On Light Chambers.


Hey folks,


It is nice to be back here amonge friends and family after quite a long absence and to see so many newbies onboard.. greetings newbies and hi again to my long lost friendsSmall Smiley .. big shout out to many, Obi Wan, Drekx, Kelly L, Kelly, Jon, Ara, Eve, MoL, Andronover, John, and anyone I left out.. sorry I am not great with remembering names.. I Love you none the less.

In a nutshell, since I left ACC quite some time ago, I have been on the front line or in the trenches of some 3d matrix warzone expierences, dont we all from time to time.

Those expierences showed me or rather I led myself into some of the darkest areas I have ever imagined.. please dont ask me to relay those expierences in the written word because it would only serve to re energise what has been painfull and which is now thankfully healed.

I am reminded of Bashar when he speaks of the rubber band analogy, whereby if you stretch a rubber band back as far as possible without it breaking, as soon as you let go of it, the farther and faster it will travel and go back to its original shape or form and it is the same principle regarding darkness and light.. the deeper you emerse yourself into darkness, the moment you let go, the farther and faster you will go into the light.

I am gratefull for the expierences and valuable lessons I have learned well.. they served me to always, always, ALWAYS keep my thoughts impecible, for I expierence and I AM the direct result of my own imaginings.

And so now as I wait for the dust to settle, I can with a humble heart, ajust the rug and nail it down and with a blind faith it stays nailed to the floor because the damm thing was pulled from under me.

I dont mean to be cryptic, I trust you understand what it feels like to expierence a darkness that makes you surrender so honestly and so absolutely to the infinite Christ Conciouness that is your true nature, to give in to the Love of Prime Creator with a such a sublime passion because you have expierenced fear to a degree that can be likened to the measurment of the Planck scale and so now all you want is to expierence the other side of the coin, once and for all, forever. I let go, I surrender, oh you better believe it baby !

Ok, enough of my ramblings, I could have just said that I have returned to ACC after a short absence instead of getting into depth, but I was a born waffler, whatever. In fact, that is a lie, I rarely open my mouth, only to eat waffles and occasionally burp.

I wanted to create a blog about Light Chambers and I mulled it over in my noggin for a few days. I came up with a conclussion.. I know sweet F.A. about them.

I know zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing about Light Chambers and there is no point in writing a blog about something I know nothing about.

You may forgive my ignorence as to the whole notion of Light Chambers, my focus has been elsewhere within this vast holographic Multiverse. Now is time for me and perhaps some others to learn about them.

I have a strange feeling about me lately. I Love and cherish my life yet I sometimes get the feeling I could go at any time, by that I mean I could pop my clogs and I fully accept it yet I would rather stick around.. even though life expierence can be tough as hell.  If Im in 5d reality now, then it sure smells like 3d spirit..lol.


So back on the subject of Light Chambers. As far as I am aware, there is one for each person on the Earth. Hi Drekx, I understand you are familiar with this topic and Kelly, if there are others, please feel free to chime in.

As far as I know, I think these Light Chambers are a product by the Sirian and Archturian peoples built to serve as Light machines that repair our damaged DNA structures or as a unique individual healing center of some kind, our very own car wash, vacume and steam clean service system that shall reboot the Light quotient of every living being on the planet if it be their will and wish to restructure themselves Lightwise and to not be afraid of getting into a Chamber, tailor made to suit their own their conciousness to a T.

And so, I wish to know as much as possible about these Chambers, how and when we may gain access to them.. can it be I may access these Chambers at any given time frame, say for example, right now and if so, how.. or is there a waiting period in that Light Chamber doors only open sometime after the three days of darkness?.. or is it up to each individual according to how ready a person is and whether it be their will?

How are they accessed?

If the Earth is to undergo 3dd whereby not one human being could survive, then what we are talking about is either in a different realm of on board Light Motherships. If so, then count me in.

Thing is, I do all I can to see the maifestation of Lightships by aligning my vibration to match that of our Space families prefered method of space travel transport, I shant strain my neck.. guess i still need to work on the aligning part a wee bit more. The other thing is, I am happy in the knowledge that there is great Love in the world, but something else must take place soon.. I have this inner feeling of a global infinite conciousness awakening more visible soon..

I AM rooting through my cupboard searching for my Beam me up scotty tshirt because I I feel well ready to up my Light quotient in these Light Chambers and have my 12 DNA back in full operation. Is it 12 strand or more?.. I forget.

And while I am in total and complete surrender here on Terra Ferma and doing the best I can to be a loving person, dealing with the run of the mill or avoiding the traps along the path like Neo in the matrix in this most definitly insane third dimensional lower vibrational frequency limitation hellhole, sorry but everyone feels that way from time to time.. which is precicely the reason why the idea of getting my butt inside my very own custom made Light Chamber sounds just dandy, thank you very much..

Ive been half the man I should be, I AM fed up with that.. but if the true depth of our Christ Conciousness I AM presence expressions here on the Earth still means having to do the mundane and more importantly, having to put up with those who would rather we do not align with our true nature and are doing their level best to prevent it happening, then give me a short cut to my custom retro fitted Light Chamber that I may blow the doors wide open on all of them for all those who wish to avail of them. I jest of course, because I would tend to think it can only manifest for each soul when each soul is ready.

it can only be a matter of time when every living being in every realm imaginable is at peace with themselves, the mighty I AM realised within all, once and for all.

I would like to do a count.. and count exactly how many people on the Earth are actually aware of their own Spiritually and the plannets Ascension, there must be more than hmmm .. at least 50 people awake by now ! .. I guess it dosent matter, enough of us have some kind of understanding of our divine nature.

The Irristible force comes face to face with the immovable object, We re removing it through our Love, something the hidden controllers do not have. I feel it is happening and the ones who have no love nor empathy per say are finnished. That is what we tend to think, isnt it.

Maybe, and I think this is true, that we are just observing the remainder of a control system founded by non human inorganic reptiles void of any love or empathy that has folded in on itself, burned itself out and will eventually fade away and whatever low frequency forgetfull residual energies are remaining within people, in their conciousness, will die out like burning embers in the fireplace.. and if our Love for each other is the equvilant of dowsing the flames then here, I offer you my bucket, as far as I am aware, filled to the brim and spilling over, anything less is pale in comparrison.

As the Earth and its inhabitents Ascend, I have to tip my hat to those who have done their damdest to screw us into the ground because it appears to me they set a relatiely hot fire under our arses and their contribution to the Spiritual awakening of mankind must have its merits.. is that true? ..after all, they are and will Ascend aswell.. will they ? eventually, at some point.. is that the truth? ..

Because if they are just heartless demons running amouk in the Universe who have hijacked the world and pinned humanity down to live in an seemingly endless cycle of a slave society and that they shall never themselves evolve nor Ascend, then they are a virus of somekind and should be wiped out like stamping out a fire but what on Earth is divine intervention if not us raising of our own vibrations in order to deal with and heal the situation ? I say we need to forgive ourselves for allowing their influence into our subconcious mind, and then forgive them, because they are clueless as to what they are doing.

I think its the only way it can be done.. because so far, as far as first contact or mass unveiling of craft is concerned, there is, so far, no show.

But how brilliant is that? .. I say its excelent because when it happens, it will be all the more amazing. No worries, it will happen in its perfect moment. We are Loved by our starry brethern big time.

Again, perfect divine order.. all is as it should be.. there is a higher harmony happening, we gotta just dig it.

That said, something tells me that Santa aint comming and that you may never get to see Rudolphs red nose, I mean there is a fair amount of dis info in circulation.

As for our star bretheren unveiling their craft and a meet and greet scenario falling into place, then they have the all systems go from most of us to do so, yes that is true..  yet its the hanging around without the manifestation of star craft en masse and the prospect of ongoing delays that appear to make the lightworker feel occasionally agitated and rightly so. I am fine with it, because like most of you, I know it will happen.

Still, all is well.. stay calm, stay focused, stay grounded and dream big. It will happen, I certainly believe it to be so, when is another question, another story, another answer and another time frame.

I do believe it is true that we as lightworkers, starseeds, earthangels or whatever are locked in some kind of Spiritual warfare with these Archons, these inorganic beings who operate outside of 5 sense perception... I think they are a virus anyway, a glitch in the matrix.

Archons.. it is their want to keep us oblivious to higher truths, Light Chambers sound exactly the ticket even for a day trip, and I dont mean to sound trivial by that, again I jest, I believe it to be three days within those Chambers.. the question is are they accessible from my stand point of where I am in my conciousness.. again, is it complete believe that is required, to feel it before it is recieved..

because hanging around waiting for the quarentine to be lifted and the illuminoid bloodline families and their associates to go back to where ever they came from is like waiting for paint to dry.. still, I have patience.. I feel good.

Ah, but just be a happy camper I hear you say.. just allow yourself to just be and flow and marvell at it all.. revel in your time and spread your Love etc.. well.. I AM doing the best I can. 

On the subject of Light Chambers, I am all for it, like all the new technologies that await our attention, in fact, I have read recently that we are getting energy suits that enable us to go to the lavatory without removing them, plus the fact they have a filtering and waste disposal system built in.. and then being able to have an internal shower in them.. imagine that.. you are sitting in your enery suit with your date at the bowling alley and you suddenly need to use the toilet.. you would say to your date, excuse me honey, I just need to use the loo.... whooosh.. ok.. done.   

.. and now I have to go deal with a third dimensional bathroom situation, thats all I will discuss on the matter.. sufice to say, I may be gone for a while.. but unlike that mountaineer who left the tent in a blizzard of snow and never came back, I shall return..


Luke Skywalker.






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  • Still rude, crude and insulting others I see huh Mr. Ed?  Can't say I am surprised.

  • Your response is disappointing and not that of the light.

    • LOL, you aint seen nothing yet hon.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I believe you are new here, welcome :)

      Ed's response is very typical of him.  He's the biggest hypocrite I've ever encountered, I just ignore him, most of the time...

      I'll send you a friend request and tell you more :)

  • 8116314860?profile=original

  • okay master Luke

     after finally viewing your entire postings here

    i think you will like this one much

    the rest of what we need is in the library at portholos we where there already, we can do this

    scroll down this link for a lightsaber clue



      Let it be known the activated body is an amazing vehicle also and can be utilized for great feats on this dimension. Having the knowledge of how to activate the body has always been kept within the Cabal's of the Priesthood, mainly that of the Serpent. It is a fact the the Priests of Levi where the Priests of Leviathan or the World Serpent Energy. The Body is a Fractal of the Planet, the Planet also has Kundalini and that energy flows through the Planetary Leylines often being tapped by the Priesthood to amplify their own energy and control over the surrounding population. Churches are everywhere.

      8108686254?profile=originalThis is a chart indicating the configuration of the Leylines in this Cathedral


      The author of this work, Stephane Cardineax, not only discovers that the churches where built on Leylines by obviously the Old Empire and reptilian factions but they also have points in the church that amplify the power of the Pastors and Deacons. This is probably for more suggestive programming.


      The areas circled in red are the strongest points. The are also the areas that church officials frequent most during "service". The Priests are prisoners themselves many much to deluded to ever suspect such things despite how much information you give them.


      More clarity has also been presented on the symbol of the serpent which can be compared to the symbol of the skull and crossbones. This is a universal symbol for danger as skulls are symbols of death. When something contains this type of branding or warning it is giving a hint to its origins for those attempting to interface with it for various reasons. This then becomes a symbol for them trace.

      8108686077?profile=originalFor the record the serpent symbol has meant to Gnostics the cause and the solution to the problem. Just as many ailments can be cured with the actual poison. Stated plainly the problem is the Serpent or Draco race put in charge of this system to keep it under control. The solution is the power in which they use to rain over the rest because they do not have it activated. This is the Kunadalini or Chi energy that flows through the body. 


      Kundalini actually gives the person the power necessary to not only comprehend what is going on, but also know what to  do in their own particular situation. When I say many people have different situations you have no idea, but one solution still remains, Activate. Awakening this Chi force also gives the body a shield of protection that appears as very bright lights on the Astral Plane. This could be the Rainbow Body they keep referring to often. The darker energies cannot even look upon it, let alone touch it.


      So getting back on track here we find the etymology and definition of Pentagram thus. PEN - To hold down or in. GRAM - A unit of weight in this case the weight of the soul. Notice the word TETRA - GRAM - ATON, which is connected to the Priests of Aton, contains "GRAM" also meaning a word to contact ATON the Spirit. If this seems far fetched the units of weight are always used to refer to Beings in many cases.


      OZ, an abbreviation for ounces, is a hint towards another unit of measurement mainly for gold. Yellow brick roads coming to mind? More on that later.(THE WIZARD OF OZ "THE WIZARD OF GOLD") "A perverted Alchemist is more concerned with turning gold into dirt, while attempting to remain noble." 7



      A further definition lends that basically humans are in a Pentagram, possibly several layers, as shown by Leonardo DiVinchi. For many until they learn all of this they cannot even begin to navigate their way out such a divisive trap that uses music to lure its prey into it before it traps them using their own energy.





      (see also Amitik's The worlds are Pentagrams)

      This all means a great deal of the "Wisdom of Solomon", which is that of the Levite Priests, Pharaohs etc, is how to place spirits once more into various "Flesh Bodies" and reanimate them again for various purposes but mainly to start a new breed. Now we see why the Paranormal Division and various factions have always had an interest in the occult art. They are fascinated with bringing things back from the past, placing their spirits into new bodies, and then making them mate once more to breed again.





      • You should put all that in a blog-post.

        It's very interesting stuff.

  • i know what you mean bought the, i could go at any time feeling, my star family says i can come home any time i want too

    ,i am ready . i guess i just wanna see what happens now

    any way my friends who have a light chamber they been using , built it them selves i think

     are at this  link


  • just do me a favor Luke and read the new defs in this video on light so you get it

    starting at the 1 min. 21 sec mark

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