LightWarriors or LightWorkers

On the internet and on this website too I find people saying that, "I'm not a LightWorker. I'm a LIGHT WARRIOR. It's my duty to protect and defend the light. I'll fight with those people who don't follow the path of the Light."

Well, I want to say that LightWorkers or LightWarriors, Starseeds, Walk-ins or whatever you call them are the same. There's no difference at all. Just because the word Warrior is associated with the word Light doesn't mean you become Fighters and take part in wars. No, It doesn't work that way. The term LightWarrior can be a misleading one. It has nothing to do with fighting with people to make them follow the path of light or fight with them because thy're wrong.

Yes, the term LightWarrior has got to do with the Warrior aspect of a person. What does it mean? Does it mean you fight with others? NO! It doesn't mean you fight with people on the internet or on this website who disagree with your "LightWarrior philosophy".

Yes, the Warrior aspect of a LightWarrior got to do with fighting, but fighting his/her own fears, facing his own fears, fighting with his own negative energies, fighting with his darkness and defeating it, so that it leads him to Light. Fighting with his hatred, his anger, defeating them so that only Love prevails in him. This is true aspect of a LightWarrior.

And, how exactly you fight with your Darkness, fears, negative energies etc ? What are the fighting tools? It's no big secret, the most powerful tool is to Love yourself and one and other. Peace, Forgiveness, Purity, Clarity, Hope, Faith etc. Do your daily meditations.  And, meditations means not just closing your eyes and concentrating on a particular thing to relive your stress etc. It got to do beyond that. It is up to you to find out what is "That".

Yes, LightWarriors also fight the Negative Beings or the Dark ones and  that is completely a different thing altogether. It's a different sect of LightWarriors. It got nothing to do with fighting with people on the internet or at your workplaces or near by your homes because they don't follow the path of the light or disagree with your Light agenda.

A True LightWarrior comes in the name of Love, Peace and Gratitude. He/she respects everyone's opinions irrespective of whether they agree or disgree with him. He/she respects your free will. He/she doesn't dominate you or control your mind. He/she will only step in to tell you if whether something is going wrong and again gives you total freedom and choice to do whatever you want to do.

I want to tell another secret. WE ALL ARE LIGHT WARRIORS. Only a few awakened ones know about this secret. You all dont remember because you are still not awakened or have deviated from the path of the Light. We the awakened ones are wating for you all to awaken and know who you truely are. You all, each and everyone of you are beings with immese power. We Love you all so much. Yes, question us. Keep asking us questions. Rest assured you will find all the answers that you'll need. Please believe in yourselves, Trust yourselves. There's no need to depend on others or outside information.

Yes, at times you have come across fake people pretending to be LightWarriors and have had suffered in their hands and even the fake channeling messages. But all those channeling messages that you see are not fake, some are genuine too. Some real channeling messages have been misinterpreted and caused a lot of confusion among people too. This is actually all Unfortunate. My heartfelt apologies to you all. I would say dont read the channeling messages unless you know how to exactly discern a real message from a fake one. Please go deep inside yourself and look for messages within you. Trust me, you will not be deceived, provided you know how to look for messages within you. (I may or may not write a blog about how to look for messages within yourself). But, please I request you to do find answers within yourself.

And, to the unawakened ones. I want to say that. We the real LightWarriors who are awakened always Love you and have lot of Gratitude and Respect you. Please, don't hate or misunderstand us.

That is all I have to say about LightWarrior/LightWorkers/Starseeds/Walkins etc.

The Force is always with you.

Love and Light


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  • I would suggest that Lightworkers are Gods and Goddesses, Namaste

    • Thank You Celionjm. :)

  • You're Welcome, Branwen. :)

    Love and Light. :)


    • You're Welcome, Gnosticalchemist. :) Thank You.

      Love and Light :)

  •       Thanks, Irina for your rephrasing of Sai Baba's quote.  Now it makes sense!  My reply above is in response to Dinesh' response to my initial comment regarding the topic at hand.   

  •       Irina, could you please translate that sentence/quote of Sai Baba?  Are you sure this was quoted properly?  It doesn't follow the rules of syntax and English grammar.  Thank-you.

  • Thank You so much, Onna. :)

    Love and Light :)

  •       Neither one.  Lightplayer is where it's at.  Lightwarriors and lightworkers take themselves too seriously and that overly focused role drains the soul's energy.  A lightplayer, on the other hand, is at peace with him/herself and remains unconditioned, childlike in the play.  Knowing that s(he) is creating/co-creating in each moment.  Debonair, nonchalant, and poised in the moment, surfing the flow, viewing panoptically, and ready to shift and change as situations and inspirations suggest.  Drinking from the inner cup of bliss and wisdom, without predictability, and no need to force a specific expectational outcome.  Enjoying the drama while not getting lost in it.  Accepting that all is for the best while exercising one's power to also influence the present situation.  If one is "fighting against the situation/universe", it is not a pleasant place to be and is indeed "hard work".  Have fun and delight and with pixie-like smile and glance, uplift those laden with their troubles and problems and preconceived formulas and solutions.  Magic and imagination are the Real.  "The spell was cast, but it won't last".  Zing!  Pixie dust and fairy twinkle, spread you must, just a sprinkle!    

    • Hello Donald Barnebey. I totally agree with what you had to say about Lightplayers. Thank You for sharing your thoughts. :)

      I would like to say that, whatever name you give them, they will be the same, whether it's Lightplayer/warriors/workers or starsteeds/walkins etc. Yes, they do take their work seriously, for the sake of Humanity and Mother Earth, they will do it to restore the Peace :) Anyone's energy can be drained out. And, if their soul's energy drains out, they know how to "recharge their batteries" :) They also can prevent it from draining out of their systems :) Also, they balance out their energies with the nature or say people around them or where ever they go. Let it even be off or on the internet, on this Dimension or off this Dimension. They keep their energies always balanced by Giving and Receiving Love :) They always Share and Spread this wonderful Light Energy known as Love where ever they go/are and by this way don't drain out anything from them or from others :) and most important of all they see Each and Everyone(thing) as Equals with/to themselves :)

      The reason I made this blog/discussion was, of late I've seen some people who pretend to be Lightwarriors, fight with others in the sense, they hurt them on the internet by discouraging them or demotivating/degrading them, make fun of them in a bad way, threaten them only because they dont agree with their ideas. Also these fake ones make up different kinds of stories about Lightworkers/Lightwarriors which are fake. And, this all made most people to hold wrong beliefs about LightWarriors/LightWorkers who are real, who really "fight" for justice and truth for everyone on this planet. And by fight I mean they do it in a nice way which doesn't hurt anyone. For example, exposing the truths which our governments are hiding from it's own people etc. The trademark of real LightWarriors/LightWorkers is that of  Love, Peace, Gratitude etc. :)

      Love and Light :)

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