your soul’s
current vantage point, but will be holistically perceivable when
during your ecstatic love-filled multidimensional Starseed reunion.

You will be surrounded by non-human *family* on these ships (and
your appearance will most definitely reflect theirs in your
future). What will they look like? What will they be like? Here are
some essential traits of just a few of the planetary star races you
will relate with very soon:

1) The 7D, 8D and 9D humanoid group-thinkers from the Andromedan
Star System, or; 2) term identifying the race of sentient service-
to-other beings occupying the livable planets such as Aion in the
Andromeda sector, as well as; 3) Sentients known for perfecting co-
creation for smooth-running planets and bases.

1) Both 6D and 7D Sentient service-to-other beings occupying the
livable planets and bases in the area of the star Arcturus, and; 2)
Some Arcturians are humanoid, and others resemble Earthshan horses,
plus; 2) These individuals are known by their deep compassion and
unfailing kindness towards all walks of life in all dimensions.

1) Felines -- the original progenitor race of  this Universe -- who
are beautiful bipedal (standing) cats, and; 2) 6D through 12D and
beyond Creators originally from the Vegan Star System of a planet 
called Lyra, but now live everywhere in the Universe, and; 3) The
planners and citizens of many flagships and living planets, plus;
4) These wise Cat-Beings have a keen sense of fair play in all
arenas, plus; 5) Lyrans believe that their young have more wisdom
than elders.

Orion Beings:
1) 4D and 5D polymorphs who are either chameleon-reptilian or
humanoid-reptilian hybrids, and; 2) Beings from the Orion System –
also called the Orion Nebula – whom reside upon planets and space
stations throughout the Universe, and; 3) Individuals and soul-
collectives from Orion who have tendencies towards high
intellectual pursuits in physics, plus; 4) Individuals and groups
whose self-ascension practices are linked to extreme isolation, as
well as; 5) Beings well-known for the utter perfection of
holographic recreation of other star  races.

1) 5D and 6D humanoids as well as reptilian-humanoid hybrids (in
gorgeous prismatic skin colors) from the planets surrounding the
stars Targeta and Maia; 2) Soul-collective service-to-others beings
who are artistic and sensual in nature, plus; 3)  Pleiadians are
masters of storytelling as well as inspired artistic ingenuity in
both music and projected visualizations.

Sirians from Sirius A:
1) 6D hybrids with a variety of humanoid, canine, and fox-like
appearances resulting from tremendous dna manipulation, as well as;
2) Star races who are experts in bodily implant-device-tracking
over eons of time, plus; 3) Beings well-versed in hyper-advanced
bio-technology and holographic realities, and; 4) Sentients who are
well-known across the Universe for their senses of humor, and their
love of practical jokes.

Sirians from Sirius B:
1) Nektons of hyper-intelligent water beings -- called Chloglians,
who look  like Cetaceans (dolphins, whales, and orcas) of Earthshan
-- whom group-think within pods, and; 2) Chloglian-humanoid
hybrids, who are bipedal in shades of pale blues and greens, and;
3) Higher dimensional sentients who reside in and upon many planets
to raise vibrations, plus;  4) Playful and loving group- consciousness
beings, known for their intricate songs, and also; 5) Advanced Beings
who can live as numerous souls (called a pod) within one
biological entity, such as a whale or orca.

Now that you have some depictions of your biological star race relatives,
spend some time each day communicating with them -- until you have
a constant rapport -- so you can ascend upward beyond the mundane.

As it questioned in the Matrix, “What is real? How do you define real? If
you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what
you can taste and see, and then real is simply electrical signals
interpreted by your brain.” Multidimensional life with your
Starseed relatives is multilayered, and must be cultivated with
making yourself alert to all subtleties.

It is the time to discipline yourself to be silent and aware of
every nuance through waking hours of hearing (e.g.; you hear songs
about specific constellations, dolphin people, etc.). Also it is
vital to be hyper-aware of what you’re seeing (i.e.; you notice
paintings of blue aliens, observing pyramids everywhere, seeing
number sequences indicating names of universes). Focus all of your
six senses on receiving signals from your future’s new realities.

Force your inner “Self” to wake up! Attempt to be lucid while your
projected Earthshan body sleeps: talk to whomever you meet in
dreams, as they just might be your relatives in the ships above.

In the near future -- the upcoming articles will cover electrifying
intergalactic chronicles, including: future home planets, Starseed
missions, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more! 
Meanwhile, WAKE UP -- shake others awake -- and remember that you
are not *Home* yet…

“Lightworker 303: Starseed Missions Awake and Asleep: Beam Me Up”
(Coming in the next couple of months or so…from your *Wake Up Crew*
aboard the SS Phoenix)

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  • Thanks all for your comments! :) Light to you!

    Insofar as Jupiter becoming a Sun, I guess I just thought was common knowledge in the Lightworker Community. I will post more about this....

  •  Your Post says nothing about Jupiter becoming a Sun. I was told this years ago when Comet Schumacher slammed into Jupiter and that our Solar System would be a Binary Star System. I was told it would activate the Feminine Part of us and especially be beneficial for all of our Female Race. I was told it would be operative in the Higher Octave as are the outer Planets. I was born on the 15th March and have followed the date ever since. You also posted this 5.55 another 15 and the center of the Golden Vibration being Neutral and also at the same time governing. I notice Andromeda and the Planet AION which is a play on IONA of Scotland. As we have AUM there is also AIO and the variants whch now look to be a memory of the mist from Andromeda. Why is there a species of Camels called the Dromedary. I have been wearing

     one as a belt buckle given to me 30 years ago. I asked for my spirit name years ago and was given Ra El. I notice you have chosen the name J'Tariah En Ra El which is definitely not your birth name. The Book of Ohaspe uses the name Shan for this Planet. I like Gaia and there is the Island of Pangaia in the Cook Islands ie RARATONGA. It has Two Suns already in its name. Thank you for this post. Blessings may trillions of Rainbow Heart Bubbles cascade out of your Heart 24/7 and forever in the now as you transit showering all you come in touch with with healing bubbles bursting all around laced with your favorite perfume and awakening them. Selah Kingjeff.


    • Mr  kingjeff -

      I did not """choose""" this name. It is my true soul's name, as given to me by God. Through receiving a Command Reading (soul reading of 3rd-12th D, through all lifetimes on this planet), and through Psychic Institute work, and other lifework, I ***know my name*** just as I know ***the name of my ship***  If you wish to know more information about yourself, including what your CURRENT MISSION is, go here:


      And, given names don't mean much to walk-ins, believe me.


      • dear friend,do you know Nenari??? blessings eve.

  • Mastiel,  be carefull, they might wan t o "probe" you first he he he :-0

  • Info From; iliuka-net

    Q: Will Jupiter become a Sun during 2 years?

    A: Correct.

    Q: Will it be a binary Sun-system,-two Suns?

    A: Correct.

    Q: When will that happened?

    A: It is like this; The growing of slowly changes in Milky-Way. Your Terra system are influenced to go into the 6. Tentakkel (Worlds or tentackle?) vibrations, with new frequencies, for this the old, the sleeping Jupiter will become awakened. .. Konu Ekatah

    Q: So Jupiter will become the second sun?

    A: Correct.. (11-oct-2011)


    iliuka is an very old energy, and a aspects of Archangel Uriel.. Iliuka travells in many dimensions and have a spaceship called Aorta Crystallis..

  • Very interesting and infomative.. A REMINDER !

    Thank you for this J`Tariah En Ra El.

    Many blessings to us all.


  • I do believe Jupiter will become the 2nd Sun :)  Cool article J'Tariah, thanks :)

This reply was deleted.

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