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Hello all! I would like to share with you all an experience I had on November 29, 2014. I have been told to share this experience by my ET contacts.

A little about myself: I awoken as a starseed in 2005 and since then have had regular contact with several beings within the Galactic Federation of Light (a title used for our 3D minds) in regards to First Contact. Of course this only happened when my 3D experience permitted it. I have had many light body experiences over the last decade aboard many ships, though only important experiences were remembered.

A little about my ET contacts: Their names are Sarah and Siron. They are from Andromeda. Not the Galaxy though. The Constellation. Sarah works directly with the Science and Exploration teams. Siron does as well and his area of expertise lies within energy technologies that are an integral part of the First Contact mission. They are like a brother and sister to me and a part of my galactic family.

Anyways, the following is the light body experience in all of its detail recorded directly after I experienced it.

Light Body Contact - 11/29/2014


                I was outside somewhere. I received a telepathic sign that they were near. I looked up into the sky and saw their scout ship approaching pretty fast and it made a couple passes above and in front of me. It was day time. The ship appeared to be a white color and looked similar to a ship on a video game I play. As it made its last pass it had red lights light up on it and then I was surrounded by a light and teleported. It was quick. About a second to teleport.


                I was now on the ship. The energies were amazing. They made me feel a little uncomfortable at first because I wasn't used to them and they were overwhelming at first. I opened my eyes. I was in a teleportation room. The room was white. Sarah then told me to go to the door so I did. Communication was telepathic. As I approached the door it opened like you see in the movies: as you approached, it automatically opened upwards. These ships are sentient beings so they sense when you are about to pass by a door as well. As the door opened Sarah was right there to greet me. I was nervous to make eye contact with her at first because I didn't know what she would look like. After less then a second of that silliness I made eye contact with her and felt amazing energies of love, peace, and joy and immediately gave her a big hug. I couldn't believe this has finally happened and everyone telepathically thought the same thing. It was like a big family reunion but just the 3 of us. Siron was there as well and I gave him a big hug and felt the same energies Sarah emitted. The room they were in was like a small hangout room. Siron had leather sofas and a recliner there. Probably to make me feel more comfortable and we joked around about it. Sarah was very beautiful. Siron was awesome. He was about my height as most Andromedans are. The walls were all glass windows so you could see the beauty of the planet.


                They seemed to really like my dog for some reason and they mentioned him. I hugged them a couple times when I was aboard and was so happy in the moment. The room opened up to another room and that was the cockpit area. I didn't go in there but it was surrounded by windows as well. This was an Andromedan scout ship. Just one floor of it is what I experienced. We were all happy and excited this finally happened. Then I suddenly woke up. It was 4:20ish am. I immediately had telepathic contact with Sarah. I thanked them for this experience. I was not fearful at all during any of it and there seemed to be a reason this finally happened. They told me I had this experience to prepare me for physical contact whenever that is meant to happen. I just could not believe this happened.

Just know that the GFOL and AC are here with love, light, peace, and joy. When in doubt, just look to the sky.

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You should tell you're experience to

Hey Paul,

I already have posted it on that website as well. It is an awesome place. Thanks.

Welcome back to ACC Commander Adama! You shared this experience with me, but thank you for sharing this here. Please we would love you to share more about your Andromedan family and any wisdom they have to share. There are a number of Andromedan star seeds on this site. Andromedans being one of the oldest star nations in the GFL and having some of the brightest scientists. Also, Andromedans have amazing loving energy, and are incredibly wise.

Yes, Siron works with higher frequencies in fact he is working on the energies of peace, love and joy that will be emitted during First Contact. Also, thank you for your comment regarding how the Ashtar Command and GFL are here in our skies.

It is very true as Cobra recently mentioned the Ashtar Command and Pleiadians, Sirians are working together in joint operations.

Your friend,

Although I respect Cobra's work, I certainly don't agree with everything he says. He also said in an interview that the 7 chakra system is the optimal system for the human body. That is incorrect, the 7 chakra system represents limited consciousness, mortality and the 3rd dimension. Fully conscious beings have a 13 chakra system, that works together taking in cosmic, pranic energies then circulates that energy as kundalini and produces immortality. Cobra answers hundreds of questions, some things he gets right, some things he gets wrong.

But I do respect that he is focusing on the liberation of the planet.

My contacts from Andromeda are from the Constellation. There are some from the Galaxy as well that Alex Collier was in contact with. I don't know much about them though at this time. I also do not know much about Cobra so I can't comment on that.

Not to worry, I wasn't thinking that way. I will have to look more into Cobra. I keep hearing about this person.

Thank you for sharing your experience.  peace!



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