I want to share an exciting channeling with you, from a civilization that has created light projections (such as the famous Norway spiral 2009) on Earth. 

Click the link to see the document with the channeling, plus images and video links to the light projections: 


Light, strength and love

Manne, Mother Earth Network


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  •  I want to share an exciting channeling with you, from a civilization that has created light projections (such as the famous Norway spiral 2009) on Earth. 

    Click the link to see the document with the channeling, plus images and video links to the light projections (pdf file with images!): 


    Light, strength and love

    Manne, Mother Earth Network

    PS. can also read it below:


    Channeling No. 3 (part 2) of Dibarak, leader of the ascended civilization “The Invincible Ones,” channeled by Maria Bertram, October 30th 2010


    This document was written by Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, who run the global Mother Earth Network outside of Stockholm, Sweden. More information about the network follows the channeling.

    On December 9th, 2009, a spinning spiral of light was seen in the skies of northern Norway. It was reported and speculated about around the world. Soon after this, the leader of an ascended (non-physical) civilization with a human appearance from another part of the Cosmos contacted the Swedish medium Maria Bertram telepathically and left a message for humanity. The leader of the civilization presented his people The Invincible Ones as an ex-warrior people that since their spiritual transcendence are helping other civilizations in their spiritual transformation processes. He said they were responsible for the light projection and that the spiral pattern symbolizes that humanity is standing before a deciding leap in the spiral of our spiritual development. He said that humanity now is in a critical moment and that we need to develop spiritually as we are entering the New Spiritual Age. They also invited humanity to an interplanetary energy transmission, the first official interplanetary energy transmission in the history of mankind. On January 7th, 2010, all of their civilization sent healing energies to the people of Earth. The channeling spread over the Internet and was translated into a number of languages. A large number of people meditated during the energy transmission, and we have received many stories detailing people's experiences and visions during the transmission. We have made a compilation of these stories.

    In the second channeling of Dibarak, he deepened his observations of life on Earth and the spiritual guidance from the first channeling. He invited us to another energy transmission that took place on March 20th, 2010 (you’ll find the compilations of people’s experiences from both energy transmissions on our website), and said that they planned to create a new light projection during the coming months. Since then, they have created many new light projections on Earth, and we have also found videos of projections that they created before the famous spiral in Norway. Eight months later Dibarak came back to leave a third message for humanity, a very powerful message with deepened spiritual guidance that we need for the transition to the New Spiritual Age.


    Since Dibarak didn’t bring up their light projections in this channeling, we asked him to tell us more about the light projections afterwards, which he gladly did. This resulted in yet another channeling that also came to deal with why humanity hasn’t been ready for contact with other civilizations. Since both parts of the channeling are so long, and since the content of especially the first part can be overwhelming for many people, we have chosen to publish them separately. We also want people to focus mainly on the spiritual guidance in his messages. This is part 2 of the channeling that you are reading now. You’ll find part 1 on our website.


    Here is a short description of the two parts of the channeling:



    Part 1 consists of the message that Dibarak chose to bring, with information on the energy changes that are happening on Earth as we are entering the New Spiritual Age, and the spiritual guidance we need to prepare ourselves for the transition in the best way.


    Part 2 (that you are reading now) consists of answers to questions we asked him afterwards, and is mainly about their light projections, and also about why humanity has not been ready for contact with other civilizations. The document includes images and video links to additional light projections that The Invincible Ones have created.



    Please help us spread the channeling through e-mails, forums, websites and blogs!




    In Dibarak’s first channeling he talked about the message of the spiral they created over Norway in 2009. Here is a quote from that channeling:


    “All development happens in the form of spirals, and you have to go full circle to move to the next level. But when the leap does happen, it goes very fast. You are now about to take one of these deciding leaps in the development of your consciousness where you have to learn to leave your fighting and dualism behind you, to reach oneness thinking. This critical leap must happen quickly. The cosmic clock is ticking and you are right now in a transition stage to the New Age, where powerful energies gradually are flowing with increasing strength over your planet, changing the conditions of life on Earth. We are reaching out our hand to you from the higher dimensions, and we have sent you a greeting in your physical three-dimensional world, a greeting of light, color and form. This is to welcome you into the cosmic communion. The cosmic quarantine that Earth has been under for a very long time is finally to be lifted. You will notice this through an increasing presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on and around the Earth. This process has already begun, and during the year to come you will see a further escalation. The light projection we created for you symbolizes your spiritual development as a spiral, and that you are now in a deciding moment where you take a leap towards the next level of consciousness. The blue color symbolizes intuition and creativity, and we want to inspire you all to open up your intuition and to free your creativity since you have enormous potential as divine co-creators of your own reality. We want to encourage you to open up to the healing powers of colors, form and light.”


    In Dibarak’s second channeling (March 1st 2010), when only the Norway spiral was known to us, he said that they would create another light projection within the months to come. A little less than three months later (May 21st 2010) the first new light projection showed up, in Canada. It also included spiral shapes, and were discussed about in news reports and on the Internet. After that at least another two have been created, and we have also found two light projections that were created before the famous spiral over Norway on December 9th, 2009.


    Below we present an image- and video gallery for all of The Invincible Ones’ light projections that we know of, including the most famous one from Norway. They are presented in chronological order with the earliest one first. Zoom the images for better quality, and click the links to open the videos. 


    China, 1998






    Video 1: Several angles, excerpt from Chinese documentary (the light projection is seen between 0:34-1:31 in the video):




    Tomsk, Russia, 2006




    Video 1: Amateur video


    Video 2: News report from Russia (Russia Today)



    Northern Norway, December 9th, 2009










    Video 1: Amateur video

    Video 2: More amateur videos (compilation)

    Video 3: News report from Norway (TV2)

    Video 4: News report from Russia (Russia Today)

    Video 5: News report from USA (NBC News – first report) 


    Video 6: News report from USA (NBC News – second report)



    Western Canada, May 31st, 2010









    Video 1: Filmed from weather cam


    Video 2: Filmed from airplane

    Video 3: News report from Russia (Russia Today)



    Eastern Australia, June 5th, 2010








    Video 1: Amateur video


    Video 2: Amateur video

    Video 3: Amateur video

    Video 4: Amateur video


    Video 4: News report from Australia (7 News)  


    Video 5: News report from Australia (9 news) 






    Urumqi, China, June 30th, 2010






    Video 1: Amateur video





    Creating the light projections / The fear in humanity’s collective consciousness / Authorities and media


    The headings have been added subsequently.






    -Would you like to answer some questions about your light projections?


    Yes, sure.


    -Besides the spiral in Norway, is it also you that have created the other light projections that we've found pictures and videos of? [The light projections we knew of at the time of the channeling are the ones we brought up above.]


    Yes, all the light projections that you have found are created by us, some in cooperation with other civilizations. They all are examples of tests that we have done to create different types of spirals and projections. There are several civilizations working together with this kind of phenomenon, so we are not the only ones that have the ability to transfer this kind of pictures to you. We have been involved in the work with all of them. Some of them we created by ourselves while others we have cooperated with other civilizations to create.


    It’s important to understand that the energy conditions for these spirals have changed. Due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age that we are standing before, the energy raising on Earth and the waves of energy that are flowing in over Earth, it has become easier to create clearer, more powerful and more fantastic projections than before. The quality has simply become better, and the channel to send these projections to you is clearer now. Up until the transition and after the transition, the preconditions will gradually improve and allow even more fantastic projections, which is also our goal – to create projections that are more and more beautiful and detailed.


    -What does the process of creating a light projection on Earth look like?


    We work as a group to create them. Large groups of our civilization work together, sometimes our whole population, to send these projections to you. We visualize and manifest what we want to create. In other words, we’re using our collective energy reserve and our combined power to focus on this event, this place, and this exhibition. We also use sound when we manifest the projections – in other words, it's not only a performance of colors, but it’s also something that has been created through sound.


    The energy reality at the location where we manifest the spiral is also important, in other words, a high energy level is required at the location. The higher the energy level, the better the potential to create really beautiful spirals and projections. The locations with the best preconditions to create the most spectacular projections are places that are uninhabited, or where very few people live, since that is often where the energy level is highest. There, the power places are most balanced and untouched, since the least intrusion in Earth’s energy system has occurred there. That is also why the spiral in Norway was so powerful and spectacular compared to the earlier ones, since the energy level was higher at that location.



    The spirals from China 1998 and Norway, December 9th 2009


    You could see all these performances as tests where we have tried out what's possible and what's not, based on the energy preconditions. Thus, we have tried different locations to find out which conditions are needed in order to create perfect projections. We are still learning how to work and which places on Earth work best. We’re still in a learning process.


    To create our latest projection in China we worked in a new way where we partially used a new frequency, a different rhythm, to create other energy realities of patterns. It is not fully developed yet, it’s rather like a test. When I say this I mean that the final completed projection already exists, so it's not that we don't know what the final version is going to look like. But we need to develop our work in Earth's atmosphere in order to see how we can create it in your density, in the energy reality present on Earth right now. That is the main work in creating the projections, to manifest these energy formations and colors in your physical reality on Earth.


    -In what way do you mean that the last projection from China was not complete?


    That it's not quite sharp, and that you can't see all the details yet. There are actually more energy patterns in it.


    The light projection from China, June 30th 2010


    The spiral we created in Canada is, from our point of view, the most successful experiment, besides the spiral in Norway. In the Canada spiral you can also see a type of spiral pattern describing the transformation process, but from a slightly different perspective, but it’s still the same core message in the patterns. As you can see, there is a presence on the video, in other words there is a ship present, participating in the projection. Ships have been present at the location in all our other projections too, physical ships from other civilizations that have participated and sent energy to the projections. Even though it’s we who have carried them out, we have had support from physical civilizations present at the actual location.


    The light projection from Canada, May 21st 2010


    We participate in the big network connected to the Galactic Federation that is helping humanity and Earth during the transition to the New Spiritual Age. This is a big collaboration where we all help in the ways we can. The transition to the New Spiritual Age will open up completely new possibilities to send you these types of projections. It will be much easier to manifest them in your physical reality. Other tests have also been carried out, apart from the ones you have found. All are not known, and all haven't been captured on film. Most of them have been caught on camera, but not all have been published. But as I said, we have made more attempts.


    -The earliest projection we've found on the Internet is from China 1988. Have you made light projections even before that?


    Yes, tests have been carried out for a long time, even before the video camera existed. We started to create light projections for you on Earth in the 18th century [18th century is 1700-1799], to see how they affected humanity and your consciousness. It was part of a raising of human consciousness, to help humanity to expand their level of consciousness and to include more than just Earth, to become more aware of their surroundings. To make you realize you’re not alone, that there are other intelligences in the Universe. But we experienced that humanity couldn't take this in at the time. Religion’s influence over the people prevented them from opening up to other dimensions of reality and things outside Earth’s boundaries, and we also saw that it aroused a lot of fear.




    Many different attempts have been made to make contact with Earth throughout history. These attempts have been made in order to see what level humanity is on, and whether they have been mature enough for contact. During the past centuries, humanity has not been open to contact with other civilizations. But attempts have been made on a regular basis in order to see which level the human consciousness is on, and when they might possibly be ready for creating contacts and cooperation. There have always been people on the Earth though, separate individuals, who have been more mature and open to creating contacts, that separate civilizations have built relationships with. But these contacts have not always been made official. So a certain degree of cooperation has already taken place. But humanity as a collective has not been considered ready for this kind of contact before.


    It’s not until now, when the cosmic quarantine is being lifted, that this will be opened up for the people on Earth, and contacts will start to be made on a more collective level. It’s also very important that humanity start working with their fear of outer space and other civilizations. It’s important that you come to terms with your prejudice and negative images of the conquering aliens coming in their spaceships to abduct, steal or destroy. This is mainly a projection of humanity’s own fear, humanity’s own imbalance. We who are engaged in the galactic network and the Galactic Federation in order to help the Earth during the transition, consist of groups of highly developed civilizations who come to humanity with messages of love and friendship, and that really want to help and support humanity.


    First and foremost, it’s humanity’s own fear and conflict thinking that have prevented them from developing contacts and friendship bonds with foreign civilizations up until now. A change is happening there right now, and you will in time come to see much more contact making and you will also start to receive more open visits. You are being visited all the time, however, but you just don’t notice it. But now they will no longer hide themselves from you, and the spaceships will start to show themselves more openly and so on. All this is part of the lifting of your quarantine, and welcoming the Earth and humanity into the galactic communion.


    It has been said many times that “by this or that time on this or that place, a spaceships will land.” But there are actually no such fixed dates; it rather depends very much on the energy level on Earth. It depends on how the cleansing in the collective consciousness goes. This is where a cleansing needs to take place – that is where your pictures of the villain alien civilizations are, and all your fear. A healing is required in the human collective consciousness in order for humanity to become ready for contact with other civilizations.




    -There are a lot of rumors about so-called ”disclosure” right now, the governments’ publishing of classified information about other civilizations. Is there a basis for these rumors?


    There are such plans, but they haven’t been put into action on a large scale yet.


    -Do you mean that there are such plans from the governments’ side?


    Yes, this is a discussion that is held today. There are energy blockages in the way that have to be released first so that this matter can reach the level of maturity needed for the rulers to become ready to release this to the public. There is a lot of fear and anxiety among the governments to publish these types of materials, with proof of other civilizations’ existence and their contacts with other civilizations. What is needed is for certain blockages to be healed and released in the collective consciousness for the governments to choose to publish this. How much information they release depends on the energy condition, how much that has been healed in the collective consciousness. It is not until the healing of the blockages in the collective consciousness can occur that the energy reality will change and they will feel safe to publish this material. Everything is connected, that’s why questions like “when,” “where” and “how much” they will publish can’t be answered. It depends completely on how fast the healing process goes and how the development takes place.


    -How do you feel your spirals have been received by humanity in the last years? In news reports they have most often been explained rationally, but at the same time they have been discussed a lot on the Internet by people who don’t believe the media’s explanations.


    Yes, it is very exciting to see the interest and the reactions amongst people on the Internet. In that way the  Internet is an amazing tool, where people who don’t follow the present norm in society can meet and discuss and exchange experiences and knowledge. It has also given you the opportunity to realize that you are not alone in your thoughts about life outside of the Earth and about foreign civilizations. Many who have had experiences of seeing UFOs of different kinds have realized that they’re not alone, and it’s the power of the gathered evidence that has given you the strength to take in the new evidence that is coming. In other words, it has helped humanity to start opening up your consciousness to the possibility of foreign civilizations.


    It doesn’t really surprise us that a number of excuses and explanations for the spirals have been made. It’s a part of the psychological denial process. To make up a bunch of excuses is also a part of this fear that the governments are carrying. They don’t hesitate to make up explanations and lie to you, since they experience the truth as threatening. They don’t feel quite safe to go out and tell the truth. The rulers are often well aware that the spirals are about contact with another civilization or another dimension.


    - Is the media aware of this as well?


    There is no straight answer to that question since we’re talking about many thousands of people and institutions all over the Earth. The level of consciousness is on very different levels depending on who you’re talking about. Naturally the denial is very common in many places; in other words, most people are living in denial to some degree. The human consciousness only takes in what you’re ready to take in and that you’re mature enough to handle. What you can’t handle you explain rationally and put aside in a separate box. You create like a parallel reality where you put all phenomena that threaten your present conception of the world, put the lid on and pretend that they don’t exist. You decide that they don’t exist, so that you don’t have to feel the fear that your perception of reality is going to burst in some way.


    What humanity needs is not really more evidence that foreign civilizations exists, but rather an increased level of consciousness so that they get ready to take in and realize the fact that there are foreign civilizations in the Cosmos. You already have enough evidence on Earth of foreign civilizations’ existence, but humanity as a collective have up until now not been ready to take it in. And they won’t be, no matter how much proof they get, until they’re ready for it. It is important to understand this. It doesn’t matter if a foreign civilization would land in front of the White House or in Red Square in broad daylight, it still wouldn’t change much as long as humanity isn’t ready to take in what is happening. You only see what you want to see.


    -Is there anything else you would like to add as a finish?


    Yes, that there’s no idea to force this process that we’re talking about. It will take the time needed and it’s happening at just the right pace it’s supposed to happen. There is no reason to worry or to feel stressed. It’s going just the way it’s supposed to. Humanity will be ready to meet their friends in Cosmos when they are meant to. In the meantime, we’re here at your service, for those of you who have opened your eyes. We stand ready to help you, to give you guidance and energy. Just ask and we’ll be there. You can, as we told you before, also contact us personally if you need help with anything in particular. Call on us and we’ll come to you. There are many of us in our civilization who stand ready to assist you as your personal guides, so don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll come to you to give you the spiritual guidance you ask for, and healing if you want to.


    -Thank you for your answers to our questions, Dibarak. We’re eternally grateful, and we send our love and gratitude to you and your whole civilization.


    Thank you. [he says with a smile, waves goodbye and adds:] Don’t forget to live in the now.





    The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos. Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions for a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free. Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channelings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:







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